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Hi there,   

  I'll try to keep this short but I've been thinking about life and all and wonder what I want to do with it. Somehow, I ended up thinking about Giant Bomb, odd, I know. What came to mind was "How many of you ladies and gents actually use the website outside of videos, news and reviews?" You can update a daily status, upload pictures, create lists and the write blogs. 
 I have a rather pathetic blog but I'm planning to try and use it more but was just curious what you guys feel about blogging? Do you feel it is worth creating personal content on a site that isn't yours? Have you considered that you do want to blog but would prefer not to have to deal with finding web hosting or a blog platform like Wordpress or Blogger so Giant Bomb's offerings are perfect? 
Probably not the funniest or dramatic thread but I'm a curious person so I'm wondering what the users think about it.

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I blog a fair amount here. No where else.

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I'm blogging here now, mostly for the quest and to vent, but i've put some legit content on it too.  My wife an I tried to start blogging for real, but it didn't really stick.

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I don't blog anywhere. I did for awhile, but I can't be one of those people who blog about every stupid thing that pops into there heads because I know no one really gives a shit and I would just be wasting my time. When I feel strongly enough about something that happens I will make a blog about it to get my thoughts on the topic out, but that's about it. I have already written blogs about the biggest things that I feel strongly about, so I don't have much else to blog about.

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No, just can't get into it.

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I did try, but after 3 or 4 posts, i lose interest in it and forget completely that i have a blog (or more than one :x)

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Whenever I do blog, it's on Giant Bomb. But I rarely blog. 

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I blog here on occasion. I'd like to more, but I find other things to do a lot of the time. I wouldn't want to blog anywhere else mostly because I'd end up talking about video games anyways.

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Yeah, I bought a domain and set up hosting for my blog, was using it to help keep track on my New Years Resolution to get back into shape. I feel good now but I've stopped using it. To resolve that, I made my blog the first site that appears when I open my browser so I am reminded that hey, I have a site I paid money for.  
It is difficult to keep content going on it only because I don't have the greatest work schedule that allows me to feel creative. With the way things are going at work though, I feel compelled to use the site for something bigger and better. Heck, looking at completely changing it around.

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I want to blog but I don't care much.
Not many people will read what I have to say or care...so that makes me wonder why I'm writing a book again...oh well.
Maybe if I could focus my anger into words I would blog more...

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I don't do blogs.

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I generally just double post stuff that I write on my own site to here if it is gaming related or to Screened if it is film related.

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I have a personal blog where i post about myself and my life. My blog here is focused on video games and the way i see things regarding that topic. I think living in a country where there's no official support for consoles makes a big difference (games here end up costing more than 90 dollars...)