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I've been looking into streams and while some of them are fun it feels like all these kids play is League of Legends or something. is there anyone here who streams regularly that I can tune into while I work? It would be much appreciated and also if this is in the wrong section or something I apologize.

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Nah, but I do have a YouTube game commentary channel. I'd like to stream stuff but I don't have the resources. I'm sure some duders on here stream stuff.

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nope never did any video games. i kind of think that there are a lot of them and i can't standout.

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What kind of games do you like watching ppl play? I have a decent list of streamers on twitch, but idk if any are giantbomb members. I tried streaming bf3 once on high settings and that was a fail, all choppy and what not. Maybe ill stream something else soon and see if it works better.

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Well I was asking because besides the sometimes random streams GB does as staff, maybe we could have a separate channel where we watch some trust community members play the games they like. I think it'd be a cool idea, really. and I've added you on steam