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Bored so I figured I'd ask a question. You guys into scented candles? What do you recommend? I love the fantastic aroma of a good scented candle. My go to is just straight up vanilla. I love the smell of vanilla. Fuckin car smell thing is vanilla and everything. I'd start a poll but I can't think of a bunch of different shit right now.

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From time to time, I'll buy birthday-scented candles.

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I get the ones that are on clearance for > 60% off. Chocolate mint was interesting.

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I normally can't stand scented candles but for some reason my sinuses are okay with vanilla. So, vanilla.

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I've got a vanilla one right now.

I can get down with some cinnamon, with or without apple, as well.

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I really like the fruity ones.

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My wife does, generally fruity or flowery.

I enjoy them, but it's not something that would ever occur to me to buy myself

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Not into them, but I wouldn't be surprised if scented candles, along with aerosolized scents from companies like Glade, are cancer causing. I mean, it's chemicals you're intentionally inhaling.

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No... because I still have dignity...

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Sulfur scented candles.

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Protip: Jelly Belly scented candles are awesome.

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I try to get apple cinnamon scented candles when I can because they're the correct choice, otherwise I'll go for generic lavender.

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@BraveToaster said:

Protip: Jelly Belly scented candles are awesome.

that sounds amazing. i have some Jolly Rancher scented candles for some reason. they smell yummy

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@AjayRaz said:

@BraveToaster said:

Protip: Jelly Belly scented candles are awesome.

that sounds amazing. i have some Jolly Rancher scented candles for some reason. they smell yummy

I have Jolly Rancher ones as well. They're great.

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Pine Trees =)

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Vanilla and apple ones for me. Cupcake ones are good too.

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I usually have a vanilla scented candle lying around, in case of emergencies...i.e. I cooked something smelly like fish and want to make the house smell better. I have, from time to time, switched it up by buying a green apple scented candle and I was once gifted a pumpkin pie scented one that was pretty good. I was at a friend's house one time and they had a gingerbread scented candle burning that smelled amazing...haven't come across them myself, though.

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my wife just popped a Glade:Hawaiian Breeze.

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I don't take bubble baths while listening to Mariah Carey, so no.

e: sorry, that was kind of an asshole-ish, generalizing comment, but so be it.

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Vanilla and Cinnamon are my thing.

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I really like the fruity ones.

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A day or so after a pretty bad car crash me and a couple of my buddies were in, one of my friends got a random urge to buy some scented candles so we went to the mall to buy some. It was weird. I think he might have been concussed. Personally, I refused to go in the store.

As I was outside a cute girl from my school walked past and smiled at me. I sort of half smiled back and wondered if I was hallucinating, but didn't have the balls to actually say anything to her. I only bring that part up to remind myself that I'm a scared little bitch, as I'm often wont to do.

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I would never think to buy them, but whenever someone has one out I'm like "damn that smells good."

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Now that I think of it I'm a big fan of orange candles. Oranges smell pretty decent when in candle form. I guess it is considered feminine to be into scented candles but I fucking love em. Why not enjoy smelling the air all the time? To the dude concerned about candles causing cancer, everything causes cancer so live it up brah.

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A few vanilla ones, a few that smell like roses, and some that haven't been used but they say strawberry, apple, and one just says rain and it actually kind of smells like a crisp rainfall in spring.

I like them. If I feel like getting romantic with the old lady for extra brownie points or if I just want to make a wicked fart go away they're perfect.

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I buy a cinnamon-scented candle every December.

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Scented candles, incense, and perfumes tend to make me nauseous. I especially dislike most vanilla scented things.

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Hell yeah! In fact, ginger bread scented candles should start to come back soon and I LOVE those.

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Vanilla and Cinnamon are good. The one's that smell like cake are nice too.