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I'm planning on giving it a try soon. I've been practicing driving in my car for about a month. It's a used 1995 Chevrolet Beretta that was giving to me as a gift, but now since I'm working I want to drive it and put the car in my name. For most part I can drive, but I do have trouble parallel parking, and judging the distance when I'm reversing the car. At this point I just want to go for it and see what happens.

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I failed the first time. Did a rolling stop turning right on red.

Parallel parking is pretty easy since there's a technique to follow that will guarantee a perfect park every time. I just don't really remember what it is because I never parallel park, ever.

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I passed first time. Here are my tips:

1. crank that radio

2. ?????

3. profit

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Good luck. Where I am from we have to take two driving tests to get our full license. I passed both first try. It's doable, just take things slow.

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Passed, only just.

When you say soon, how soon? One month of driving is nowhere near enough practice.

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I failed the written portion twice but the driving part I passed on the first time.

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@evo said:

Passed, only just.

When you say soon, how soon? One month of driving is nowhere near enough practice.

In a couple of weeks, but since there's no buses where I live, and my job is abit of a walk to get there, on top of that I'm moving soon and its going to be further away. I got no choice, but to attempt to get my license at this point.

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I failed my first time. Instructor told me to take the second exit at a roundabout. I put my left indicator on before passing the first exit. Straight fail.

Passed my bus driving test first time, though.

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Got 100% in the question part and passed the driving part despite slamming the breaks really hard to stop in time for a light change. I thought I had failed in the first 2 minutes because of that sudden breaking, so I had already resigned myself to the fail. This just made the victory taste more sweet.

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I passed pretty well, from what I remember.

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Failed it. The instructor told me to do a turnabout, and I had no idea what he meant. Did everything else fine, nailed it the second time.

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My cousin took me to go follow the test-people's route exactly at the DMV. We spent two half-days doing that. Passed like a charm.

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When I was in high school, the state of Wyoming didn't require you to take the driver's exam if you took Driver's Ed, and when I took the test in Washington, I was only required to take the written test since I already had a license. So...I've never actually had to take the driving portion of the exam.

Now, the written exam? I had to take that a couple of times.

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I passed. But I failed the learner's exam a few times because I didn't realize you actually had to study for obscure questions.

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Failed. Many times

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Now why would I need to drive?

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I passed. My grandfather was with me, he and the instructor basically talked about the teamsters while I drove around town. I'm pretty sure I ran a stop sign and they didn't notice.

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Passed written permit test, written drivers test and the final drivers test all on my first try. Ridiculously easy, I honestly wish it was harder for the sake of wanting people to be better drivers. For my final test, I had to drive maybe for 5 minutes with some lady around a small community where the speed limit was 25mph. Who's actually learning anything here? Half of these kids take a super small car so they can make good turns and pass maneuverability, get their license and then go back to driving their full sized pick up truck 65mph down the highway.

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Failed written component once and road test once.

Try to drive right on speed limit or slightly below. I was failed on my first road test for speeding in a school zone (didn't see the sign i was so nervous). On second attempt i drove well under speed limit the whole time and came close to failing for as well. :/

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I passed the first time, and with flying colors given that I was told I passed before I even finished the test. Which is surprising because I forgot to switch my gear from reverse to drive and almost hit someone at one point.

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I failed. I had a friend in the car (for Driver's Ed we had 1 person driving and 1 person observing in addition to the instructor in the car, happened to be a good friend), I got talking with him and my instructor, and didn't see a car coming when I went get back on the road after parking. If it wasn't for that he told me I would have passed, but that was an automatic fail. Still haven't bothered to go get a license, luckily Utah has a pretty good public transit system so it hasn't been a big deal.

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I passed my first time.....5 years after i was supposed to but i passed my first time

  • Check your mirrors and blind spots often, and make somewhat exaggerated movements to look...just to make sure they can see you checking them
  • Know how to do a 2/3 point turn, reverse in a straight line, and parallel park. My area usually does a parallel parking and one of the others.
  • Know the area around the testing area, they normally dont go too far...at least in my neck of the woods

If you feel comfortable driving then just go and take it, the worst thing is you fail....but you'll know what to work on for the next time

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Wish I had time to respond to these questions, but I got to work soon. Nice to see some people pass their exam on the first try. As for the others that didn't, I'm sure you will get it eventually. Anyway I'm off to go back to the store, and hear people ask me random questions about where to find certain items.

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I passed, yeah

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I passed my first time, it was pretty easy.

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In Ontario you have to drive for 2 years with "sub" licenses with various rules before you can your full license.

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I passed at the first.. but they had to ask me 2 more questions, I got them right. oh yeah, I got lucky.

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I failed and it was just before the licensing centre too.

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I passed both written and driving the first time. I did however have my permit for about 3-4 years and got my license when I was 20 years old (usually kids here in the states have been driving for years by then).

I'm a cautious one.

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NYC - was tested in Brooklyn. Passed on my first try.

The guy took off points for "failing to observe caution" when parking because I didn't theatrically swivel my head all the way around and instead parked perfectly using the side mirror. It didn't help that all the while during maneuvers like the K turn or parallel parking my instructor kept urging me to hurry up "c'mon cmon'"

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I passed my theory first time, but failed my first practical exam. I got a 'major' - UK Driving Test grading operates on a system of 'major' and 'minor' faults - fault for not checking my mirror obviously enough when pulling into one of these - the box the black Renault's waiting in - to turn off a road:

Passed second time though, and I've now been driving for just over a year. That picture's actually a screen-grab from a video that I took of myself driving home... For no good reason, really, but there you go.

I don't know much about the US - or, indeed, your state's - driving test, so I can't really give you much advice, but good luck!

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Passed my first test when I lived in Detroit. The only part that I didn't do well was the parallel parking - and that's because they had me do it in an empty parking lot with orange cones marking where the "spot" was, which you couldn't see from the drivers seat. No matter, since the one thing you never have to do in Michigan is parallel park.

When I moved to Chicago I got lazy and let my Michigan license expire. I had to do everything from scratch (I was thirty at the time, but still) including the driving portion of the test. In Chicago, a city were you have to parallel park your car every fifteen fucking minutes, there is no parallel parking on the driving test. Also, the guy from the DMV who was in the car with me couldn't have been more of a Chicago stereotype, and didn't really give a shit what I did. He looked like he was doing a crossword puzzle the entire five minutes it took us to finish the test.

I love this city.

Anyhow - just don't look nervous when you're driving with the instructor. That's most of the battle.

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I passed it, then promptly flipped the car over later that day.

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Passed first time. I felt like a made a ton of mistakes but still managed to pass somehow.

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I passed my first test (in Massachusetts). I was worried I had failed for a bit. After backing up for 30 feet in a straight line (we had pulled onto a cul-de-sac for this part), the state trooper (administering the test) told me to do a three-point-turn (K-turn). I did it fine, but because I had just backed up on an empty street, I didn't check behind me to start the turn. The trooper caught it, asked me if I looked. I answered honestly. She made a note and we kept going. Pulled back into the RMV and she congratulated me. Very relieved.

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I passed my first time. The only thing the instructor warned me about was stopping BEHIND stop signs before creeping forward. The instructor said it wasn't a big issue because the town I lived in did a pretty fucking terrible job when it came to intersection stop signs (You HAVE to creep out a little if you want to see whats coming). But yeah, I passed first try.

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I never had to take the driving portion, living in this part of Texas rocks, and the written one i passed with like a 71

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I enrolled in Driver's Ed, which exempted me from having to take a driving test when I applied for a license. I had to take a multiple choice exam, but that was a cake walk.

Just the other week I had to renew my license. I paid the fee, they took my picture, had me read a few letters for an eye exam, and now I'm good for another six years.

For what it's worth, I've been driving for over a decade now, and I've never had an accident.

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Failed the first time. I turned right onto a one way from a two way like it was a two way street. Whoops. Second time passed with flying colors.

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Failed. I heard other students at my high school talk about this woman who was a bit of a bitch and got saddled with her. When it came to parallel parking I got my truck in the cones but was too far out from the curb.

When I retook it I got a different guy who took me too the "parallel parking test area for pickups", with cones a little farther apart, and passed it easily. I was pretty pissed at that lady.

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Passed, driving tests in the US are a joke

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Failed my first time on my G2 (first driving test to allow you on the road by yourself) and passed my G (full license) first time.

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Thankfully didn't have to take an actual Driver's Test at the DMV to get my license.

At my high school, if you got an A in the Driver's Ed class, you were given a waiver. You could take it straight to the DMV and get your license with no testing.

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I failed the written portion.

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Passed my practical exactly a month today.
2 minors, passed it first time and took me roughly 10 months.
1 minor for use of speed (or something like that idk I was on a hill and there was loads of traffic,I kept going back and forth from 2nd gear to 3rd gear) and another minor for making progress.

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Judging by some of these stories, it's no wonder the US is cluttered with awful drivers.

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I failed the first time because my turns were bad and I failed to slow down when it was raining, but then I went and just barely passed my second time a few months later. I was literally two points from failing.

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I passed the first time. Fuck parking, though.

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I failed the driving test the first time. Apparently proper braking at stop signs is supposed to cause you to lurch forward slightly in the seat. My braking was more of a prolonged yield, I guess. I did that three times during the test and failed.

Got it my second time, though.

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I failed parallel parking the first time because I was in a car that I had never driven and I couldn't see out of any of it's windows. I was really nervous and over thinking it. Took it again a week later with no problems.