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It's that time of the month folks... wait, that didn't come out right. It's the beginning of the month, which means new wallpapers. Show off your desktop swag and provide a link for anyone who may be interested.

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I'm rocking these P4:A wallpapers that where made by

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Its a FFXIII-2 picture of Serah.

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had it for about 3 months

but im probably gonna change it to this soon

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 Monitor 1
 Monitor 2
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Wait, my wallpaper changes every month?! I have a new wallpaper on my PC?!  
'goes to look at it' 
Screw you, you liar. It's the same as it was last month :( 

It looks a little better with all the Rainmeter stuff I've got going on but that's the one 
Also, no links (other than just going to the gallery) cause I just stole a loading screen from one of the RE games and slapped the Umbrella logo on it. 
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it may not be the best resolution for a wallpaper (I just cut the bottom of it honestly) but it's still dope as hell

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My 1 week old laptop.

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Windows alternating thingy...

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I usually keep a folder on my Dropbox of around 200 wallpapers that change every 15 minutes but recently I have set my new MacBook air with this Metroid wallpaper and my Desktop with some concept art from Journey.

If you like that seccond one, the artist Orioto has a bunch more here. He has Vita sized wallpapers too and 3D versions for your 3DS. One of my favorite artists.

Link for the Journey artwork (7500 x 4687)

Link to my collection of wallpapers on Dropbox (around 308, need to clean some of these out)

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Couldn't tell ya

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Something I stole from the last wallpaper thread.

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@PeasantAbuse: Same one as me.

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I'm never going to change it ever <3

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Awesome, because I just changed mine today! :D 

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Same as last month
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@McGhee said:

what did you think of Pandora?

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yay minimalistic black background!

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Been rocking this for about a month. Will props change it in a few days.

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Yupp, still rocking this.

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Been using this awesome mechwarrior wallpaper i discovered some time ago.

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Still rocking last months, its really cool.

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Picked up Living Earth HD so been using that, i really like it.

@NoCookiesForYou said:

Been using this awesome mechwarrior wallpaper i discovered some time ago.

Nice wallpaper, never seen that picture around.

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I'm on a bit of a Doctor Who kick as of late;

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Alternating between hiragana and katakana tables so I don't forget them without any other exposure.

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As is.

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I have about 300 wallpapers on shuffle

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Not even playing dark souls atm, i just really like this one.

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Lol, 3/4 of the wallpapers posted here are anime.

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@antikorper said:

Lol, 3/4 of the wallpapers posted here are anime.

What do you mean? I only see 3 wallpapers that are anime. The rest that looked a bit animated are either original illustrations or Persona videogame stuff.

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Lets just say my wallpaper is sexual. Which I can't post on this site unless I want to get banned.

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Right this very second it is this. It will change in a couple minutes though.

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I've had mine as the back cover of Liquid Swords for a few months now.

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Been using this one for a week

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