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Do you like them? Do you love them?

Here is a possible reason for it:

Shocking Zombie Research Explains Why We Love 'Walking Dead'

Personally I can agree with that view. Although I think our fascination with zombies especially in videogames is also due to how easily, remorseless and painless it is to kill someone who is already dead but his body is still walking.

What is your opinion on the subject? Do you concur?

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I've seen everyone posting this news everywhere the last couple days. I don't get the big deal. The author of the "research" did very little and discovered absolutely nothing new. Zombies being correlated to societal and political context over the decades is nothing new and I don't understand why everyone is acting like she's the first to discuss this. It has been so over-discussed over the years, that we've even generally derived conclusions based on the speed of actual zombies in relation to political and societal climates.

For example, slow zombies originated in a time of the Cold War and we had slow, glacial, ominous, monolithic threats pushing down on our heads. Slow zombies mirrored this sort of fear.

Come September 11th of 2001 and we see a lot of fast moving zombies. Generally originating and popularized during a time when our fear is no longer this monolithic Soviet Union and the Cold War that was always there, but not an immediate and intense threat. Instead, the threat was now unpredictable terrorism that could hit any of us, anywhere, any time, without warning. Like a suicide bomber. So fast moving zombies that come out of nowhere and are hard to react to or prevent become common place, in reaction.

And these are discussions that have been seriously hashed to death long before anything this woman did. For fuck's sake, I actually had this exact discussion with Max Brooks shortly after he published World War Z almost a decade ago.

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I'll just make this short and sweet. I don't like Zombies.

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I'll just make this short and sweet. I don't like Zombies.


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zombies are just an excuse for lazy AI