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It's both my favorite and my preferred genre. Almost all I listen to really. 

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Yup, love listening to it, love playing it.

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I'll listen to it but its one of my least favorite genres.

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I do. A lot. 

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@astrotriforce said:

" It's both my favourite and my preferred genre."  

^^ although these days I listen to a wider range of music, most of my favourite stuff still comes from metal. Or at least acts associated with the broader metal genre.
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I like it. Here, lemme post the obvious:

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I like a wide variety of music, including metal, though some metal is really bad.

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Although over the past couple of years I've broadened my musical tastes to have more than rock and metal, the majority of my CDs are metal albums.  Love me some Slough Feg (formerly The Lord Weird Slough Feg)


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Too much posturing, but once in a while I can deal.  Mostly no.

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I enjoy listening to Gorguts

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If Hammerfall, OT3P, Disturbed and BattleLore fall under that, then yes.
You can never be sure, with the grunge post rock metal dark wave new tone shit...
Genre's suck.
Edit: Also, not like, but love.
The guitar shreds through the last piece of sanity in my soul while its bass lines pound along with my barely beating heart, clinging on to dear life while lyrics replace logical thoughts in my head...
That came out way too poetic, or creepy, or both.

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Yeah, mostly Industrial Metal and Nu-Metal. Stuff like @Video_Game_King posted is a no. 

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It's definitely not my type of music^^

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Yes, very much, but I'm also very selective about it. I almost exclusively listen to Prog nowadays. Sorry if that sounds elitist.
Edit: for instance what @BulletproofMonk posted.

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@BulletproofMonk said:
" I do. A lot. 
I've seen Deliverance performed live 3 times, every time it was fucking INCREDIBLE :)
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I like metal when it's thought out & well composed. Heavy for the sake of heavy does very little for me.

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@Lydian_Sel said:
"I like metal when it's thought out & well composed. Heavy for the sake of heavy does very little for me."

Agreed, but isn't that true of any music? Even country fans think that there's bad country (I then have to correct them so that they understand that the term "bad country" encompasses the entire genre, but that's beside the point). Metal is just like any other genre; some people make awesome music, others make noise.
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aside from ONE song, which I'm quite sure everyone here either hates it or has never heard of it,

   the answer is a resounding NO, I HATE IT!!
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Used to, still listen to Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets but metal is something you'll grow out of and your tastes with diversify.  It's a good thing.

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I used to love metal...it was the only thing I listened to in high school but nowadays I can't stand it.

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I like a variety of music, metal included.

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I really like it. It's just really nice to hear something grinding into your ears with so much ferocity and manliness. 
Even female bands are manly (Kitty)

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Unsurprisingly, I was a metal-head in high school, specifically thrash. I couldn't get enough of the stuff. It was loaded with aggression, speed, and attitude. It helped me deal with my frustrations growing up, but I was distanced from it when I got older and my musical tastes shifted. These days I don't listen to too much metal, with the only band I really listen to on a regular basis being Metallica. I will still put on any of their albums and enjoy them. I'm more of an alt-rock/rap guy now.

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I listen to some metal, yeah.

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Not only do I love it, it goes really well with games like Dragon Age and Oblivion. 

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I'm more of a classic rock fan, but I do like to listen to metal occasionally.

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It's what I listen to the most, so yeah, I love me some metal.

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@RoboRobb said:
" I like a wide variety of music, including metal, though some metal is really bad. "
This. Am a notorious fence-sitter but it is absolutely justified in this case
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The heaviest stuff I listen to is queens of the stone age, so no.

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Pretty serious Metal fan. 
Love me some metalcore, deathcore, groove metal or technical metal. 
Currently listening to Parkway Drive 

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I love so many genres of music, but metal is easily the largest genre in my library, accounting for some 200+ albums I own.

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No, I don't like metal. I LOVE METAL!!!!! 
@Timing: I wouldn't say that's an elitist view. Prog. seems to be the eventual path for anyone that is way into metal to end up at.  I remember for years a band like Dream Theatre just did not appeal to me, but one day it just clicked and now I am a huge fan of theirs. 

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Very much like the metal music.
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Depends, but mostly yes. 

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Ok Metal lovers how about a little contest. Let's see who can come up with the heaviest, most crushing song/riff ever produced. 
My entry(s) go to 

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  My favorite band.
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@Th3_James: Awesome song.
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I used to love it, but it's no longer my favorite genre. That title belongs to drum'n'bass, dubstep and house.

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Mostly no but I do like some stuff EG: Metallica, Bring Me The Horizon, Rage Against The Machine, System of A Down (Not sure many of these are actually classified as metal).

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I love folk metal sooooo much.

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Damn straight I like metal. Here's one of my favorites... 

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@Riddell said:
" Ok Metal lovers how about a little contest. Let's see who can come up with the heaviest, most crushing song/riff ever produced. 
My entry(s) go to 
Gojira is bad ass. I need to get their other albums. I only have their From Mars to Sirius album. This is one of my favorite songs... 
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Anyone here already been to the Wacken Open Air in Germany? it's kinda my life mission to attend atleast one of those. :p

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Yes, in that I adore sludge and doom/drone. Any other subgenre...naw son.

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Saying do you like metal is like saying do you like cars. There aren't just cars anymore. There are mini vans, trucks, suv's, sedans, coupes etc.
I don't consider most of the shit you hear today very metal at all. The only thing I consider metal is Black Sabbath and maybe like Iron Butterfly, Saxon, and Judas Priest.

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@Riddell: Heaviest Matter Of The Universe is really fucking good. Here's my entry: 
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I like the first 4 Black Sabbath albums, but that's about it.