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I do I won't go into detail why but I believe in them.
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I do not believe in ghosts but I do believe in fucked up shit. Like in the darkness of my home where there's been weird unexplainable stuff going on since that old lady next door passed away four years ago a silhouette of like a humanoid has been a tiny tiny bit darker than the rest of the darkness? Or warm presences, like after my cat passed away, he'd have joined me in bed like that or just lied on my feet to warm me up. And a bird sitting on the window sill and taking off the moment my grandmother passed away. Or maybe it's my fun uncle who's been ghosting my shit, it's his style, he went like he lived anyway, stepped off his motorcycle, asked for a six pack of beer, boom, dead.

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"I've got an idea, let's ask Giant Bomb if they believe in ghosts!"

I have no idea why anyone would ever think this.

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Yes, I have had my experiences and encounters that no form of skepticism can disprove to me.

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Your personality and consciousness are all just your brain doing shit, when you die your brain dies, and so any sort of consciousness would be lost. Thus there can be no life after death.

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@Chabbs0 Bored and it's my idea not yours silly.
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I do.

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Proof = 

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@Jeust said:
I do.
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i believe in people who believe in ghosts

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Yes I do. Actually got to witness an exorcism at my friends house. I guess when it was being built years ago, the foreman's kid was at the construction site and unfortunately a terrible accident took place. The kid died at the site and his family told me they could always here these voices coming out of the lower level at random times of the day. A priest showed up and did the whole deal telling the entity that it was time to move on and all that stuff. It wasn't anything crazy, like the walls didn't start bleeding or anything, but after he was done, the lower level had this lighter air to it, and they never heard the voices again.
Also I used to live on top of this old bar, that back in the forties was a hospital. It even still had the incinerator down in the basement. Whenever I was down there, it always felt like I was being watched. Some employees actually refused to go down there and have told me that all they would see is the glimpse of someone turning a corner, only when they go to check it out, no one is there.
After my grandpa died, we went to go and clean his room out. He always had this small plastic Christmas tree with lights on it on his desk. As we were cleaning up, the lights starting blinking all crazy like. I went to go unplug it only to realize it was unplugged. My mom and I promptly left the room completely freaked out by what just happened. Later that night, my dad was getting a glass of water, and he said he saw this little glowing ball bouncing around on the floor going in and out of each room. Once it was done making it's rounds, it floated up and fizzled out. We like to think that was him checking up on us one last time.
Take all this as you will, but I still think there is some weird stuff out there that we don't understand yet, and probably never will.

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yes, i believe in ghost. my friend's house can be haunted at times.

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What is a ghost?
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No, that's just silly.

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I am one hundred percent sure there is a spiritual plane parallel to our world. Other than that I'm pretty normal.

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I have a hard time believing things that can't be proven or experimentally reproduced. 

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In most things I am pretty down to earth but yes, I believe in some form of ghosts. Not saying they are spirits of dead people but maybe some form of energy that has yet to be explained impacting things around us.

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What happens if a ghost dies? What does it leave behind, an uber-ghost?
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of course not

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I'm afraid of the dark sometimes, but I ain't afraid of no ghost. It's all in my head.

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I don't know really.
Maybe ghosts exist, maybe they don't.

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If something like ghosts exist, I'd think it's more of a "recording" of prior events rather than a sentient being or a physical manifestation that can recognize things or manipulate objects, but I'm not sure I even believe in the "recordings".

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Nope, don't believe in them. I do believe in wild imaginations, however.

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Stop just saying no and start making up ghost stories

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No.  If ghosts existed, we'd see far more cases for them.  Think of how many trillions of people have died in history all over the earth...we would literally be swimming in ghosts 100% of the time.

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Yeah, it's okay to believe in ghosts and aliens and shit, but believe in God, and people are like:"WTF DUDE?!?!?! ARE YOU RETARDED?!?!?!"

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Holy shit, there's one right behind you!!!

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@TheDudeOfGaming Those people should be ignored since no one knows the truth.
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Nope, but I think I saw one when I was a small kid, but who knows man.

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But, if they were real, I know that I would be afraid of them.  Because...I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

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And I find it telling that the nature of ghosts seems to be constantly changing with the culture. 200 years ago they were Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol" style, rattling chains and bringing warnings from beyond the grave. Then the spiritualist movement sprang up and they started to communicate through seances and rapping on the walls once for yes and twice for no. Cameras advance to the point where double exposures become possible and, coincidentally, only then does spectral photography emerge. Skip ahead to modern times and apparently ghosts now communicate through vague hints to mediums ("I'm getting an 'M,' did anyone here lose someone whose name begins with an 'M'?") or in background static on tape recorders.

My point is that, things that are real, like raccoons, for example, are not constantly changing their basic nature with each new generation. Things in our minds, however, would be completely beholden to popular culture, and their nature could be constantly in that state of flux.

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= - P I do.

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Anything's possible, but I haven't witnessed any paranormal activity. I've hear stories about spirits and other crap from a few family members, though.

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Man I totally believe in ghosts. 
I swear there's a ghost that stands in the corner of my living room next to my air conditioner because every time I go in that part of the room I get this cold chill down my spine. Weird thing is it only happens during the summer. And at night when its all quiet I swear I can hear footsteps in the halls and on my ceiling and I can hear toilets and showers being used.  I think my whole apartment is haunted!

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I do but I don't want to, I've seen some fucked up shit and I don't want to believe it. Some of the things my friends tell me are seriously disturbing with guys getting hurt, it's really no joke everyone was dead serious and pale when they told the story. BTW it's currently the 7th month in the Chinese calendar which is also known as the hungry ghost festival, it's the only month the gates of hell open and friendly and unfriendly spirits return to see their families and stuff, according to legend at least. Take care!

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I want to believe ... but, no.

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@Omega said:
Man I totally believe in ghosts.  I swear there's a ghost that stands in the corner of my living room next to my air conditioner because every time I go in that part of the room I get this cold chill down my spine. Weird thing is it only happens during the summer. And at night when its all quiet I swear I can hear footsteps in the halls and on my ceiling and I can hear toilets and showers being used.  I think my whole apartment is haunted!
You get a cold chill when you walk by the air conditioner? And only in summer? Go figure.
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Of course not

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 Well, if they do, I'm ready.
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@Fajita_Jim: Yep, that's where the joke was supposed to be. And the whole sounds at night thing was the fact I live in an apartment where these sounds are common. I guess if I have to explain the joke it isn't funny.