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I own a full blooded Rednose Pitbull named D-Bo, and i just have to say hes my best friend, this dog has been one of the best dogs ive had. Every night when i go to sleep D-Bo always gets under the blanket i have and lays at my feet and always whines like a little bitch when hes in his kennel. I wont say that D-Bo is perfect because he has bitten me once, but i saw it coming, he barely grazed my middle finger (he did this because i was annoying him with his bone so it was my own fault) and it bled for a bit but after that he felt really bad and wouldnt leave my side. Theres no such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner, but most people seem to assume theyre vicious dogs just because of all the attacks the media shows, but if these dogs werent abused or fought, they would be just like D-Bo. 
 Do you have or had an animal that has a bad reputation just because of what some of their breed has done?

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I have no dog. 

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@one_2nd said:
" I have no dog.  "
why the fuck would you even say anything? lol
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i don't know.  here is a picture of my dog in his halloween costume.
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rofl wtf is that a dragon?

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@ConkerAndBerri2: or else a triceratops.  whatever it is, it's housing a cute little pomeranian.
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look at this terrorist.

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I have no dog.

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@McSmunions: All it needs is a turban and an AK-47
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I have a red Border Collie with a little bit of Skipper Key (I don't think that's how you spell it), because purebreds have a lot more problems.

 This isn't her, but she looks like this, but mostly red
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@ConkerAndBerri2: yea don't let the eyes fool ya, she'll git ya. 
the first pic was just a random dog i found on google, not thinking i had any pics on this comp.
here she actually is pre-haircut....hide ya kids.

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@McSmunions: My brother has a poodle retriever mixed that looks kinda like that, really tall though.
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I have a shih tzu. I would assume that their bad rep would be tiny and kind of wimpy. I assume this because, in my case, it is true.

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@ConkerAndBerri2:  haha, sounds like a funny looking dog. i was trying to imagine what it looked like then i remembered, the internet! it's actually really awesome looking.
dog threads always make me want to go out and get a new puppy.
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Look up huskerdoodle theyre so cute.@McSmunions:

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He does this when he wants attention/food. :)
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yup along with the chow-german sheperd mix monster i have, i  have a staffordshire bull terrier, I gotta say shes the sweetest dog ever.