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'course I do, Oysters are good stuff.

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If it came out of the sea chances are I'll eat it. 
If it's in a shell chances are I love it.  

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I have the palate of a five-year-old. I can't handle oysters.

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If it came out of the sea chances are I'll eat it. 
If it's in a shell chances are I love it.  
Could not have said it better myself.
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No, I like toitles. I've only had oysters once and they're alright.

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I don't despise them but nor do i enjoy them, i would be happier eating something else so i voted "no".

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Deep fry those suckers and I'm all over em.

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I'm not wealthy enough for such exotic delicacies.

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Nope. I finally built up the bravery to try one this summer and bleeeergh. Not great. I'm sure it's an acquired taste. It's odd cause I eat other seafood like some kind of sea-fiend.

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Oysters make me horny.

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Massively, Riddle and Finns in Brighton serves absolutely amazing oysters, I can highly recommend it.

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Taste and texture are both unappealing to me.

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And you forgot the "I have never eaten one" option.

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I don't know, do you like eating snot?

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The texture when they're raw is too much for me. I prefer 'em steamed, then put it it on a saltine with some horseradish and cocktail sauce and I'm good to go.

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Fuck to the fuck yeah I do. Raw.

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They're ok sure

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Deep-fried oysters and oyster omelettes are the best seafood.

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I can't bring myself to try one.

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Not raw ones. You pay a premium for a dish where the advice is to swallow it down whole - presumably so you don't taste it. If you do taste it, then you end up with a mouthful of snot that tastes salty and a little fishy. They should be paying you for swallowing that ...

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Taste like seawater to me. They're all right. I'll eat one if offered.

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@alternate said:

They should be paying you for swallowing that ...

my pants just got tight

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They are fine, my family really likes them.

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Yeah, deep fried.

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Tastes like a mouthful of seawater.


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Yep, first time I had em raw I was probably 6. Grew up a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay though, so it's more of a thing here.

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I've had excellent and I've had bad, so I can't answer.

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Had a raw one in Paris once, not a fan of the sea water taste. 

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I do not dine upon shellfish.

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No. Texture issue.

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They'd be good stuff.

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I used to hate them. Turns out I was eating shitty oysters. Currently I really like them.

I wouldnt eat like 12 in a row. I'd say 4-5 is my limit.

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@ProfessorEss: Ditto. Mussels cooked in a white wine mix is heaven.