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Are you pro potato, or do you really dislike potatoes?

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Make a poll if you're gonna bother with this pointless thread.

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Fuck, I wish we could have nice things.

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WTF is with all of these, man? Take a break before you decide to make these

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You mean food or grenades?

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I hate hate threads.

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Man, fuck potatoes. Amirite or amirite fellas?

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@Godlyawesomeguy: Racist

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I fucking LOVE potatoes.

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Potatoes are pretty versatile. You can stuff 'em, bake 'em, mash 'em, deep fry 'em, dice 'em. The possibilities are really endless.

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What is happening? 
But I really do enjoy apples...

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I love Potatoes...what's the point of this thread anyhow?

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Im not a fan of potato's. Or this thread.

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The world is ending.

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Tatties are brilliant. Chips covered in salt & vinegar, can't beat a Glasgow chippie. Baked tattie with butter, cheese melted just enough & some salad on the side. Beautiful buttery mashed tatties. Boiled tatties alongside a Sunday roast.

DROOL. Best tuber by far.

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I like them french fried 'taters, mmmhmmm.

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I really don't like pure potato. I try avoiding them whenever possible and got for the alternative if given the option.

@Atramentous said:

Im not a fan of potato's. Or this thread.

but you're a fan of the apostrophized plural s? :)

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Are there no rules about spam on these boards?

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I'm Irish, what do you think?
Diddly dee and all that.

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I only hate mashed potatoes.

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All kinds except sweet potatoes.

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I'm Irish and I hate potatoes.

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@thevigilanteoflove said:

All kinds except sweet potatoes.

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You know what I do hate? Spam. None of this "Do you hate *insert mundane thing here*" copycat spam is funny. All it does is clog up the forums.

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