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#51 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

No, only when Marvel began doing their post scene credits stuff but I don't stick for other non-marvel studios movies , I do stay for most of game credits if the song in the background is good or if the game was just amazing and I sit there looking back at what I did, if not then I skip them or stand up to do something else.

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#52 Posted by wewantsthering (1651 posts) -

I stay if I know there will be some sort of extra bit at the end, but only if I know it will be there for sure.

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#53 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

Only time I stick around are for Marvel movies. Otherwise, I just leave.

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#54 Posted by ImaTreee (206 posts) -

only during marvel movies

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#55 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

Only if it's a Marvel film. I bet after the Avengers credits will be a teaser for Iron Man 3 since it's the next one slated for release.

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#56 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1216 posts) -

I like to, especially for concerts in the odd case something happens after the mass leaves. Its good for letting the crowd dindle down so you can stroll out and by the time you find that groovy pub for a debrief there's no queue there either.

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#57 Posted by JCGamer (768 posts) -

I usually stat through the end of the credits for every movie.

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#58 Posted by GrandMarshal (391 posts) -

cinema no. games yes

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#59 Posted by SeanFoster (953 posts) -

I work in the industry so I feel kind of compelled to stay for the duration of the credits either way.

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#60 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

no because I have a life lol

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#61 Edited by mike1977 (2 posts) -

@GirnBlanston said:

I leave when the credits start rolling. Some theatres have to wait until every last person has left to begin cleaning the theatre to prep it for the next showing. Even if there was 1 person, they have to wait for him or her to leave. They want to get started and finish the job as soon as they can. I think it's rude to hold them up.

I don't think it's rude. You pay for it...you shouldn't feel guilty staying until every single bit of the film has ended, and that includes enjoying music that may happen to be playing during the end credits!

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#62 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

Only in Marvel movies.

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#63 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2060 posts) -

If I really, really, enjoyed the film, such as with the Avengers, yes.

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#64 Posted by Grixxel (919 posts) -

Only in comic-book or super hero related ones.

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#65 Edited by NTM (9725 posts) -

No, unless I know beforehand that there's something going to happen or if I really, really liked the movie I'll stay just a little bit longer. I always watch the credits for video games though, unless I've already beaten the game.

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#66 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1190 posts) -

They usually put the extra stuff in just before or a little bit into the ending credits, so I usually wait. People seriously can expect others to sit through the ending credits just to see some little extra.

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#67 Posted by Nilazz (827 posts) -


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#68 Posted by Jay444111 (2639 posts) -

Cabin in the woods is something like a prequel to the SMT games if you think about it!