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So underwear socks is are generally inexpensive, pop down to your local supermarket and you can get a large pack for next to nothing. If you wish however you can pay a large amount of money for some underwear socks, a three pack of Calvin Klein Branded underwear socks will cost you about £30 ($50). Or you could instead of going down to WallMart/Tesco you could go into a clothes shop like Topshop and pay £10 ($15) for one pair. So do you own any expensive underwear socks? Does it seem like a waste of money or do you just love them.

I have a mixed bag, I have some from Tesco Brand and then some from Topman Brand, I also have about 4 pairs of Calvin Klein Boxer Brand Briefs socks and a few Diesel Brand pairs of Boxer Briefs cool socks. It sounds odd but I just like the sensation of knowing that I have nice underwear socks on, it makes me feel cool.

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That makes you Hizang's number one fan. Congradulations, you will now always have that title.


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