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@video_game_king said:

Do you post in a thread when somebody bumps/necros?

Do you? .__.

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I would question anything and everything if it almost made me miss out on eating some frito pie. Mmmm mmm

That necro was worth it for the pie pic

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@sterling said:

@herbiebug said:
@video_game_king said:

Do you post in a thread when somebody bumps/necros?

Do you? .__.

I do!

Of course I do! That's the fucking point of the Internet.

On topic, I usually don't answer the door, since I live in an apartment building where anybody I know would already have called me or told me before hand that they'd visit me, since they need to be let through the front door. The only ones who'd ever knock on the door are sellers, evangelists or my neighbors.

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I only answer the door if someone knocks repeatedly at 3am. Wait. I mean the opposite.

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Maybe if I'm already standing up.

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My home is a little out of the way. So we don't get weird people or salesmen especially often. It's usually a safe bet that someone I at least am acquainted with wants something

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Who could it be now..who could it be.

#59 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4197 posts) -

I have a yard. And a dog. So no, I don't have to.

Some crazy girl came the other day lying about random streets. It was pretty weird.

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A lifetime of answering the door has taught me that anyone who is not doing one of these three things wants:

A) Money.

B) To tell me about Jesus.

What's the third thing? lol

#61 Posted by MentalDisruption (1732 posts) -

Not usually. I'll take a peek out a window and see if I can spot anything to give me a clue about who it is. Anyone who I really want to open a door for usually contacts me in some other way first.

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I almost never answer the door. Pizza and friends are the lone exception.

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i usually dont because my door is down stairs. fuck that.

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I post in necro threads.

I also don't -

A) Answer the door because anyone visiting would announce themselves - otherwise they always *do* just want to sell me a religion.

B) Answer the phone if I don't recognize the number, because minutes and scammers.

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Yep. I figure since they're out there walking around, may as well hear what they have to say. And if they try anything funny, I've got my tee-ball bat from 15 years ago ready for action next to the door.

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It's usually UPS or FedEx; I answer. I don't answer when it's a weird time of day though like middle of the night or anytime Sunday.