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Poll: Do you eat you burger first or fries first? (644 votes)

Burger First 23%
Fries First 30%
A little of both 46%

Just sitting here eating burger king wondering what people eat first

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dayum people be weird.


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Fries -> Drink + Burger

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Just back from BK. For the first time I put my fries in my burger, thanks to this thread.

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I put few fries into burger.

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I won't let the chips ruin my appetite for the burger.

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I eat the meat and then the bun and then the fries.

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Cold limp fries are vile. Often fries aren't even edible when I get them, but they never are if I eat the burger first.

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It depends on how hot the fries are. The hotter they are the more willing I am to put them off until I finish my burger.

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Fries first, the burger because Im not an animal.

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I don't eat fries with burgers. A burger on it's own is a fine meal, you don't need the fries. And if you really like fries, why eat them with burgers when there are so many things they go much better with ? If you're one of the people who eats either first, why did you order both if you don't plan on eating them like a meal ?

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Frikandel speciaal first than fries.

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Haven't had an actual burger in years... but if I was to indulge a little, where would you say you've had your best burgers?

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I've always thought of fries as a nice treat after the main course. I had no idea I was in the minority. Gotta go rethink my life.

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At home, a little of both, at restaurants, sometimes the same, but sometimes the burger first and then the rest of the fries. Never all of the fries first, that's just kind of... Weird. If I were on my way home from a restaurant, I guess I would have some fries first though. I don't go to restaurants that much though; maybe once or twice a month.

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Usually, burger first. My mother always impressed upon me, as a child, to eat the more "expensive" or "important" item first. French fries are filler, the burger is the more important item. So I could leave fries without feeling bad. My dad would usually sweep in and take care of those.

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I smell the fries, make a salty potato log cabin out of them, throw the burger on the ground, then I yell at a mirror, crying.

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Burger, then fries. Usually no ketchup with the fries either, only on the burger.

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I detach my jaw like a cobra snake and swallow it all in one go, then sit for a few hours while it digests slowly throughout my body.

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I usually shove a few fistfuls of fries into my mouth, then eat the burger, then finish the fries. Or sometimes I'll just put the fries in the burger, pour the drink on top, and voila - the one-biter.

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Fries first usually.

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Burger first. Eat fries after until I'm full.

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Usually most of the fries, then the burger, then the rest of the fries (or until I'm full).

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I go with both. Especially if the fries have a bit of salt and creole on them!

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1) Plate is put down
2) Eat one fry, as an appetizer
3) Fix burger by adding necessary condiments, arranging vegetables/greenery if any
4) Eat a little of both until burger is done. If done correctly there will still be 1/3 of your fries still left

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Fries first...I always eat in order from least favorite to favorite

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Burger first, I'm not a caveman.

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Are Hamburgers sandwiches?

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I put fries inside the burger.

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Fries first, because if they fill me up I can take the burger home. That reheats better than any fries do.

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fuck fries. Don't even get them.

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Neither, I'm a breatharian.

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Burgers first, fries second. Can't stop eating a Double Double after that first bite.

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I want to modify my previous answer. Here's the supplies you'll need: a blender, a turkey baster, and some privacy or a trustworthy friend.

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Like a good organizer I always save the main attraction to last. The fries are merely the support/warm up act

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I always preferred fries first, but recently it occurred to me that eating the actually nutritious, protein-rich part of the meal first, rather than the empty carbs, would leave me feeling more satisfied with the meal.

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While I do eat burgers and fries, I DO NOT eat burger king or mcdonald's. I had a burger from sonic for dinner a few weeks back, because I got home late and didn't want to cook, and I damn near threw up afterwards.

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I eat the burger first because I am addicted to anything potato and I want to save the best for last.