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#1 Posted by Solh0und (1849 posts) -

I personally don't have a big number of them. Just a few that I could call up to play a game with. 
What about you guys/gals/robots?

#2 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

Only 1, but he sucks at games and never wants to try anything new, and generally makes me angry when it comes to games. It took me forever to convince him to play Mass Effect, I let him borrow it and he didn't play it for months.

#3 Posted by Vinny_Says (5721 posts) -

like 2, but whenever we hang around with the purpose of playing video games we always get distracted. I don't know who any of the dudes on my friend's list are though.

#4 Posted by FirePrince (1766 posts) -

I play video games almost every friday after school with 3 of my friends.It's a great way to relax and have fun, after an annoying week of school.
#5 Posted by Pezen (1668 posts) -

A few friends for sporadic games but we talk more about games than play them together. It's usually my brother that I play the most with. We have similar sense of humor and skill so it's never a dull moment. Oh, and I'll join some coworkers in some Call of Duty action every now and again.

#6 Posted by pantzing_nome (588 posts) -

I think all of them all the guys that I know like playing video games and all the girls play games on their phones and like playing rock band, mario kart and super smash bros.

#7 Posted by IBurningStar (2190 posts) -

Almost all my friends are gamers. Some are more hardcore than others, but we all love games.

#8 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4806 posts) -
@CL60 said:

" Only 1, but he sucks at games and never wants to try anything new, and generally makes me angry when it comes to games. It took me forever to convince him to play Mass Effect, I let him borrow it and he didn't play it for months. "

That made me laugh really hard for some reason, but then again it's almost 3 A.M. and everything is funny to me at this time.
I have 2 gamer friends. One i met my freshman year in college. The other I met my sophmore year in college and it's creepy how much we have in common, but yet still find ways to have the dumbest arguments you've ever heard.
 I’m also part of a PS3 clan. Bunch of cool people there. Thankfully no ‘meat heads’ or any other stereotypical jackasses you’d meet online. Normally I’m not one to join ‘clans’ because from my experience, they tend to focus on one particular game or genre, but I joined this one because they play a bit of everything. From SSF4 to GT5. Black Ops to Red Dead. Most of the time, it’s hard to not find someone to play with.
#9 Posted by FCKSNAP (2299 posts) -

Every fucking person I know loves to play video games. It kinda blows because everyone would rather play at get-togethers rather than online, so when I'm online and their online and I send them a request to play a game they usually go "Just come over, we got food/beer/whatever" even though they know I have to go to class/work earlier in the morning than they do. But it's cool.

#10 Posted by NoDeath (798 posts) -

All of them are.

#11 Posted by NickyDubz (272 posts) -

not really but im starting to meet a few here at college....we actually meet every friday and play 4v4 lan CS:S its a blast

#12 Posted by GlenTennis (3145 posts) -

I've got only 2 friends irl that are gamers.

#13 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6402 posts) -

I know of no REAL gamers. The closest I've come is to a guy who likes to play RPG's like Fallout or Fable and a guy who likes to play Starcraft and some RPG's. Everyone else plays Call of Duty and NBA 2K something.

#14 Edited by Doctorchimp (4055 posts) -

I'm in college, so they most have like a console.
But as for people who play as much as me? And aren't just playing one game or just CoD. Like maybe 6.

#15 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

I have about 3 or 4 friends that play more than just COD or Fifa. Almost every guy will play fifa in university in england.

#16 Posted by Wrighteous86 (3823 posts) -

No, and it kind of sucks.  Well, I sort of do.  All of my guy friends play sports games and FPS, but that's about the extent.  One used to love platformers too, but only Nintendo makes those now. 
Aside from that, the guys and girls in my group all play Rock Band, You Don't Know Jack, Mario Party, but nothing deeper than that. 
Out of my good friends, I'm the only one who plays anything like Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid or Dead Rising. 
It's nice being popular and socially acceptable and all, but I'd like it if any of my good friends were as "hardcore" about gaming as I was.  I've got some distant friends or associates that are, but no one in my group.

#17 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -

I wouldn't say I have too many or too little; I have the right amount. A good mix of people to talk gaming politics with, but at the same time not an overwhelming amount that I feel suffocated.

#18 Posted by mazik765 (2316 posts) -

both my roommates and a few other friends, but surprisingly the venn-diagram of games we play avidly have very little overlap.

#19 Posted by DaSoul (228 posts) -

Maybe 2 real gamers as opposed to people who just play games every now and then.

#20 Posted by Underachiever007 (2468 posts) -

Not many.

#21 Posted by blackbird415 (778 posts) -

Many of them with ranging levels of dedication. Alot of my really good friends from back in early highschool were just like me when it came to games (obsessively crazy). Now other friends I have now play current games plenty, but have no prior history to video games before the end of the life cycle of ps2.  

#22 Posted by Asrahn (555 posts) -

The majority, actually. Usually have LAN's during midsummers and around new years. Awesome times :>

#23 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -

All of my friends play video games.

#24 Posted by FunExplosions (5407 posts) -

Zero! Think I've only ever had about 1 friend who liked games a lot, and a few acquaintances in middle school, and the 1 friend kind of grew out of it when the ladies came into the picture. Never really thought too hard about why my friends weren't gamers. Possibly because I've never met anyone who played games who also was fun to hang out with. It's way more fun to use friends for running around almost killing yourselves.

#25 Posted by mewarmo990 (838 posts) -

Not counting that almost all college/university guys will sit down for some CoD... I have 4 or 5 gamer friends (and 2 are girls, yay). I am still probably the most hardcore one by far, though it's been some time since I've been able to really sit down with a game due to real life commitments, so maybe not anymore.

#26 Posted by dietmango (1667 posts) -

Yeah, all of my friends play video games, with a few that actually show a great depth of knowledge about them. We also have the same likes and dislikes, opinions, etc.

#27 Posted by Undeadpool (4997 posts) -

I went up through high school with no gamer friends. Then I had a ton...then college and I had way fewer, and now I have a pretty good amount. I guess I'm trying to say it'll equal out.

#28 Posted by cinemandrew (711 posts) -

I have a lot of friends that play games, but I'd only consider about 5 or 6 of them "gamers".

#29 Posted by crusader8463 (14428 posts) -

Depends, there is a guy on my Steam friends list that I'm very close with and is the closest thing to a friend I have ever had, but if you mean people I know and interact with in person then none.

#30 Posted by supermike6 (3641 posts) -

Yeah I do most of my friends play a lot of games.

#31 Posted by MatPaget (1112 posts) -

Most of my friends play video games! =) 

#32 Posted by Centimani (550 posts) -

None at all. Some of my friends play games as a social activity, but not nearly to the extent I do. I live a lonely existence...

#33 Edited by Tactical_Kill (1695 posts) -

I would say all of my friends are.

#34 Posted by Tordah (2487 posts) -

Most of my friends actually do play something every now and then, but none of them regularly.

#35 Posted by Gamer_152 (14109 posts) -

Pretty much all of my friends like to play video games.

#36 Edited by SMTDante89 (2582 posts) -

I'd say it's about split down the middle, half gamer friends and half non-gamers..  But I never really get a chance to play with any of my gamer friends very often, with some of us going to different colleges (or not going to college at all) and jobs and all that, it's kind of hard to get together and play games.

#37 Posted by PenguinDust (12626 posts) -

Practically everyone I know plays games of some sort but there are only one or two I'd call gamers.  I have a few acquaintances, people I know through other people, who game regularly but I wouldn't call them friends.  I fell out of contact with someone I would have called a gamer friend because we lived on other ends of the country.  I have a brother who games (mostly shooters) and that's about it.  All my other friends are like me, grown-ups who (unlike me) do not "game".  Being a game enthusiast in my age group is unusual and it carries a stigma. 

#38 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

I only have 4 people I can really call friends and 3 of them play video games.  
Then there's the family too, mom and dad both play games a lot. 

#39 Posted by FlyingRat (1446 posts) -

Nope, i pretty much know no one who plays video games. My girlfriend and my brother are down for a game every now and then, but i'd hardly call them gamers.

#40 Posted by Unchained (1090 posts) -

None. I'm 32, so that puts me in a demographic where there is a lot less gamers.  
Fucking sucks too. 

#41 Posted by CookieMonster (2448 posts) -

Pretty much none now. They've all grown out of it and even I am starting to lose interest in games.

#42 Posted by Creamypies (4091 posts) -

Not to the extent that I am no. Well, just one really. Most of my mates will quite happily sit down to play CoD or FIFA though.

#43 Posted by MetalGearGeorge (214 posts) -

One of my friends is a hardcore gamer like myself but only plays pc games while my main gaming platform is the ps3. The rest don't really play videogames but when we gather at my house we spend hours playing Zombies in COD or Borderlands co-op.

#44 Posted by JackSukeru (5964 posts) -

Nobody trusts a wizard. 
It's fucked up (I should know) but due to that I have not had that many gamer friends.

#45 Posted by Zapbrader (176 posts) -

I would say I could count at least half a dozen friends that I could say were gamers, there's just not a lot we could play together.

#46 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

im all alone 
theres no one here beside me (8)

#47 Edited by Stitches (52 posts) -

About 50% of my friends are gamers.

#48 Posted by Fallen189 (5052 posts) -

All of them and my girlfriend. It's exhausting

#49 Posted by Ben99 (1135 posts) -

I don't want a gamer friend . 

#50 Posted by Sargus (732 posts) -

I used to have nothing but gamer friends, more or less. That's changed a lot in more recent years, but I still have a couple buddies that I can game with if I choose.