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After watching the IGN interview with David Jaffe where some Naruto nerd farts and Jaffe called him out on it (here is the link, the fart happens at 19:52) i started to wonder, what do you giant bombers do when you are the only one who notices a person fart? Do you blame them quickly before it starts to smell to avoid getting blamed yourself, or do you ignore it, or do you just give the person a dirty look?

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Hell yea, I call that shit out.

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No because im not an asshole

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Well it depends if Im out in public.  I dont want to be a dick and call them out in public or if Im with a group of people.  

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No, because it's going to happen to you one day.

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It's a situational thing. Sometimes, they're revered.

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@Claude said:

It's a situational thing. Sometimes, they're revered.

like when?

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Only if I know them well and it smells really bad do I call them out on it. Other wise I just give them a disgusted look.

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It's funny with a room full of drunk close friends but otherwise, no.

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No I just blame it on the Asian dude next to me

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What the fuck was going on in that interview up until that point?

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@DarthOrange said:

@Claude said:

It's a situational thing. Sometimes, they're revered.

like when?

In certain groups, I am known for lighting farts. With family and friends, a good fart after a meal is always fun. My wife's side is weird. You never hear them fart.
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@Claude: You're a gentleman.

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It depends on the situation. If its someone you know on a good level I always will. And depending on the public situation, you can make a joke out of it without directly blaming someone.

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@DarthOrange: Depends on the crowd and timing. A well-timed ripper can bring many laughs in the right crowd.

And if you can't enjoy a good fart (sonically, the stench is always disgrossting), get over yourself. Not referring to you specifically, oh Orange one. Farts are nature's whoopee cushion, why shouldn't they be enjoyed?

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@ShadowConqueror said:

@Claude: You're a gentleman.

Oops, I pooted.
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No, because he who smelt it, dealt it.

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Yes, I do point it out but I dont point at them, Rather I exclaim that someone shit themselves and chuckle to myself as someone is now embarrassed as all hell and would probably make a sound if someone just blurted that phrase out telling everyone who it was :D

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sometimes, it depends on what kind of place i'm in. in public i won't call out but if i'm at someone's house then i will.

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It depends if I like you or not.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Hell yea, I call that shit out.


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I jump up on the nearest table and point at the guy with a disgusted face and scream out the blame.

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I only call it out if it's someone who is a notorious group-farter, OR someone who you would -never suspect it from-.

Like, peer at the quiet girl at a party, squint my eyes, and ask "...you just crafted this fart, didn't you?" Only if I'm like 65%+ sure it was them, though.

If I must have one of my own, I try to swing by a group in the process (AKA crop-dusting).