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Poll: Do you change your car's oil or do you have someone else do it? (49 votes)

Yes 47%
No 53%

I'm completely car illiterate and maybe for just the driving part I know nothing about cars. For me I usually just bring it to the shop and let other people who know what they are doing do what they do. Over the past year due to money constraints I've become more conscious of how I spend my money, so I thought I'd start doing things myself. Like a "Rorie" I decided to change my oil on my own and I gotta say while its no means easy (for me anyways) I felt accomplished when I got it done and saved some extra cash on the side.

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That is not a yes or no question, but to answer you, it depends on how lazy I am feeling. I work on cars for a living, and as such do oil changes quite often on other peoples vehicles, sometimes I don't want to go under my car to do the oil change and will take it to work to get it done. Other times I will do it myself.

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I go to a place

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I go to my mechanic.

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I've been told that my insurance won't let me change it by myself and I have to take it to a mechanic. If it wasn't for that, I'd just do it myself.

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Is it yes that I change my own oil or yes that I have someone else do it? Not a well worded set of options. I picked 'no' though.

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My dad does all my vehicle maintenance for me. I just never think of it and he's a car guy so he remembers for me and does it. He has this habit of just doing it and then telling me about it a few days later. I appreciate it, but at the same time I wish he would just tell me it's that time again and showed me how to do it myself. It's better to learn this stuff since he's not always going to be there to do it.

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@sgtsphynx: haha whoops, mind totally flipped when writing this. I guess Yes = Take it to a shop No = Do it yourself.

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Fuck that! Someone else does it. Just because one can do a thing doesn't mean one wants to do a thing. Changing oil is a fucking hassle. Fuck that shit.

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I have free maintenance with my car so I might as well take advantage of it.

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I have someone else do it. I know pretty much nothing about cars.

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I change my own oil. It's a good thing to learn if you have the time, and it'll save you a little money. That being said I used to drive a car that was a real bitch to change the oil on, so I took it to a shop.

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I don't own my own car yet, but my parents make me change theirs.

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I'm not voting cus its a horribly worded poll.

Hell i'm not even going to tell you either out of spite!

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I know how to do it, but I don't have enough confidence in my mechanic skills. So, I usually have my dad do it...

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half and half.

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My dad is in the automotive business so I can get all that stuff done at cost or free so I just switch vehicles with him for the day and he gets it done.

Edit: Also, maintenance is a pain on my car (It has a rather complex engine) so we always get this mechanic my dad knows who specializes in European cars to do it for us. He isn't cheap but he is very very good. He found a coolant leak within 5 minutes of looking at my car (and it was pretty well hidden too) and had it fixed within an hour and did a bunch of other stuff at the same time.

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Not sure how to vote.

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Where we live they get pissed if you do it on their property so I have to take it to Jiffy Lube

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Do it myself, and most any car maintenance that does not require super specialized equipment. I bought a pair of break pads for my car when I got it, and due to the lifetime guarantee on them have never had to pay for break pads again (same with the rotors when I replaced them last).

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No. 4 quarts and a filter here costs about the same as it would just taking it to a quick lube shop.

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I do it myself. I drive a 25 year old car that is really easy to work on so I do almost everything myself.

also I work at a gas station so I have all the equipment I need.

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someone else.

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I work at an auto shop with a lift so I do it myself, super cheap that way.