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I've had a beard for most of my adult life. Had various versions over the years. Now I keep it high and tight.

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Yes. I usually keep it fairly trimmed. Or try to.

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If you asked an hour ago then yes but right now I do not.

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I've had a goatee (with connecting moustache) since I was in grade 11, but I don't know if I would classify that as a "beard."

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/sigh. I didn't get the nickname "Captain Red Beard" for no reason...

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@laserbolts said:

If you asked an hour ago then yes but right now I do not.


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Nope. I don't like facial hair. I can grow a beard in pretty fast though. I have to shave every day because my facial hair grows really fast.

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No because I work in the food industry.

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Yes, it's pretty thin, it doesn't grow much bigger unfortunately.

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Don't think so. I get the shitty "peach fuzz" look if I don't shave for a few days and haven't bothered waiting long enough to see if I can fill it out.

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Moustache, goatee and connecting straps to my sideburns, kept short and neat when i am not being lazy

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Yea, but it's not like it matters. When I'm not being somebody else entirely, I'm wearing a cloak that completely masks my face. Who's gonna see that shit?

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5 o'clock shadow for life

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Big fucking beard, shaved head. I like to confuse people into thinning my head is on upside down.

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I go back and forth. Incan grow a good six inches of beard in about as many months. I love having a massive amount of beard. When I let it get long, I tend to keep it semi-groomed along the top and sideburns so it looks more ZZ Top and less boxcar hobo.

That said, I work a very visible office job in a massive corporation, so I do have to keep it reasonable...which hurts me.

Once my color starts to go, I'll let it grow out more. Grey and white beards are full of wisdom. Black beards just look like piracy and vagrancy.

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Cannot grow one for shit, one of the disadvantages of having light blond hair.

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I'm 23 years old, and I still only get patchy sideburns and some chin scruff. I can't even begin to grow a mustache.

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Yes. I've been called Grizzly Adams before so I guess that's usually what my beard is like. It's getting to the point now where I usually get impulsive and shave it but I kinda want to see how long it will get.

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I've been transitioning the goatee that I've had since high school into a full beard. It's coming in a bit patchy.

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Yeah, but I keep it pretty trim these days. Used to have a Pendleton Ward beard.

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I wish I could grow one, but I literally can not grow any hair in the mustache area and the rest of the face is patchy or neck beard only. It's a pain in the ass shaving all the time, and I tend to put it off much longer then I really ought to. I wish I could grow a nice stash. I think I would look good with one.

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Yes but only for a few days and then I make it go away, and then it comes back and the cycle repeats.

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I have to be clean shaven at all times. It's kind of a chore to shave every day, but you do what you gotta do!

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I used to always have a beard 'cause it takes me like 3 days to grow something respectable.. but then I let it go for a bit and it got to a point where it just looked bad, kinda like a tree-root system on my face.. so I've been clean shaven since then, but I'll go back eventually because facial hair is awesome

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I'm already not very popular with the ladies, no point in making it worse.

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Pretty much since I could grow reasonable facial hair I've had facial hair. It grows pretty fast so I can't be arsed to shave everyday especially since I don't need to for a job, I just keep it sort of like stubble.

I did let it grow one summer without any trimming or style and it managed to get long enough to stick in my mouth, I looked fucking terrible though.

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I'd love to keep a trimmed beard as red as my hair but 'tis not meant to be.

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I wish. I will just never have the follicular fortitude to grow one.

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Love me some beard. I'll trim it a bit but haven't shaved it off in quite a while. Mostly because well...razors are expensive as shit!

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forgot one option: if one lives in the northern parts this one let it grow since, this one does not like freezing

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Wow. Lots of giantbombers have beards. Well done dudes.

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B. It's damn near majestic.

I first grew it when I was 17.

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Yep I mostly keep it pretty clean but sometimes I'll grow it out, usually in the winter.

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@jonnyboy said:

Big fucking beard, shaved head. I like to confuse people into thinning my head is on upside down.

Basically me currently, but maybe not so big fucking for the beard.

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Thick beard, kinda shitty looking.

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I kind of do, it comes in well on my chin but everywhere else is kind of patchy. I don't shave it that much since I think I look better with some hair on my face than I do without it.

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Wish I had the option but at 24 I've realised that I am folliculy handicapped. The best I can do is a half hearted fuzz where my glorious mutton chops should be :(

All hail Bradley Wiggens.

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No, I can't grow anything decent facial hair that doesn't make me look terrible at all.

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I cannot beard. At least I haven't any time I've tried. Longest I went was about a month without shaving. When I try, there's just a whole lot of real estate between the hairs, and some key spots where no hairs come in at all.

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@Ravenlight said:

@laserbolts said:

If you asked an hour ago then yes but right now I do not.


Quitters never win, and winners never quit! Quitter!

Currently, I'm answer B.

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I change between a van dyke most of the time, a stupid mountain man neckbeard, and clean shaven. What people say about shaving stupid shit before going clean is totally true, I had a handlebar for about ten minutes before I decided that was the worst idea ever. I looked like James Hetfield if he had a weird tan and was about a half a foot shorter.

Right now I'm Grizzly Adams'ing it up, so I'll go with A.

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I used to until about a month ago. Now people think I'm in high school.

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My beard is amazing. Except I have blonde hair but my beard is red.

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I haven't ever let it grow out long enough to see, so the answer is "no, I keep it shaved". Gotta shave like every other day, which isn't too bad I guess. Come to think of it, I guess I'd rock a beard if I could, but it's not really something I lament over.

Besides, I always feel good after a shave.

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Nope. I have brown hair, yet my beard comes in red...I hate it.

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Usually, though every month or so I shave with a straight razor.

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I wish, but I couldn't grow a beard if my life depended on it. I grow enough that I need to shave but it doesn't grow enough to look good.

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A. It's long, scraggly, uneven, and in serious need of a trim.