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Hey, folks.  I decided about a year ago to return to college.  So far, things have been going really well.  My GPA is at a solid 3.2 and the classes were pretty easy up until now.  Unfortunately, a family tragedy blindsided me a bit this semester, and has caused me to fall pretty far behind in what is probably my most important class:  Anatomy and Physiology.  Because of this, I'll probably be withdrawing from the class, but will be trying again either this coming semester, or the one after.
Thing is, the family thing wasn't my only problem.  I also have HORRIBLE study habits.  I just have such a hard time sitting down and reading through my notes and going through the book when I'm rather easily distracted.  At 25 years old, I'm just having such a hard time studying the way I did all those years ago in High School.  So, I was wondering if anyone else has had such problems and how they were able to work through them.  Or, just some good advice on effective studying in general.  Thanks!

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It's easy man........... JUST DO IT. No Tv no, no ooohh I'll do this for only five minutes then come back. Just set aside a set amount of time, or a set amount of material and just fucking do it. I also had some personal stuff screw up my schooling recently, so I know it can be tough, hopefully everything works out for you. 
P.S. I hope your not procrastinating on giant bomb right now. 

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Yep, there is no better way to study than just doing it, i know it may be hard to not be distracted by so much things these days, but you just have to have the determination to pass your courses and do what it takes to do good at then, which is just set aside time, and study the sit out of your material. I'm in college right now and i have so much crap cause im taking 4 courses and they are all right now being really heavy on the workload. Its hard to study for everything, so i study the most important things first (mainly the ones i feel that im not doing good with), and then when the time allows me, study the things i am more comfortable with and require not so much studying.

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@SquirrelGOD:  Usually I can force myself to do it, the best basic technique is to make damned sure that you take crazy detailed notes in class it makes reviewing a lot faster. Also maybe this is just me but I find it easier to concentrate in the middle of the day, try to get all of your schoolwork done during a break between classes rather than after the day is over. My endgame for papers and such is to go and disable my network connection. Re-enabling it takes JUST enough time that it combats that oh I'll check the forums impulse.
Also I know how lame this sounds but try doing your homework somewhere that is only reserved for homework. I had a small coffee table that I did all my reading at last year and it worked gangbusters.
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Leave your comfortable surroundings and go to the library. Your environment sets the context for your attitude.  
Budget your study time way in advance with a SPECIFIC start and stop time. Literally, study on 10/30 from 8:15pm-11:30pm. Adhere to the schedule, and plan it out for 2 weeks ahead.
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Yep, that's what I did. Went to the library to study. Because there was no way in hell it was going to happen anywhere else.

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Make sure you're getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and well fed.  I ain't shittin' ya.  I can't count the number of times in college that I was able to use the excuses, "I'm hungry/thirsty/tired" to convince myself that I should go eat/drink/nap.

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I'm the same way when it comes to studying. As others have said go to the library, it'll almost force you to study.

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- Music (if you're not studying for exams)  
- Avoid the internet 
Just get em done :)

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I'm in the same boat - Thirty and back in college. 
And all of the above advice is good.

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I went straight from high school to uni, I'm 20 and I'm in my third year. I have the worst study habits and get easily distracted. 
I wonder if I took a break after high school if I be more in the mood to study.
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Studying for exams right now.  My second night without sleep.  Eyes hurt, headache, dizziness, and already vomited twice.  Only reason I'm still at it is because tomorrow is my last day of midterms, then sweet release!  Fourth year is terrible...
Best way to study is to start early and work according to a schedule.  Mix it into your daily activities, if possible.  Little bits at a time is better than cramming.