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Simple poll: Do you like Star Wars? 
I mean anything from the movies, to the games, the lore or pretty much anything in the Star Wars franchise.
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Not really, no. This is the reason why KotOR is not in my all-time favourites list.

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I only learned what Star Wars actually is like.. 3-4 years ago? Then i watched the 6 movies and enjoyed them 
so i do like Star Wars, but i've only seen the movies, and only in the last few years. not exactly a fan

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Not a whole bunch.

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Sure, I like Star Wars. I'm just not interested in it anymore. Mass Effect for me. 

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The first three movies were good. Don't care about the rest too much anymore.

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Yeah Star Wars is cool mostly.  Actually lately I've been wanting a god new Star Wars game.  Isn't Lucas Arts developing a new unannounced Star Wars game with the Unreal engine?  I hope so.

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I adore Star Wars, but I hate George Lucas. The sooner he dies the better it will be for all fans. 
PS1: The new film trilogy was vomit inducing. 

PS2: Microsoft's Star Wars Kinect game looks truly terrible, I can't believe they're due to waste yet more e3 stage time with that junk. 
PS3: The new Bioware game looks awesome - I've seen that hour of leaked footage.

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Yes, but just the movies and a handful of the video games (Tie Fighter, Jedi Knight, KOTOR, Super Star Wars).  I never really got into any of the other fiction or Clone Wars or whatever.

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Yeah, mildly interested on it. I like the expanded universe more than the movies, though. And the prequel trilogy is an absolute piece of shit.

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That I do. My appreciations waned over the years, but all it would take is a KOTOR 3 announcement to get my interests soaring.

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Who the fuck likes lightsabers, aliens, spaceships and mystical powers?
Oh wait, I do <3.

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A deep dark secret of mine, is that I love Star Wars but I'm not a huge fan of the original movies. I love the games and the expanded universe novels, but I just don't care to watch the movies all that much. I don't think that has anything to do with the movies though, as I'm just the kind of person who can't watch the same movie over and over again and since I have already seen them about a dozen times I just find myself getting really bored watching them. Though I do find it fun to skip around the movies and use my knowledge of the expanded universe to try and fill in the blanks of what other major characters are doing at the same time events are taking place in the movies. 
Favourite Star Wars Book(s):The Republic Commando and Darth Bane series of novels. 
Favourite Star Wars Movie/TV: Really enjoying the dark mature turn the Clone Wars cartoons took past the first season, as well as those original 10-15 min shorts. 
Favourite Star Wars Games:Knights of the Old Republic I&II, Republic Commando, and the Battlefront series.

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I woudn't say I actively dislike it, it just doesn't do much for me. I have a personal preference for fantasy rather sci-fi. I need my elves and dwarves.

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I like the original movies, the Jedi Knight games, and the KOTOR games.  I've never been interested in anything else, and the new movies are pretty mediocre.

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@Abyssfull: Sorry but they decided to make an MMO instead of KOTOR 3. =\ 
Although I'm going to love the MMO it kinda sucks that people who aren't really looking to dive into another MMO won't be able to experience some more TOR.
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I like star wars, i enjoy the fiction more than the movies. 
As some of the movies are full of terrible actors that ruined the fiction, I'm looking at you Star Wars Episode 3.

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It's okay, didn't like the new trilogy though.

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I do to varying degrees. I love the original three movies even if Ewoks are totally retarded. I don't hate the next three films the same way some others do but I am pretty indifferent to them. I have the same sort of feelings about the expanded movies and shows and games. I have never read any of the Star Wars books though. My two absolute favorite pieces of SW fiction are Empire Strikes Back and KotOR.

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I am a huge Star Wars nerd.

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Star Wars is a series of 6 distinctly average movies brought down by the shrieking obsessive love of, mostly, cretins.

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I like the original trilogy (less though for Return of the Jedi) and I'm more positive then negative for Episode 3.

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@c1337us: I'd take Ewoks over Jar Jar any day. :P
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I used to love all things Star Wars related growing up.  I read the books, played the video and card games, owned figures and just absorbed in as much Star Wars stuff as I could.  Then they started releasing the new trilogy and with each movie my love of Star Wars died a little bit more each time.  Pair that with the fact that George Lucas is a complete tool and I guess that pretty much killed my love of the films.  So I kind of still like them, at the very least my childhood memories of them, but I had to vote "No" since there was no "Indifferent" option to vote for.

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@Suicidal_SNiper: Yeah Jar Jar was pretty horrible. Neither group of creatures were the high light of their respective parts of the Star Wars universe.
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Games like KOTOR, Jedi Knight 2, Republic Commando, Bounty Hunter and jedi Power battles were awesome when I was a kid.  The new games and movies however are average at best.

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@Contro said:
I adore Star Wars, but I hate George Lucas. The sooner he dies the better it will be for all fans.  PS1: The new film trilogy was vomit inducing. PS2: Microsoft's Star Wars Kinect game looks truly terrible, I can't believe they're due to waste yet more e3 stage time with that junk.  PS3: The new Bioware game looks awesome - I've seen that hour of leaked footage.
Lucas is fine, as long as his involvement is limited.  He's great at coming up with ideas and building the universe.. not so much at writing or directing, which is why the prequels failed so badly.  Part of that's also to do with the production team seemingly being completely unwilling to question anything he said or did. 
The Clone Wars TV series has been really good though and has only been improving over time, it almost makes up for the prequel movies.  Lucas created several of the characters and story ideas for that show, but isn't actually involved in the writing process and listening to the making of documentaries, really shows that he's the one that does come up with a lot of the good ideas..  For example, the producers wanted to use Durge in one of the episodes, who was an awful character from the original Clone Wars animated show..  Lucas instead suggested they went with more of a Lee Van Cleef style bounty hunter, and that turned out to be one of the best characters in the entire show. 
Old Republic looks pretty terrible though.  Distinctly un Star Wars-y and the gameplay looks like a bog standard MMO with lightsabers attached..  Great, if you're into WoW, I suppose.
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I like it but i dont think its as good as some people seem to think.

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I watched the original movies for the first time a couple of years ago and hated them.  Really don't care for the fiction of Star Wars all that much either, the only thing I like that has anything to do with Star Wars is the The Force Unleashed games, because I enjoy fucking shit up.

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Does the Sun rise in the east? (It does)  

 @Mr_Skeleton said:

It's okay, didn't like the new trilogy though.
But I do agree that the new movies were a little worse than bad.
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Fuck yes

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Yes, it's "da bomb".

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Sure, Reagan was great. 

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I like a few Star Wars games, and love episodes 4-6.

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Star Wars was better with the first 3, but the newer ones just sucked so much.  I wasn't really feeling the whole Darth Vader storyline, it needed to get deeper into it, and show us exactly what happens with him between # 3 and # 4.

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I used to be a pretty die-hard fan, my interest for it has kind of ebbed away over the years, though. I'm at a point where I couldn't give a shit about TOR, despite the fact that I still love KoTOR to this day and am a major Bioware fanboy. 
Still, I watch the original trilogy on an annual basis and know a lot more about the expanded universe than an average person.

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I love half of Star Wars.

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I like the original trilogy.

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No, I find Star Wars boring. 
I do believe they could have made a really interesting universe if they had focused on the politics, but instead they went with wizard-space-samurai. 
If they had shown the political effects of the death star blowing up, shown how the common citizens lived, showed their thoughts on the empire and the rebels, or showed the thoughts of the soldiers fighting back the terrorists that killed their comrades, anything like that would have made it interesting and more grey, instead they went with pure black vs white.

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I don't mind about Star Wars. Some games were fun, and I only liked the old movies. As for the lore and the cartoon, I couldn't care less.

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I don't really like it anymore, it's not the type of sci-fi I'm interested in. I'm much more into Alien/Aliens, Blade Runner, and 2001: A Space Odyssey; stuff like that that's somewhat plausible. Although I would have to say that the games are better than the movies to me still.

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Star Wars Episode 3 is my favorite star wars....yeah I said it a PREQUEL is my favorite, sue me.

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Of course i do, what kind of human being do you think i am. I'm not an animal.

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i watched the whole trilogy in 2009 and it was ok 
i still think yoda is a dumb character and princess leia is not that hot

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I like the movies, yes.

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Yes, I do.

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I enjoyed the original trilogy, and KotOR is one of my favorite BioWare games.

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I out grew Star Wars.