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"I just find smoking very disrespectful! If I don't want to breathe in smoke, why should I have to?"

Some middle aged lady told me this today. Me and friend were walking when he said he was going to get a soda. We go to a Tesco and I tell him I'll wait outside. I light up a cigarette and a few seconds later this woman comes up telling me this. Before I had a chance to respond she proceeded to go into the Papa John's that we were next to. Any of you smokers have this happen to you before? Any of you non-smokers ever do something like this to someone?

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"I just find smoking very disrespectful! If I don't want to breathe in smoke, why should I have to?"

Some middle aged lady told me this today. Me and friend were walking when he said he was going to get a soda. We go to a Tesco and I tell him I'll wait outside. I light up a cigarette and a few seconds later this woman comes up telling me this. Before I had a chance to respond she proceeded to go into the Papa John's that we were next to. Any of you smokers have this happen to you before? Any of you non-smokers ever do something like this to someone?

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I've been around several adults who smoked pretty heavily, and countless other students do it too. I kind of got too used to it to really care.

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It sucks if your stuck in this situation, but you don't want to come off as a prick and ask them to stop. I usually try to walk away from people smoking as I find it to be obnoxious. Still, don't want to come off as a dick.

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Nope. Parents been smoking my whole life so I'm used to it. So the second hand smoke, coupled with the fact I'm left-handed and our superior hand usage apparently means we live shorter lives, probably means I got 10-20 minutes tops left to live. LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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"Hate" is maybe a strong word. I like to avoid second hand smoke as much as I can, but I still have friends who smoke, and hang out in places where people smoke. As to your experience, unless you were smoking in an area where this woman had no choice but to walk by you and was forced to inhale those fumes, I don't really see why she had to scold you for it.

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As a smoker, I find the most vocal anti-smoking people just want to flex their misanthropy/moral high-ground, so I ignore them. For the more polite/reasonable ones, I always bow my obeisance and present a cookie or somesuch token of apology.

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If she really was that worried about it, she can hold her breath while she walks past you.

One time I was outside of a fosters freeze/el pollo loco, smoking at some tables situated to the side of the building. A family of fat fucks (and I don't mean to be rude, but dayum this whole family was giant) comes out, all of them carrying 1-2 bags and a large thing of ice cream (each!). They then proceeded to walk over to my table, cough loudly a few times, and tell me that I need to put out my cigarette so they can enjoy their meal without getting cancer. I really wanted to tell them "Hey, heart attacks kill too" but I couldn't stop laughing to get it out.

It was just so ridiculous seeing this whole family gorge themselves on shitty fast food and ice cream, then try to tell me I am being unhealthy.

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Meh, I hate the smell and try to avoid it, but I've never complained about it. If I have to walk by the area, I can just hold my breath or something.

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It can be pretty obnoxious in enclosed spaces.

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It annoys me but I usually will not confront them in anyway about it. I will only do that if they are smoking while at the same time blocking access to a door (especially people who do that at Hospitals).

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Absolutely cannot stand it; it literally makes me nauseous.

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Yeah. I can't avoid second hand smoke because you people are everywhere, and you ignore the non-smoking signs. I don't have the right to make you stop, but you have the right to expose me to your disgusting smoke? Hardly seems fair, does it?

Yes, there are considerate smokers who move out of people's way, but don't come telling me that's the norm. It sure isn't where I live.

Not to mention the time where my whole apartment smelled like smoke because someone on a different floor was smoking under the kitchen fan...I was so incredibly angry until I got that situation resolved.

What gets me is that I have to adjust to a bad choice some other person has made, when it should be their responsibility.

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@PixelPrinny said:

Absolutely cannot stand it; it literally makes me nauseous.

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I cannot stand second hand smoke. As a smoker trying to quit it's a lot easier for me to smoke when my girlfriend does since it doesn't bother me as much when I'm smoking along with.

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Hate second hand smoke but I usually just walk away or just fan it away.

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Yes I do. But I find that most people are very polite and go outside for their smokes and come back after a few minutes.

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I'd prefer it if they didn't.

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Really fucking hate it. I don't ask people to stop, but if I can I leave the area. Smells so disgusting.

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OK, I know all you non-smokers out there want me to yes. But I used to smoke and if the girl is pretty or we are outside I really don't care. sorry.

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Smoking is pretty disgusting. Especially when some asshole lights a cigarette at a restaurant (or other place where you eat or buy food), or just has to stand in a doorway/location a lot of people are passing through.

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Hate, no, but I don't like it. I can't breathe smoke in without feeling like I have to cough or blow it back out of my nose or something. Usually when someone even walks by me with a cigarette I have to hold my breath, so I definitely can't bare to stick around someone smoking in one place at length.

That being said, that lady was way too entitled.

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I am a non smoker and I hate it, the smell gets in your clothes and is just gross, sorry smokers.

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Smoking in public isn't really the nicest thing to do, I usually only partake when it's a suitable environment.

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The smoke itself doesn't bother me as much as just hanging around with friend smokers who seem to have light up every time they either exit or enter a building. Waiting on these addicts gets on my nerves and I tell them so.

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@PixelPrinny said:

Absolutely cannot stand it; it literally makes me nauseous.

Also if you stand around someone who smokes heavily for to long, I can still smell it on my clothes/me for the rest of the day.

Hate it.

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I hate second hand smoke, but I have some friends that smoke so I tolerate it (to a degree).

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If I'm not smoking, I'm spitting tobacco juice on your shoe. I hope you all die of second hand oxygen.

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I'm with the people that can't stand the smell. I really hate it, but I doubt I would ever confront someone about it, especially if they are smoking in a place where they are allowed to.

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I hate it, it's one of my angriest pet peeves in all the world. It really fucks up my asthma.

And the fast food argument is complete bullshit, I don't walk down the street shoving fries in your throat, do I?

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I smoke so no, but if I'm standing outside and some fuckwit comes up to me and does the pathetic cough that the dumb version of non-smokers do then fuck him/her.  
Especially if there's enough room for them to walk around me. We're outside, the world is filled with fresh air. Take two steps to the side you fat fuck

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If it's outside I don't mind, but inside most certainly. I probably wouldn't mind, except whenever I'm exposed to smoke I tend to have coughing fits that won't go away for about 5 minutes after leaving the room with smoke. It can be a right pain in the arse when someone is smoking in a room when I need to do something that takes time.

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I find it absolutely disrespectful if smokers feel they have some kind of birthright to smoke wherever, whenever - with no regard to someone being affected who doesn't smoke. It's a health issue, why do non-smokers have to feel like asses for asking others to stop smoking? Smokers should feel like asses for smoking in areas where there are non-smokers present. it's disgusting. And I hate it. If you wanna slowly kill yourself go ahead but leave me the fuck out of it.

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One or two of my mates smoke but I'm never in close proximity when they do. I just don't get why people do it, the cons outweight the pros but they still continue. One of them gave me a bullshit excuse like "I can't drink unless I have a smoke". WTF?

I don't know what the situation is outside the UK but people are no longer allowed to smoke indoors in public buildings and workplaces. They complained about it at first but I dont give a f***, they made the decision to start in the first place and we shouldn't need to put up with it in the first place. Since that law came into practice however, everyone is smoking outside and I can't get from A to B without walking through a smoke cloud.

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Smoking tobacco is gross. Can't stand the stuff. However if someone wants to smoke outside in a designated smoking area then more power to them. If some motherfucker is smoking at a bus stop or other non smoking area, I'll let them know they're a cunt.

Also sort of unrelated, but I can't stand fag ends lying around. The dick head I live with throws them on the lawn which sucks when I cut the grass.

Another unrelated issue I have with smokers, is smokers in the work place. I've had 2 jobs where they got several "smoke breaks" of which I got none. So just went outside with the smokers to get my monies worth.

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I smoked for 16 years and I never understood why some people got all irate about it. Now however I too actually get nauseous, itchy and just generally crappy-feeling if I'm stuck in closed spaces like rooms or cars with a smoker or two. Not to mention the smell and how it sticks to clothing. If all of those people who bitched then feel like this, then I can understand the hate.

Outside is fine, or designated areas - I'll know to steer clear if I need to.

As for the lady opting out of breathing in smoke, there's A LOT of shit in the air we have no option but to breathe. A hint of a cigarette here and there is far, faaar from the worst.

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No... not really, unless it's in a place they shouldn't. Smokers usually smoke in a few areas, which are well known and it's not like they deliberately blow smoke in your face. I'm no fan of smoking (or drinking as well) but it's a free country. I advise people to stop smoking, but if they want to, then I don't pass judgement. Smoking outside a building, in an area that is not a no-smoking zone is not a crime, nor should it be treated like one. If they smoke, I'll generally tend to move just a little bit. Cigarette smoke doesn't travel that far in my opinion.

Remember (and this is something we are taught in med school), if you want someone to stop smoking, the worst thing you can do is to yell, heckle and try to outcast them from society. If you want to stop smoking you have to show the smoker that you care about them, that you are on their side, and that you value them as a human being who you want to help. This requires being non-judgemental, polite, and friendly.

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@Claude: :(

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I smoke, but I hate hate hate the smell of stale smoke indoors. Bars are generally alright, as far as smoke goes, but I never smoke in my apartment. My neighbors smoke in theirs, and the hallway smells like ass because of it.

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@Wunder_ said:

@Claude: :(

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No. Smoke all you want.

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Depends on the amount.
If multiple people are smoking and they're not controlling the smoke, that irritates me.
Half my family smokes however, so I'm used to it.

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I always try to be polite and go as far away from people as possible whenever I want to have a cigarette. I'm mean as far away as I can reasonably get. However, every once in a while I'll get someone who seems to intentionally make an effort to go out of their way and walk past me to do one of those fake coughs to show their disapproval. Hate that.

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I walk away as fast as I can.

A lot of people smoke in big cities though, so once you've run away from one holding your breath, the next one's smoke has already invaded your nostrils.

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i'm a smoker and i hate it when people smoke inside, outside well I couldn't care less what others think.

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Inside or outside ? I never smoke inside out of respect, that's perfectly normal. When I'm outside and someone tells me I can't smoke on the sidewalk, I just don't listen (unless it becomes illegal in my place but god I hope it won't). I don't have leprosy so calm down.

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Yeah, its perhaps one of the most ridiculous habbits that someone could have and possibly one of the worst inventions mankind has ever created(even worse than Reality TV!)

But thats just me, I have no problem with people smoking as I believe that everyone to entitled to that choice but I don't think smoking is the right one from a strictly logical standpoint.

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Yes, I don't want somebody else's lung cancer.

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I don't mind smokers who control it. For instance, when people stand in groups right in front of the fucking door I have to enter, then I get pissed. Anyone who smokes inside, ever, pisses me off. I just find it disrespectful, smoking is dangerous and I can respect if you want to take that risk, but don't force it on me by being in the way.

It's not that fucking hard to go a few meters away, outside. I can guarantee you that waiting a few minutes longer will have no negative effects on you.

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I quite like it honestly. I'm not a smoker myself but I like the smoke.