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"Interesting" would be the term I would use to describe my life. I lived with my Mom & Aunt when I was little. My parents were already divorced by the time I became cognizant enough to remember. Then, when I was five, coming home from Kindergarten, a drunk driver plowed into our car. I was sitting on my Mom's lap in the passenger seat, and my Aunt was driving. They were both killed, and I had my entire forehead smashed open on the dash. It took a complete reconstruction of my frontal skull and a couple hundred stitches to keep me alive. Amazingly I didn't suffer any brain damage or horrible physical side effects, but the psychological effects of having ones mother die while holding you in her arms has definitely affected me mentally. Being 5-6 years old and realizing that you can die at anytime, in the blink of an eye, made me live much more in the "now" than most people. It made me realize that I had to do what I wanted to do, because it might be the last time I get to do what I want to do.

So, even though I was put into advanced placement classes when I was 8, I basically refused to do anything that I considered "busy" work. And when I was a teenager, when most of my family was pushing me to be a lawyer, or doctor, or, in my Grandfather's case, join the military, I said "fuck all of you, I'm going to college for music".

Since then I've been at the top of the world, and the very bottom, and nearly everywhere in between. I've gone from living in a 3 bedroom house in a great neighborhood with wood floors, my own personal bar, a moderately successful band, and a hot girlfriend, to living in a shed behind my Dad's place with no running water, a 50 yard walk across a field to the nearest toilet, not having (literally) a cent to my name, and not touching a woman for a couple years at a time.

I've made money from music, but have also worked at Gamestop, an arcade, telemarketing(uggghhh), construction and general contracting(slinging shingles in August in Central Texas is shitty), and was even a door to door vacuum salesman(never buy a Kirby, they are $2500 pieces of shit). So I've had a good and bad life, probably like most people. There are ups and downs, but even at my highest highs, and lowest lows, I've still done what I wanted to do. If that means sitting at the computer for days on end playing games, or spending 2 weeks in a row playing guitar all day long and writing songs, so be it. Bottom line, everybody has shitty things happen, the past is the past, and you have to make yourself at least content, if not happy, with your current situation.

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@falserelic said:

@Loafsmooch said:

Social anxiety disorder as long as I can remember, though I didn't understand what it was until quite recently. Many people have no idea what it means to live with it for so long, how it can fuck up your whole life, make you a lesser person than what you could've been. Sure, I had a good mom, decent dad, though a bit of an alcoholic with anger issues. Some good friends, some decent friends.. And some asshole bullies I for some reason hang out with...

Many perceive me as coldhearted, but the truth is I have a hard time showing my emotions because of deep trust issues.

I know how you feel. Like I said earlier I have trust issues aswell. After the 9th grade of high school I became very isolated. I had a hard time trying to talk to people, and people who wanted to talk to me I usually end up avoiding them. Alot of the people I met look very suspicious. I always kept thinking something bad would happen if I gotten to know them.

But nowadays I'm trying to change and break out of that cycle, and that I need to build up on social skills. If I want to get a job I know I have to talk and speak my mind. Being very quiet and laid back won't get me anywhere.

What you say pretty much describes my post-9th grade aswell. And I'm glad to see you're trying to change your ways, I'm trying too. Being "laid-back" is only a false comfort, it might make you feel better for the moment but in the long-term it just makes everything worse. One thing I am glad about myself though, is that I know I'm a lot more honest than most people will ever be, because of my background.

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parents had their spats when I was younger but they've gotten past all that and have stuck together. Raised middle class, had friends, not bullied. I guess I got it pretty good.

Growing up I was ignorant and that was awesome.

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Pretty great life growing up. Not perfect by any means, but I could count on having three meals every day, so you won't catch me complaining.

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@Samael2138: Sorry to hear what happen to you. That must have been a very tough time. I'm glad to hear you was able to get your life in order. That's pretty cool to see that you have your own band. Sounds like you had alot of fun times with them.

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A bit of column "A" and a bit of column "B". It was good for a while and then it was very very bad, but then it was good again (well as good as can be expected after the bad part). That's all I'll say about this, though.

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I miss my school years more than anything, its still the greatest period of my life.
My time at home was pretty shit during those years but that was easily overshadowed by all the time spent with my school mates and all the fun I had with 'em. We were fucking idiots, but idiots having a helluva lot of fun.

After school, things went real downhill for me and they still are. Turns out, depression is a real cunt.

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I used to play rock fights (making forts and throwing rocks at each other) with the kids in my apartment block. Now you might think that is the most ghetto thing you've ever heard of but it was so much fun, even when we got seriously injured. I wouldn't trade the memories for whatever amount of toys and nintendos in the world.

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Overall it's been really quiet albeit incredibly depressing for me. I suppose it didn't start until I got into secondary (high) school in which case I found that I didn't like the majority of the people there. I wasn't bullied or anything but it wasn't exactly the best learning environment for six years I can tell you that. I did get into a relationship with a girl but that would eventually collapse when we eventually broke up only for her to start going out with one of best friends at the time which made things pretty hairy. So...no friends then really apart from two people who I still talk to. Managed to roll into a course for a year then into college which was quite nice since I made some good friends there...only to have the exact thing happen to me whereupon I meet someone, start going out with them. Break up with them and they start going out with one of my great friends shortly thereafter. While I don't hate those people I do feel incredibly estranged from anyone. So while I've had an okay childhood my personal life is extremely depressing so I've been coping with depression with the occasional suicide attempts or so. Doesn't help when your own parents aren't terribly supportive of your college degree either.

It all sounds really grim really but on the flipside when you've had so much shit thrown at you from the people want to trust most it does temper you into a worry free sort of guy. So yeah, I don't have a lot of friends apart from two who I rarely even talk to but on the other hand I'm quite content being alone. I think the best way to describe myself would be "Bitter in a joyous sort of way." Cynical and depressed I may be but I really do enjoy interacting with people and making jokes and hearing them laugh. My cynicism is a part of me and I've accepted that.

Very unlike me to be very personal but I've been here for a long time so whatever. Frankly I'm not a very interesting person, that's how I see myself anyway.

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@Vinny_Says said:

I used to play rock fights (making forts and throwing rocks at each other) with the kids in my apartment block. Now you might think that is the most ghetto thing you've ever heard of but it was so much fun, even when we got seriously injured. I wouldn't trade the memories for whatever amount of toys and nintendos in the world.

There's nothing ghetto about it. I've seen alot of stuff where people will think wtf. One time where I went to this all boys school called frederick douglass. The boys will do some of the most dumbest shit you will ever see. Sense there was no girls there alot of guys didn't give a fuck about anything. The most disgusting thing I seen from the school. Was when a group of guys will piss in bottles. Wait for people to walk upstairs then pour piss on top of there head.

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very smooth really, great parents, problems were my own making.

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I had a great upbringing. Parents loved each other (and still do) and always did their best for me. Sent me to a great private school and we always had enough money. Sort of wish that they had been less obsessed with my grades at times but they were just doing their job and worrying about me. Completed high school and went on to university and am now going back to study something new. All upbringings have their good and bad times but mine was certainly much more good than bad.

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I was born to unmarried (not that anything is wrong with that ) parent who were drug addicts and alcoholics. Lived with my mom until I was like 4 then lived with my dad and his girlfriend. His girlfriend didnt like kids but tolerated me and I was exposed to African American family life thanks to her. My dad at that point was just an alcoholic who occasionally dabbled in drugs. I remember a couple of times growing up that cops showed up and searched our house. When I was 9 we moved but then my great and uncle along with the rest of my family told my dad and gave me the decision to live with them or go with the dad and I chose to stay with them. I became mildly depressed for a couple of years in 4th through 7th grade and gained a lot of weight along with it. latter part of middle school and all of high school was way better because I became more social along with becoming the jokester of my friend group. My mother was murdered 2 years ago and my "stepdad" is currently in jail and getting ready to go on trial in the fall for it. I graduated high school in the top 5% of my class last year and am now attending Wake Forest University and my life is great. Oh and I also have a half sister who has gone to jail for tax fraud.

TL;DR: Had a good couple of years being an oblivious child, it all hit me how messed up my family life was from the ages of 9 to 13, became a social butterfly in late middleschool/all through high school and my life is pretty good now. (I was formally adopted by my great aunt and uncle as of 5 or so years ago)

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I had about as good as life as you could growing up. My mother always took care of us, talked to us, kept us safe. My father is a virtual pacifist, never ever raises his voice. They gave us the best education they could afford (which was pretty dang good) and my father, being a former biologist, was always there to help us with our school work. My parents never drank alcohol since we were born, and as a result I'm a teetotaller. They never pushed religion on me, being secular. I grew up in a nice, safe part of Brisbane, and I have two degrees and I'm studying medicine. I have never known a day of hunger or cold, I have never been beaten, I could have, as a kid, just aout anything I wanted. (within reason)

I am INCREDIBLY lucky. I did nothing to be born into such a good family, to have such opportunities. Which is why I have never taken my life for granted, and why I want to help people as a medical researcher in the future.

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As a highschool student my childhood is not yet over, but so far I'm pretty happy, I have litterally nothing to complain about. I have been afforded an extremely great life, I live in an upper middle class family, I get good grades and I'm pretty atheletic. It makes me really wonder what I did to deserve my life, while so many people have to suffer through shitty parents, shitty friends and everything else this shitty world offers. I hope in my future I can help improve the lives of others, cause like.... So many good people get screwed over by their enviroment. Its nice to hear of success stories of people who have had it harsh.

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I'm pretty sure that I've turned myself into Reese Witherspoon from Election. Anyone ever seen it? I'm an overachiever at school, but that comes at the expense of my social life. I'm kinda lonely, even though I have a great, loving family to fall back on. I don't really have a rough life, though. Just hormones, loneliness, and depression. Also, I'm gay, and this is literally the first time I've told anybody, so that could come back and bite me in the ass.

I'm sorry 'bout the rest of your guy's childhood though. I've got nothing compared to some of you guys.

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good family childhood.

bad social childhood. lets just say every friend i had growing up betrayed me in some pretty bad ways for their own personal gain. one even tried to kill me lol. so now i have trust issues lol

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@CaLe said:

Changed schools and homes multiple times, had to live in a refuge for a year. All in all pretty great. The only thing I regret is my parents being so busy destroying each other that they never introduced me to tennis. I love watching tennis on TV but I've never played it, and I only like being the best at things so it's too late to start now. My advice to all the parents out there: introduce your child to tennis.

As a tennis player and a tennis coach, I totally agree. Tennis is a classy sport.


Back on topic, I had a pretty decent childhood. My family had a couple transcontinental moves, but not many depressing stories, so that's good.

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Actually, I'm gonna change up my post, because I just remembered how much of a piece of shit I was when I was younger. All the way up until the 7th grade I was nothing but trouble. I would get in fights every day at school (literally everyday, my principle at the time was actually the nicest guy, he would never get mad at me, he would just make me realize my mistakes and help me deal with my anger issue at the time). I wasn't motivated at all in school, and I couldn't deal with any bit of authority. I would probably have to say football saved my life, because without it I would probably be that same shitty kid- it taught me dicipline and responsiblity, and it gave me self confidence because it turned out I was pretty good at it. Those years were pretty bad because I didn't have many friends, and I didn't deal well with other people, but now my life is on a really good path. I still don't deal well authority though, I've called at out a teacher or two in my time haha.

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B...oth? Moved around...not constantly but frequently, say every two to three years. My mom was seriously sick all my life, my dad was always working, and I struggled with debilitating migraines ever since I was small. Chose my college based on where I could commute to take care of my mom, but she disappeared and was found dead of suicide a few states over shortly before my high school graduation. I tried to make the college thing work for a while but ended up having to drop out partially due to having to work and help with my younger siblings while my older sister was away at college, and partially due to stress and migraines making me incapable of attending most my classes. I then moved in with my sick grandmother for a period because I was the only one whose time could be sacrificed to take care of her. Lost 3 of my closest friends over the course of those few years as well, and had some other various shitty things happen. So that was rough.

But both my parents are/were great, loving people, I have three siblings that I've always gotten along famously with, and my mom was super into the idea of the internet so I was able to make some fantastic friendships online, which meant moving around didn't hurt too bad. Being homeschooled meant I got to cater to all the things I wanted to study and left me with lots of free time too, and figuring out how to teach myself and help with my sick mom helped make me mature enough to deal with the shit that I've eventually had to deal with.

Things have worked themselves out well enough now. My dad's remarried, I've moved out, got a job, and am working towards restarting my education. So there's lots of bad things in my life but there's been a lot of good too.