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So, I just started watching Pulp Fiction on AMC; it's on the part where vincent vega take mia wallace out. So, I've seen this movie a million times and thought I knew everything about it, when all of a sudden a scene I've never... seen before started playing.

Vincent goes to the house, then all of a sudden Mia walks out with a DV camera and starts interviewing him about his personal tastes (it switches between the films 35mm footage, and the DV tape interview).

I was at a loss of words when I saw it. Was this just a deleted scene AMC decided to add in, or are there different versions of this movie I'm not aware of?

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I don't remember it. You might want to take a look at this, though.

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don't do this to me man, don't ruin the perfect movie in my head.

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don't do this to me man, don't ruin the perfect movie in my head.

I think you'd probably just be confirmed that it was better as is. That is what has happened with just about every deleted scene that I have watched at least.

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Wow I didn't even know about this.

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It was just a scene that was cut from the movie. On the special edition DVD, it's in the deleted scenes section and each time you watch one of the scenes, there's a quick video from Quintin explaining that he wanted to do a scene with a handheld camera, but he ended up taking it out for pacing reasons and he clearly mentions that there will never be a "Director's Cut" of Pulp Fiction because the movie he wanted to make was the one that was released.

No clue why AMC played it though...