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I have noticed a lot of weird topics on this forum so I thought I'd make one myself. 
My question is, do you sometimes laugh at things, in your own company, that would be considered poor taste? 
Here is a 'light' example of something not nice that I recently found humour in: 
Hour long goat attack puts man in hospital. 
I have laughed at worse things but I don't want to be flamed so I'll leave it to that one example. 
So, do you?

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Yes, definitely.  One time I even got a funny look from a teacher at one of the things I busted out laughing at, and she said I definitely had a macabre sense of humor.
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All the time!

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All the time.

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Well, my life is pretty silly on a daily basis. 
If I wouldn't laugh at it, I'd be a depressed, suicidal person in no-time.
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I laughed while watching The Big Bang Theory once.....................................

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This one time, Scrubs made me laugh. It was really bad.

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I do it all the time.

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EACH and EVERY time Kenny dies 
I am terrible. 

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I laugh at other peoples misfortune on a daily basis

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I saw some kid get hit by his mother because he kept knocking stuff off shelves, I laughed for like 5 minutes.

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One time my buddy and I were at a Burger King these two wannabe gangster looking kids (around 17-18) came in, and well I just noticed them so I continued eating my meal. Well it turns out that one of the wannabe gangster looking kids was mentally challenged. I'm sorry, I want to work with mentally challenged kids, but that made me laugh. The way he was acting is exactly how people impersonate "wannabe gangsters".  

Thankfully my friend and I left before they sat down right behind us because we would have been laughing so hard.