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So Easter has come and gone and there is a plethora of sausages in the fridge. I was curious on what you guys put on your sausages. I either take mine dry or with ketchup.

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Spicy mayonnaise! You can also just add hot sauce to regular mayonnaise and mix it together to create a custom spicy dip.

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completely depends on the sausage and how i'm eating it.

Am i putting it in a roll? Am i eating it plain? Am i making pasta sauce with it? And i slicing it up and making a sandwich? Am eating it with anything else? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

Come on man I need more details.

Also, thats not even mentioning the fact there are tons of different types of sausage. is it italian sausage? Swedish sausage? German? Polish?

Are we talking about pork sausages or beef sausages?

There needs to be more information. Sausages are complex dude.

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Peppers and onions!!!

I also thought dirty when I read the forum title, so there's that answer too...

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Y'all feeling me?

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I don't eat sassages.

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who wouldnt like a hot bangah in da mouf?

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top hat and monocle

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Mustard and sauerkraut.

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Hot Links - only mustard

Hot Dogs/Hot Beef Links w/Chili - Onion, Cheese, Mustard(sometimes)

Hot Dogs/Beef Links wo/Chili - only mustard

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@jasonr86 said:


Y'all feeling me?

I will not feel your sausage, no.

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Mustard. All you ever need on a sausage, really.

Ketchup is pretty much the worst :(

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The spiciest of mustard.

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whatever I can get my sausage loving paws on. I'm not a picky sausage eater. As long as I'm eating sausage I'm happy.

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What kind of fucking animal puts ketchup on a sausage. Thats some "kids table at the picnic" shit.

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I eat sausages with other stuff. Or I cook em up a bit, dice em, then simmer them in a mixture of balasamic vinegar and red wine until the fluids have reduced. Then I mix the syrupy goo with some beef stock, tomato passata, chopped tomatoes + herbs. Serve with pasta. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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A nice mustard. Maybe some onions or chutney etc.

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Mustard, Green Peppers and Onions in a nice hotdog bun is the only way to go.

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For breakfast sausage I put maple syrup, and for something like a Bratwurst I put on some nice fancy mustard. Like the kind that is pretty much all seeds.

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Latex ;)

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For breakfast sausage I put maple syrup, and for something like a Bratwurst I put on some nice fancy mustard. Like the kind that is pretty much all seeds.

I'm with the breakfast sausage. Syrup all the way.

Every other sausage I eat plain unless it's in food.

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What kind of sausage we talking? Cumberland, bratwurst, chorizo? Too vague a question bro.

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@blupotato said:

Mustard and sauerkraut.

This man knows what's up!

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I'm just here for the dick jokes.

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Don't like sausage by itself much anymore. I do like to mix it in when I make hamburgers, tacos, omelets, spaghetti etc. The few breakfast links I eat are plain WITHOUT syrup. (yechhh) No more hot dogs etc. in my life, either. Even New York (Italian) sausage sandwiches w/onions peppers and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil has sadly gotten old.

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I'm not falling for this one.

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I don't like sausage, especially by itself. I'm more a fan of hot dogs--the non-beef kind, even.

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Is this a real question? I have never heard of sausage being a traditional Easter meal in the US.

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Mayo, relish, mustard, and ketchup.

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Maple syrup for breakfast sausages and Montreal Steak Spice for any other

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Honey or yellow mustard. Never liked anything else. Breakfast sausages I never put anything on em. Just pick em up and munch on em.

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Nutella, whipped cream, chocolate sauce..... what are we talking about again?

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I am 5 years old...

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Are we talking about a nice thick italian sausage or a crappy breakfast thing some people call sausage?

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1. I might cover it in ham or bacon, maybe some other meats.

2. Add mustard or ketchup, maybe both...just maybe

3. Get to smashing (Not in a sexual way of course...well maybe)

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Mustard or sour cream depending on the flavour profile of the sausageses. Like a spicy sausage with a lot of oomph to it does not need mustard and generally suffers from its inclusion. The sour cream is just my scandi heritage to which i am genetically obligated to enjoy.

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Fluids and lube.

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What is the correlation between Easter and Sausages?

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@liquidprince: Easter originated from a pagan holiday so you know someone's getting the "sausage" during or after that ritual.

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It's better with nothing on it.

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