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I said No because some of the new content instead is better. But it was nice, never had anything against it. Would welcome it back.

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It was the best thing.

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Absolutely. It was something to look forward to every Friday, even if I couldn't watch it live.

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Nope. At least not in it's current format. I would like to see maybe it once a month with more planning.

#6 Posted by Getz (3379 posts) -

In a word, yes. But as a fond remembrance of the good times, not a yearning for more. You could see they were running out of ideas and Will was out of things to buy at the As Seen On TV Store. I'd much rather see them continue to experiment and bring us varied content and maybe a Happy Hour every once in awhile when they feel they can do something truly entertaining.

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I really enjoyed watching the free ones. I miss them since I joined right after BLLSL2.

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I think once a week was too much, but now that I haven't seen one in a while have been missing them.

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I miss the community spirit in chat rooms that aren't as busy as TNT, as well as some of the sillier seqments.

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Yes cause I miss Matt Rorie and his love of puppies shown in video form.

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Not really. The content replacing it is much better. The HH had some great bits scattered around, but a lot of it was just average. I do miss the Screened chat during it.

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I miss the Happy Hour more than anything. The only premium content I like now is Jar Time. Seems like they mostly replaced the Happy Hour with quick looks of old games and I hate looking at old games.

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Now that I think about it I do miss the crazy Tested segments. They probably wouldn't work as standalone videos either.. but the supplementary content has been excellent and plentiful.

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After first few weeks it became kind of recap show for rest of the sites. And GB did a quick, very quick look. Nothing special at all.

Now instead every week we have at least two premium live shows (so far) that focus purely on games on GB. I much prefer the latter. Though I feel they need to set the time of live shows in stone.

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I just want tons of video I don't care what's in it.

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I didn't really watch that often because I found most of it kind of boring. I feel like they would have been better as a monthly thing, but don't much care that they don't happen any more.

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It's funny. I bought the membership, but still haven't gone back to watch the year of content I missed.

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Yes, mainly because it disappeared as soon as I got my subscription.

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I miss select segments of the Happy Hour, not the format as a whole.

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I just subscribed and went to go and look at the back log of happy hours, but then was surprised to see there aren't any too see(recent). After i discovered the other content, i was appeased.

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Yes, I barely see Sara, I mean, Matt anymore.

But seriously, no. I think I started skipping over the live broadcasts in favor of the archive so I can skip parts months, probably two, before they did the second BLLSL.

I barely see Tony either. I like his t-shirts.

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I liked a good amount of them. The ones that I didn't like though could just really drag on and on. Happy Hour would become Unhappy What Seems Like Four Hours.

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I honestly really liked it, because I don't have that much time to keep track of everything and with the WMHH, it gave me a quick peak at what every site was working on or talking about over the past week. I think they got bogged down by the idea of having to do crazy stuff every week instead of just producing a show that dealt with what was big on every site during the week. I know some people wouldn't really want that, but it's something I really enjoyed watching when I got up on Saturday mornings.

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I understood the flaws people may have had with it--or, at least, the flaws as restated by the Whiskey Staff on the subject--but I always enjoyed it. The loose, sometimes unstructured angle gave way to some truly hilarious moments.  
That said, so far all of the new content has been spot on. They've substituted an occasionally memorable round table series with a consistently refreshing stable of features. And TNT's new look has been fantastic thus far. 

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No not really. But there again I became busy on Fridays when they decided to can it for a while. The timing was perfect. I wouldn't mind a once a month thing or two. An end of year Happy Hour would be cool. Let people talk about the year in video games, tech, comics and movies.

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I miss parts of it, but damn, one way or another, that Comic Vine shit had to go.

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@DystopiaX said:

Yes cause I miss Matt Rorie and his love of puppies shown in video form.

This. And I just miss seeing the whiskey sites getting together and acting stupid. Some good moments came from the happy hours.

#28 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6497 posts) -

No, but this bit was pretty great:

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I found when they drank less as time went on that it started to lose its appeal to me.

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No, they could also stop Quicklooks and Bombcasts and I still wouldn't care.

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I kind of miss the Happy Hour. Though, I much, much prefer the new style of subscriber content. But I do miss seeing Sara Lima :(

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Not really. There's so much other subscriber-only content now.

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I miss talking to the few people in the Comic Vine chat about things and sometimes comics every week.

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Like the deserts miss the rain.

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In a word yes, I found the ones more entertaining when they were actually drinking some booze along with it. But it has been replaced by better content so it was okay.

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Kind of, but not really.

#37 Posted by Skel (26 posts) -

Absolutely. My wife and I watched every week.

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As a non-subscriber I only got to watch it once a month, but I never did because it was terrible. Same goes for the big live live show live, soooo bad.

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I don't miss the Giant Bomb segments because the content replacing it is better, and I don't miss the Tested segments as I didn't really like them, but as a casual comics and movie fan, I'll miss the weekly recaps from Comic Vine and Screened - they were just the right length to put certain movies and comics on my radar and talk about big news, and I didn't need to check those sites daily for the little I wanted to know. It seems the only place they just talk amongst themselves about movies/comics now are the podcasts, and I'm not interested enough to spend 2 hours a week on those :/

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It was nice but I really like the random subscriber content that we get now.

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I said yes because, well, yes.
While the new stuff is really good (better?), I'd like a happy hour once a month or so (that would feel just about right)...

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I miss watching the ComicVine segment and hearing my girlfriend say, "She's wearing black again!?"

I miss not having to go to Tested to see Norm do something stupid despite the fact that he knows it's stupid.

I miss Matt Rorie and Ryan Davis bromance.

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I miss the 5 minutes of every episode that were funny.

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I miss the happy hour.

While I know that it has been replaced with other content it just feels like less in comparison, maybe because the new stuff is less visible for me.

I just follow everything from my RSS feeds in google reader and so I don't really notice if its subscriber only content or not, With the happy hour I got very visible premium content every week.

Maybe I am getting more now, I honestly couldn't tell you, but I feel like I get less.

#46 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7596 posts) -

@msavo said:

Nope. At least not in it's current format. I would like to see maybe it once a month with more planning.

Definitely this. I loved the idea of the happy hour, but by the end they felt so rushed and certain segments clearly had no thought or planning behind them at all.

The random stuff they do now (what I've seen before my subscription expired) is great though.. so just doing it monthly would be fine.

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They were a lot of fun, but as everyone has been saying, I'm enjoying how they are mixing it up a bit more.

#48 Posted by Bruce (6238 posts) -

THEY STOPPED DOING THEM!? The hell, man? Oh well, I guess it's the price I'll have to pay for not seeing that ridiculously loud Dead Island ad anymore.

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I like the sub content we get now, but I miss the Happy Hour because I enjoy all the sites getting together.

The Happy Hour kinda flipped my opinion from a while ago. I was worried that things would turn to shit when they moved to the current office, I thought that GB rocked because they seemed kind of indy and on their own, but the interactions with the other sites made it even better. So many fun characters at whiskey Media.

#50 Posted by zombiesatemycereal (430 posts) -

I miss drunk Rorie and crazy Tested segments, but I prefer the content we get instead.