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You know, in movies when that nerdy guy/girl who you never seemed to notice took off his/her glasses, they suddenly become the handsome and the gorgeous?

I watched Kick-Ass quite recently and I found the main character very unconvincing. He's fit, muscular, and generally handsome. I'm not saying nerds can't be handsome, but the attempt to make him look like a dork who has no life just falls flat when you are starring a good-looking young man and really only putting glasses on him. And now the new Spiderman trailer is out, I'm getting incredibly turned off by Hollywood. Toby wasn't great, but whoever that pretty boy who looks like he's in a twilight movie just lost me.

Point is, everyone likes to watch pretty people. But it's not like they stop being pretty and instantly become the bullied/ugly kid around town when they put on glasses. I think when peeps are pretty, it won't matter if they wear glasses or not. End of story.

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I wear glasses so I might be biased but...


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What the fuck are you talking about?

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  @themangalist said:

You know, when that nerdy guy/girl who you never seemed to notice took off his/her glasses, they suddenly become the handsome and the gorgeous?

Are you serious? Glasses do not make anybody less handsome, people that actually care about that stuff aren't really worth your time.
Edit: and no I don't wear them.
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I find glasses hot...

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I think glasses make people look sexy.

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Don't understand a thing OP is saying but I looked better with glasses when I tried some

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@themangalist Personally, I think almost everyone looks better with glasses on. Maybe I'm crazy.
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Vinny looks a tad sexier with glasses on.

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Glasses are pretty cool. You kind of seemed to open and close your own argument there though.

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:

What the fuck are you talking about?

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I prefer chicks with glasses 

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Glasses can certainly add something.
I never wear my glasses where anyone can see them though, I'm not 40 yet!

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There is a fetish for everything on the internet.

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I find bespectacled women attractive. Don't judge me!

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superman wasn't superman when he wore his glasses... so there might be something to it.

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I wear glasses to make myself look clever.
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Could not care either way.

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I've had people tell me that I look weird without glasses, but its probably because I look so fucking awesome with glasses on ;)

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It completely depends on who wears them and with what type of glasses they have on. Also their own good looks as well.

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It has to do with the way glasses frames can complement one's face and if they get it wrong, end up making their face look disproportional.

Just like clothes, the right ones complement and flatter your physical features and the wrong ones can make you look like a creepy raper guy.

So, like most things, it really depends on the person.

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Glasses are just another accessory, really. If someone is wearing a pair that doesn't fit their face well, they won't look good. That's why the "nerds" in movies are always wearing hideous pairs of glasses that don't match them at all, often along with clothing that has the same effect. Give that same person a pair of glasses that frames their face well and they can look great.

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The right glasses on the right face can enhance beauty, the wrong glasses detract (or distract) from it. But a butterface is a butterface.

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@haffy said:


Reading the OP reminded me of this movie lol.

And personally I prefer women with glasses, makes them look more intelligent.

Haha, I was about to link the scene when they made the bet, but you beat me to it. "But she has glasses, a ponytail, and look at that, paint on her overalls! What is that? Guys, there's no way she could be prom queen!"

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@Claude said:

Who is that handsome devil on the right? Meow!

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Clark Kent.

Besides him, no.

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@crusader8463 said:

@Claude said:

Who is that handsome devil on the right? Meow!

You devil you.
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There's a trope for that.

Personally, I think I look much, much better without my glasses on. It is one of the main reasons that I hate wearing them and, fortunately, I don't need to wear them to see or read what's in front of me, or even to drive! But I do have them and I do wear them at times. In fact, I am in need of a new pair.

Other people, however, can look pretty damned good with glasses on. The right specs on the right face can make a person look more mature and intelligent. Whether they actually are or not is a different story, but that's just the perception one can get from a good-looking person with glasses.

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I choose to wear glasses instead of contacts specifically because I think I look better with them than without them.

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The whole reason I got contacts was for this very reason. I looked less mature with glasses, usually it's the other way around, but people tended to take me more seriously without glasses. Again, usually it's the other way around. I'm slightly more confident without glasses, just because people love to assume dudes with glasses are bookworms incapable of having fun.

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@Chop said:

I find glasses hot...

This times 10. It's practically a fetish of mine. Now I've said too much, but girls who wear glasses are hot.

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I wear glasses, so nevarrr :) haha. I hope.

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I have a weird thing for girls with glasses, but if they're not very attractive anyway the glasses aren't going to make much of a difference for me.

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Not if they have good looking glases.

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I prefer women with glasses.

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i wear glasses so i can see,

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I think people with glasses look interesting...but then again there a reason LASIK exists

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You obviously aren't acquainted with the concept of "sexy teacher glasses".
AKA "The Librarian Effect"

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I wear glasses to, like, be able to see anything more than 4 inches in front of me.

How they make me look is irrelevant.

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Totally depends on the individual. A good friend of mine, for instance, looks like she has no eyes when she takes off her glasses, so she tends to keep them on and looks better for it.

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Depends on the kind of person 

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How bizarre that I just came back from the optometrist and opened up GiantBomb only to find this thread. Kudos to whoever did that Bayonetta 'shop. She's just not the same without her glasses.

Something else to think about... how come sunglasses make you look more bad ass?

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@kmdrkul said:

@Unknown_Pleasures said:

What the fuck are you talking about?

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@clumsyninja1 said:

I think people with glasses look interesting...but then again there a reason LASIK exists

I think LASIK exists because of the future convenience for the patient (not having to fuss with them everyday, less money in the long run), not for looks, I could be wrong.

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Some people look better with glasses. Some people don't. That's all I've got to say about that.