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Movies are great, sometimes movies are awesome. To show how much we like the movie we often want to own something out of the movie, do you own anything from a movie?

I was a huge fan of the movie "The Hunger Games", the night after I saw it in a shop window on the way home. Went into the shop the next day and bought this, pretty awesome.
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I sometimes wear the artificial cock bulge from Chris O'Donnel's Robin costume that he wore in Batman and Robin over my boxers.

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I own a gold dubloon replica (7 pieces of 8) from Pirates of the Caribbean. A few pieces of clothing from Rocky Horror Picture Show (Not from the actual movie though)

Game-wise I own the Hypo Needle from Bioshock, ocarina from Zelda.

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Captain Malcolm Reynolds costume(long brown coat and everything.. except the guns) 
Xenomorph mask.. well it's more like a helmet but whatever. 
Game related: the first Ocarina you get in Ocarina of Time. 
Hypo Needle (as mentioned above) 
And a PSP... you know, like that one in Metal Gear Solid 4

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I have a replica Galleon from Harry Potter, and some of the actual planetary atmosphere from every movie ever.

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Don't think I have ever liked a movie enough to get something like that. I have always been the type to want a cool 12-14 inch statue of a character from a movie long before something like a replica of some gun or weapon.

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I happen to have one of the coats Malcolm McDowell wore on-screen in Rob Zombie's Halloween-remake. Not a replica, but I guess it counts.

Big fucking coat though.

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I got a Sonicscrewdriver from Doctor Who

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Nope. I've been awfully tempted to buy some of them replica Game of Thrones swords or something of that ilk, though. They aren't based off the show, though, they're based off the books. Robert's War hammer was available at one point, no?

Aw yeah... This thing is bad ass. And still available? Fuck. Add to cart. Purchase...? Hmmm... I've got some thinking to do.

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I recently bought an Uncharted 3 Explorer's ring off of Shapeways, 3d printed in stainless steel.