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Poll: Do you have physically abusive Parents? (156 votes)

Yes 5%
Only one is.... 3%
No 90%

according to statistics, 55% of people admit that their parent or both have been abusive them whether it's punching, kicking or throwing (spanking doesn't count). no family is perfect but many don't abuse their kids like most seem to nowadays....

so were yours the abusive kind?

#1 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1569 posts) -

Pooh has always looked weird to me because of the shirt-with-no-pants look.

#2 Posted by TruthTellah (9655 posts) -

This is a super sad topic, and I'm not sure what the discussion potential is. It seems kind of pointless like your other poll.

Though, yeah, abusive parents are far too common, and it's a continued issue that impacts a lot of us. It sucks for someone who is supposed to love you to treat you like crap instead.

#3 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1112 posts) -

Well this gets old fast.

To be on topic though, no. Though most people I know do.

#4 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

Your polls are swell. Always been pollin'

#5 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Nope , my Mom and Dad were awesome to us while growing up , but also never gave them a reason to be abusive nor they were drug users or alchoholics etc. I am very lucky in that respect and saddens me that many people didnt enjoyed their time with their parents.

#6 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Nope. My parents are pretty awesome. Hell i wish they were harder on me growing up, but i cant really blame them for me being a lazy piece of shit can i?

I have friends with horribly abusive parents though, shits fucked up.

#7 Posted by TurboMan (8247 posts) -

I've been spanked and my Mom slapped me once(I deserved it), but I wouldn't ever say that my parents were abusive at all.

#8 Posted by Broomhitches (178 posts) -

My parents spanked me, sometimes I received spankings for stupid shit, but I wouldn't call that abuse. They've said some pretty fucked up shit, which hurt my little Broomhitches feelings so much that it stuck with me into my adult years. I'll live, though.

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OP, do you have a link to an article or study? I'd like to read exactly what they mean and how they came up with that percentage.

#10 Posted by Village_Guy (2796 posts) -

Nope, besides that shit is illegal in my country, not that it stops some people doing abusive things.

#11 Posted by medacris (711 posts) -

@aetheldod: Abusive parents aren't always alcoholics or drug abusers, nor is it always retaliation for anything the child did. I've done as my parents wished all my life, got good grades, didn't get into trouble, didn't drink or smoke or go to parties or date. I couldn't have gotten into trouble even if I had the desire to. My parents still kicked my ass constantly, told me all their problems at work or with people outside the home were my fault, discouraged me from pursuing 99% of what motivated and interested me, and made me apologize for hitting them, even if I'd stayed in my room the entire day. I'm honestly not sure if I want to keep in touch with them when I move out, I don't feel safe around them.

#12 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4253 posts) -

@jasonr86 said:

OP, do you have a link to an article or study? I'd like to read exactly what they mean and how they came up with that percentage.

Exactly what I was thinking. I'd really like to believe that over half of the people polled didn't grow up getting smacked around by their parents. Perhaps this is one of those studies where THEY get to decide what happened to you, rather than just asking "did your parents physically abuse you?"

That crap does happen now and then, and it creates artificially inflated statistics that paint a false picture of how widespread a problem really is. Not to diminish the problem itself, of course. Child abuse is awful.

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Wait is this the same mrduckbears that got banned from the IGN vestibule and irked a ton of users?

Anyways on topic no I did not endure any physical abuse though there was some verbal.

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I wasn't hit often or all that badly but the times I was have stuck with me. I don't harbor any resentment over them, rather I just look those moments as cases of bad parenting.

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This thread gets real dark real fast.

But yeah, one was that way.

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Is this an appropriate place for this?

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Bullshit. My bearded lady poll gets locked, but a poll about assault is okay?

#18 Posted by Hamst3r (4894 posts) -

Nope, but my parents had abusive parents, and several of my friends had abusive parents.

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Nah, My Parents are awesome.

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This is not an appropriate place to discuss this topic.