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If yes, what type?

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Yes, I do it way too often, mostly rock, kings of leon and the sort. In fact, every time I hear the song revelry, it reminds me of my trophy grinds for Resistance 2, the online ones. 

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It really depends on the game for me and if I've already beat it. Like for Fallout 3 the first time through I only listened to the game but everytime after I'd blast some Taylor Swift. But seriously for the music I listen to, as long as it sounds good I'll listen to it. Whether it be All That Remains or Lady Gaga.

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Grind achievments??? ive just never managed to understand why i'd want too... is xbox live trying to turn into a wow grind fest of summat??.. I think i'll just stick with having fun and deciding what and when I play it.. instead of mr Microsoft telling what and when!

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Yes. iPod on shuffle, on a playlist containing (mostly) rock in many forms from the 60s to 00s.

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I listened to a bunch of songs that came with my first xbox 360, which I still have on my fourth for some reason, whilst playing through Oblivion for over 250 hours. I immediately think of Oblivion whenever I hear any of them, pretty nice nostalgia. I normallly listen to podcasts or Giant Bomb videos when I grind points, keeps me conscious and i can't really just do one thing at a time. 
Anyone else get a song list called "Custom Xbox  360 Mix 1" with an Xbox 360.

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The bombcast is perfect for achievement grinding.

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@PAJ89 said:
" Yes. iPod on shuffle, on a playlist containing (mostly) rock in many forms from the 60s to 00s. "
 @Bennyishere said:
" The bombcast is perfect for achievement grinding. "
One of these two. Depends if I've got a new Bombcast or not.
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Nope! I lose my concentration.

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Yes, AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, NiN, Chevelle, Silversun Pickup....

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i dont grind. I do listen to a heap of musiv while i do everything!!!!!

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i was trying my hand at beating sfIV on the hardest difficulty while listening to Does it offend you yeah? just the other day

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Yeah, but I rarely grind achievements anymore. It mainly used to be metal to techno.

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The Bombcast was the only reason I was able to grind for Dead Rising's ~56k kill achievement. I think I went through three of them.
Other than that, yeah, I have a playlist of mostly classic rock that gets me through periods of grind.

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Nope, no grinding for me thanks.

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Listening to "The Geekbox" as I grab feathers in AC2 right now. Was listening to music before. Will listen to a fresh "The Bombcast" when it's released. May be done with AC2 in a few minutes here, though...

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Bombcast or in a party with people.

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No but thats a good idea

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I don't grind achievements, but I usually listen to my favorite playlist. I picked my favorite songs from my music collection. The playlist is 730something songs, no filler. My playlist is called "MFREGERSD" it doesn't stand for anything, I just hit some keys. I also never get bored of that playlist, it has classical, metal, rap, rock, and a few pop songs.

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I do... i often play through a game while listening to the game to get the story but if i play it twice then i have music on. same goes for multi-player enless i am playing with friends. i just put my Ipod on shuffle.
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I don't grind for acheivements, so no.  But I do listen to music sometimes.

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@Bennyishere said:
" The bombcast is perfect for achievement grinding. "
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I go through about 4 to 10 podcasts each week grinding achievements. So much so that music has gotten boring. Also I think I have a problem :)

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I usually listen to podcasts...get a little GiantBomb in my game time.
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Yeah. Primarily rock music to keep me going, whatever is playing on my iTunes.
Don't do it very offen, though. Only time I ever did it was when I was grinding for some flags in AC1. That needed some serious motivation. =/

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Grinding in RPGs requires music. Not for achievements

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