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No, but I probably would if there were anything interesting going on in my day-to-day life to write about.

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For personal or business? No to the former.

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My browsing history is too comprehensive for my life to necessitate a journal.

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No, who do you think I am Doug Funnie or something?

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Does my blog count?

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I've tried a couple of times to start a diary but I always forget after a while to write in it or find something noteworthy to write about.

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Not on a regular basis, but yeah, often.

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I do not, however I tried to write one many times when I was a child and failed miserably.

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Twitter is all I vent on. And here too of course.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Does my blog count?

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@Video_Game_King said:

Does my blog count?

You're consistent, I'll give ya that.

Man, now for some reason I don't have the heart to go through with my dumb "I keep a sex journal. It's only 3 sentences written on the back of the March 17, 2006 page of one of them word of the day type calenders. Those sentences are "I. Did. It."" joke, so I guess I'll just say no.

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I try to keep journals, I've been trying for years but I could never keep one successfully.

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Clip notes to remember stuff, covering walls and making my room look like a cheap detective movie set.

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Hasn't Twitter and the fact that people have no shame anymore pretty much remove the need for journals/diaries?

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Used to keep a livejournal, now I think twitter takes the place of it. My online profile is pretty low, so I think I can keep it at that state.

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No and I don't take photos either. My goal is to die without leaving a trace.

Besides my Giant Bomb posts of course. But they will be consumed by time.

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I blog and from time to time write stuff down in my moleskin journal yeah.

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No, but I used to back in middle school. I usually wrote about Four square and annoying tests etc.

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I use Day One from the App store when I'm going through a rough or tense patch in my life. Feels good to write it out and be able to step back and analyse where things are going wrong and hopefully change that. Worked wonders for me last winter and I haven't really touched it since. Also it syncs to my Macbook and iPhone so I got it wherever I go. I would recommend it if your looking for a portable electronic journal because who uses a pen and paper anymore huh?

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No but I do keep a sketchbook.

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I guess in a way I do but I only cover one topic.

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No.  Don't have the motivation to keep anything like that.

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No that would mean i would actually have to write in it every day. my brain works fine i can somewhat remember what i did.

dear diary today i got up took a bath eat something and walked to work then walked home took a bath eat something and slept.

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when i travel, yes. otherwise, no.