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No torrents.

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 You should probably head over to Screened.com for that, this is a video game website, you know...

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Get over yourself and just DL the damn torrent says Dexter. 
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@Crackdown76: where?
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You can get it off of Zune in High Definition for really cheap.

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@organicalistic_: He's asking if we know a place to do so.  
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@VIGGO123: Off topic forum post, but I appreciate your input
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@teh_destroyer: I checked the Zune Marketplace from my PC and it wasn't there. I forgot there is more content on the 360 Zune marketplace. Thanks for the heads up.
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@ninjakiller: I loved Dexter's Lab when I was little!
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Well its not out yet once its out on DVD & Blu Ray you can then download it off the PSN network, Zune store, itunes, amazon etc.... Or just buy it the first week it comes out in stores usually cheaper the first week of sale by a significant margin with most retailers.  
Since its only been on showtime torrents are the only way you can get it unless you have showtime you can probably on demand it or find someone who's dvdr 
Comes out Aug 17th if you can wait 
Fantastic show probably my favorite show and season yet. John Lithgow was perfect and so was Michael C Hall.

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Go to the pirate b.......oh wait nevermind no torrents...

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Dude you are in for a treat. A horrifically gory and shocking treat!