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Poll: Do you like bugs? (56 votes)

Yes, I love those multi-legged creatures 18%
Indifferent 18%
Hell no! 64%

In response to the what's worse: crawling bugs or flying bugs? thread, I wanted to know who here on the Giant bomb site likes these interesting creatures.

Since I was little I had an interest in incest and I still do to this day. There are times where I needed to rid of them when they get in the way but most of the time I like seeing them around. Right now I have a backyard full of praying mantis eggs ready to hatch in the coming spring and I can't wait for them to protect my yard.

This is one of about a dozen egg cases

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hell to the no

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There are some cool bugs, but for the most part, fuck 'em.

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Edited for seekrits.

Anyway, I don't mind bugs. Maybe I'll be a little surprised when I see a bug out of nowhere but I go about my business. Live and let live.

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I don't know if i hate real bugs or bugs in games more. I guess i hate bugs in games more because i can "fix" real bugs.

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This is the 2nd poll about bugs in 2 days. Not cool, Giant Bomb.

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Holy shit, you should probably fix that typo. Fucking dying over here.

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@rjayb89: @zacagawea: Yeah, I can't believe I missed that. Is there anyway to edit it?

Full Edit that!

I like chocolate covered crickets. That's it, dawg.

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@metalsnakezero: Oh wait. This is a poll. Never mind, you're fucked. Sorry. ~ It's a bad GB glitch, or this place was kinda just made this way. you can't re-edit polls.

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@blu3v3nom07: Well that sucks. Hopeful people will understand that it was a mistake.

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Fuck nah, man!

also yeah, that typo made me laugh and not being able to edit it makes it even funnier.

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Typo? BS! It's a Freudian slip ;) Bugs suck! But yet, there is something pretty cool and interesting about them just as long as they stay away from me.

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I hate bugs, but I feel bad for doing so. It's just that they are instinctively repulsive to me and I'm not sure why that is. I know that they can't harm me yet every fiber of my being is hell bent on staying away from them.

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Holy shit, you should probably fix that typo. Fucking dying over here.

Lolololololololol!!!!!! That is my most favorite typo ever!

Insects are cool, most of the time. Some can have an ick factor (lice) But seeing how prevalent they are on this planet, it's hard to ignore them

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Absolutely not, I hate all kinds.

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Bugs are great. I don't kill em I take em outside even spiders. The only bugs that are terminated with extreme prejudice are Mosquitos cause they're nothin but jerks.

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Depends on the bugs

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Didn't make it past the typo, can't stop laughing.

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It depends, if they're in my house not so much. Outside I don't mind them and wouldn't go out of my way to kill them. Also, here are some creatures I've found around my house and my girlfriend's house. I didn't really feel like I had to kill them or have a reason to not like them lol. Plus the first would looks like if it wanted, it could take me out. I wasn't gonna try to kill it lol.

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well, these pictures are disgusting. bugs are disgusting. pardon me while i go wretch in the corner.

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Mantises, grasshoppers and beetles are rad. I'm cool with spiders too, and I like to look at spiderwebs. Not a big fan of butterflies and DEFINITELY not centi/millipedes or woolly caterpillars.

Speaking of incest and insects, bedbugs are the worst. I hope I'll never encounter any..

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Only weirdos like bugs.

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"Since I was little I had an interest in incest and I still do to this day."

Your thread would have more post if you just titled it with that quote, rather than starting off with it lol.

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The only type of bug (in the loosest sense) that I can't stand the sight of are spiders. Besides that I don't mind bugs.

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How is that even a question?

@phatmac said:


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yeah i even have a pet tarantula

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People who like bugs are scientifically proven to become serial killers at some point. You've been warned.

I guess I'll just never be able to understand what it is about bugs that some people like.

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Nope, fuck'em. Hell, mere hours after posting in the other thread my dislike of bugs, and particularly spiders, I sat in my chair, reached for my iPad, and a FUCKING SPIDER CRAWLED FROM THE CORNER.


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Wasn't there a topic about the exact opposite emotion towards bugs yesterday?

Bugs are cool when they're not inside my house and/or causing trouble. Even then they're kind of freaky.

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No, give me the creeps. Find them fascinating at the same time, but they still freak me out.