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Alright duders, i'm curious (as always) of your personal stuff. This time it is about posters in your room. I have 3:

Had this one up since the 90s.
I've had this one since like...2005. Hangs near my computer.
Bought this one in 2010, hangs near my bed.
#2 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

Where did you acquire such works of art?

#3 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

Not anymore. I had a punch of Nintendo Power posters everywhere a while back, but now there's absolutely nothing stuck to the walls.

#4 Posted by Yummylee (23513 posts) -

I just recently put up this alright Darkness II poster I got with the Limited edition. Besides that, the only other thing I have hanging on my wall is a picture of the countryside, painted by my Great Grandad - who's totally still alive at 88.

Oh, and a clock.

#5 Posted by Sanryd (1441 posts) -

Nope. I have a Tokyo Drift movie poster, but it ain't goin' up. I just don't want to throw out a perfectly good poster.

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I have the lithographs from the Bioshock 2 special editions and an Apocalypse Now poster. Both of them are framed, because it looks a thousand times better than just putting them on the wall with poster putty.

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I have no room. I live under a bridge. I have put up posters on my bridge several times. Teenagers steal them every time. Even the "hang in there" cat. Damn teenagers.

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6 movie posters that are framed.

On one wall LOTR: FOTR, LOTR: TTT, and LOTR: ROTK.

On the opposite wall Thor from WonderCon 2011, Loki from WonderCon 201, and between them the signed Tested poster.

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I don't think I've hung a poster in my room since 2006. I might hang the posters I'll end up with from various Kickstarters, but I'd have to frame them first or my wife will veto it. That said, when I was younger every square inch of wall was covered in posters, but mostly other bands and artistic stuff.

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Nope, I'm not 14

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Used to have a bunch. They're all packed away since I had some renovations done to the house. They're a pain in the ass to hang without ruining the poster, and framing is just too expensive.

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I gave up on posters after college, even ones that were framed. I buy paintings -- a couple in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the hallway. A few small pictures in the kitchen and bathroom. My place is pretty metrosexual, or whatever the new word for metrosexual is because metrosexual sounds very 2003.

If I had an extra room for an office/den/study, I'd maybe buy some posters to keep it casual, but nice ones. Not like the Matrix or Dragonball Z shit you buy at Spencer's or whatever.

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Nope. Never have. I'm boring that way.

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@pyromagnestir said:

Nope. Never have. I'm boring that way.

Well, there's my answer as well.

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I have three signed Tegan and Sara posters from the limited edition of Get Along. I also have the signed bombcast poster but I haven't gotten it framed yet.

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Scarface poster made up of the entire script of the movie

I also have a Matrix Revolutions poster and Tampa Bay Buccaneers poster.

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Nope! Once you're married, you tend not to have posters and crap all over the place any more. I do have a pretty sweet poster of Robert Kirkman's Invincible next to the computer and a Frank Frazetta print in the living room though.
Edit: In my office at the university, I have a bunch of TF2 posters on the wall in front of my desk.

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RDR poster, Darksiders poster, Bourne Supremacy poster, Watchmen poster, and a Last Samurai poster (TALK SHIT, GET HIT.)

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I have a mortal kombat and mass effect 2 one. Also got a couple marvel posters

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I have one wall in my living room that is a collage from all kinds of images I like.

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I have all the posters. All of them.

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No. They just get ruined with time.

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I have a box full of posters I rotate occasionally and these are what I currently have up:

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Nope, never really was big on posters. The only poster I would get framed in the the future is the Tree of life one, look how cool that would look in the living room.

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I have a bunch of posters rolled up sitting in my closet.

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@Morrow: What is that map in the middle of? It looks really familiar.

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I got a Batman Arkham City, Star Wars "Your Empire Needs You", Iron Man 2, Darkness, Resident Evil 5, Battlefield 3, Max Payne 3, Casino Royale, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 3, God of War 3...and a signed photo of Bruce Willis.

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@TopSteer said:

@Morrow: What is that map in the middle of? It looks really familiar.

I think that's the map that came with Skyrim.

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Recently rearranged my room and haven't had a chance to put everything back up, not even family pictures.

#32 Posted by TopSteer (705 posts) -

@bonorbitz: Indeed it is. I was thinking it was Morrowwind. For some reason, it didn't look like the Skyrim map to me at all.

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I have a SNSD poster and a poster of Klimt's 'The Kiss'.

That's about it.

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@TopSteer said:

@Morrow: What is that map in the middle of? It looks really familiar.

Skyrim :]

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I have some maps for video games and some portal 2 art posters. Other than that nothing else. I used to be crazy about decorating my room with all of this crap, but I finally gave up. I may just throw all of those posters away. I'm kinda over it.

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

Scarface poster made up of the entire script of the movie

I also have a Matrix Revolutions poster and Tampa Bay Buccaneers poster.

Please inform me of where you got that, I want it inside me.

Edit: found one on eBay, but no dimensions. How big is it?

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@uniform: That's awesome! You have great tastes! :-) I've been meaning to collect movie posters...

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I used to have a nice few but took all but one down. All that remands is the poster I got from the WindWaker prima guide.

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Yes mostly older horror movie posters, odd photos in black & white, a print of dogs playing poker along with some Scottish flags. Still need to go back to Detroit's museum website or hunt around online for Fuseli's Nightmare as a print to get as a poster assuming I can find room for it on a wall.

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Only the Legend of Zelda posters I got from Club Nintendo.

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A couple of Zelda posters and I have this one framed

Terrible quality, but I couldn't find a better picture anywhere.

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I would upload my images but the image uploader has never worked on my MacBook. I have six, though two are down because I'm moving out of my dorm in three days.

-Stanley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" (ostensibly based on the original American poster?)

-Roger Waters "The Wall Live" United Center September 20-24, 2010

-The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" 3D Lenticular

-Super Street Fighter IV Full Roster

-The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Directed By Sergio Leone

I also have one more, although it's not on the net because it wasn't ever commercially released. If you remember the GameStop posters for Skyrim last holiday that had the ridiculous holiday borders, I managed to snag two of those as they were being cleared out of the shop. I cut off the ridiculous borders (along with the onslaught of logos at the bottom) and made posters for my buddy and I. Again, I'd upload the image, but it never seems to work from this computer, so maybe some other time.

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Only posters I ever have up are the ones I might get from gigs and shows I go to. This is the most recent addition. UGHHHH need to see them live again, so much fun.

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I've never been much of a poster person. I have some framed photographs, but that's really it. I have one poster, hidden in a corner of my walk in closet. I put it there in middle school, and simply have never taken it down.

I did really like VF4 as a kid.

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Nope, I'm also boring.

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Those are all the posters that are in my room. Personally like the Zelda ones the best.

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Three, Batman Begins, Return of The Jedi and Borderlands. All of them framed

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I've transitioned to prints, so I currently have a ME2 lithograph and a Olly Moss Totoro print I managed to snag off of Mondo.