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Poll: Do you own or wear a wristwatch? (573 votes)

I don't own a wristwatch. 24%
I own a wristwatch but don't wear it. 16%
I own a wristwatch and wear it on special occasions. 7%
I own a wristwatch and usually wear it. 18%
I own a wristwatch and always wear it. 28%
I'm Drew Scanlon and the Sun is my clock (results). 6%

I finally watched this week's Unprofessional Friday, and the "introduction" started me thinking about my (tumultuous) relationship with wristwatches.

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I never wear a wristwatch. I probably have one around here somewhere but it's pretty old by now.

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@razielcuts: @razorlution: Did I inadvertently make a reference to something without realizing it? I would think that just saying two words would avoid something like that.


Stay in school, kids.

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Nope, I haven't wore one for years. Though once I earn lots of money. I'll probably wear a gold wristwatch just for style.

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No. Never have. On the rare occasion I have tried to wear one I have taken it off after an hour or so due to discomfort. Pre-cell phone I just carried the watch bit (no strap) in my pocket.

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This is what I'm wearing. I like that I never have to change the battery and worry about all that shit.

My watch never leaves my left wrist. Shit keeps me on point. I've been using one since I was 9 or 10 years old and I don't think about stopping any time soon.

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Got a pretty cool watch as a gift but the strap broke during a Reel Big Fish concert, in retrospect I should have taken it off beforehand. I didn't really use it though so I never fixed the strap.

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Hopefully the last one I'll ever have to buy for quite some time. Has a sturdy metal strap, a radio receiver that sets the time automatically, and solar panels that recharge the battery.

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I have a Casio DBC32-1A that never leaves my wrist, save for formal occasions. I have a standard Fossil for that business. I feel discombobulated without a wristwatch. Like @myketuna, I've been wristwatchin' since childhood. I don't feel like myself without it.

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Every day, only times (hah) I don't is when I work in a kitchen or when I go to the restroom.

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I wear a Timex Expedition every day. This one http://www.timex.com/watches/expedition-chrono-alarm-timer-t409419j. Had it for 3 years already and it still looks and works like it's brand new. I've been pretty rough on it -For a $40 watch, it's hard to beat. Still on the original batteries too.

When I get the money I want to get one of those solar powered Casio G-Shock http://www.gshock.com/watches/Master_of_G/GW9000A-1 or Protrek http://www.protrek.casio.com/watches/detail/PAG240T-7

And a Suunto Core: http://www.suunto.com/en-US/Products/Sports-Watches/Suunto-Core/Suunto-Core-All-Black/

Luminox 3050 in green: http://www.luminox.com/watches/sea/+/watch/A.3051/

Yeah, I'm a watch whore. But they have to be built tough and practical. None of that luxury bullsht. If I can't bust it up against a rock (accidentally of course) or dive with it, I don't want it.

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I can't, wearing one is so uncomfortable.

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I wear one all day every day, unless I'm showering. Watches can make great accessories if you don't pick the most ugly thing in existence.

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My dad had a fairly nice gold watch with his name engraved on the back from his employer. After he died, it sat in a safety deposit box for 15 years, but my grandma gave it to me when I graduated from university. I didn't even know it existed, but now in kind of attached to it.

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erryday yo

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I used to wear one everyday, then the incident happened. It broke.

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I can't stand not having a watch on. My 'Claiborne,' doesn't fucking work though. I'll probably get me a solid Casio at some point.

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I think have an old-ass watch somewhere, but I dunno if it even works anymore. Buying one seems like kind of a waste if you already own a smartphone.

Real talk: I've never seen a digital watch that I didn't think was ugly as sin.

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Yup. $20 digital watch I got at Walmart and I wear it every time I leave the house. I use it for work. When I go on my lunches or breaks I need it to time how long I'm away from the computer otherwise I lose track of time and never make it back when I'm supposed to. Plus I'm the type of guy who always wants to know what time it is or how long things take and it's kind of an OCD thing I have. When I pull up to a drive thru I time how long it takes from when I stop in line to when I'm eating my meal. It's not because I'm in some hurry or anything, I just find it fascinating to time how long stupid things in life actually take to do. Then when you start to do the math you realize how much of your life you waste doing pointless stuff.

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It's strange I wore a watch daily for the last 6 years and rarely looked at it. I normally check the time on my iPhone. My watch band broke 3 weeks ago, and I missed it so much, I started wearing a leather wrist band until I can find a leather watch band that I like.

#24 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

My phone tells me what time it is when I'm not near a clock.

When I pull up to a drive thru I time how long it takes from when I stop in line ...

I do this sometimes but it's usually to figure out if it will be faster to go inside. If I'm behind six cars and it takes ~60 seconds on average for the cars ahead of me to order and pull forward, it's usually faster to me to get out of the line and go to inside to order. I usually end up leaving the restaurant faster than at least one car that was ahead of me in line.

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I wish I could wear my watch every day but working in a warehouse surrounded by steel... A watch just would never survive in the environment.

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My parents got me a nice one when I graduated from high school, but I mostly use it on special occasions when I need to dress well.

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I have one somewhere around here, from a time before cell phones and whatnot. I don't wear it anymore.

On a somewhat related note, I noticed that my college no longer has clocks on any of the walls. (the last semester before this spring that I actually attended class was 2007? They still had clocks then, I think.) This was a slight problem when my phone was busted and I couldn't bring it with me, and needed to know how long I had till my next class started. I wound up standing by a vending machine on a mostly empty floor, since the machine was the only thing I could find that had a clock on it.

I could have gone to the computer lab or something, but that actually didn't occur to me until later.

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I used to wear one everyday, then the incident happened. It broke.

I had a similarly traumatic experience that caused me to abandon my much-loved watch-wearing: the battery died.

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1987 was when I last wore a watch. A plastic Casio watch. The battery died and that was the end of it.

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I have thought about buying one. but I don't know. I have a cellphone... so its just jewelry.

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Years ago I used to wear a watch I got as a present, then it broke. I got so used to wearing it that I felt weird not wearing one when I go out, and it still does. So yeah, I still wear one.

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@pyromagnestir said:

On a somewhat related note, I noticed that my college no longer has clocks on any of the walls. (the last semester before this spring that I actually attended class was 2007? They still had clocks then, I think.) This was a slight problem when my phone was busted and I couldn't bring it with me, and needed to know how long I had till my next class started. I wound up standing by a vending machine on a mostly empty floor, since the machine was the only thing I could find that had a clock on it.

Had this issue last year, sort of.

At the beginning of an exam, the invigilator suddenly hit an impasse when she decided she couldn't find the optimal part of the room to hang up the clock where everyone could see it easily (the exam required we use computers, thus we had a bunch of people sitting in opposite directions). Eventually, I told her she could put the clock behind me as I would be using a stopwatch during the exam anyway. She protested that I'd still have to be going by the time of that clock, apparently unaware of how stopwatches work.

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I have a Batman watch. Because being an adult doesn't mean you have to give up the cool things. Just means people judge you when you wear a batman watch. And I wear it on most occasions, but when I do wear it.... It really just means I'm painfully aware of what time it is all the time and how late I end up being all the time. :)

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I have one and usually wear it whenever I leave the house, but not when playing games or typing as it usually feels like it gets in the way.

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I own one of those gshock thats like the old ones and I specifically paid a bit more to get the version with the solar panels because I knew I couldn't/wouldn't wear it. That way at least it will function until it's broken.

the one on the left with the strap from the one on the right I think

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beat time! I'm usually wearing this sparingly because it's pretty big. Mostly I wear my Timex ironman.

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I have a Fossil "Gothic Tic" watch that I've worn every day (unless I'm going to a formal event in which case I have a "dress watch") since 2005. I've replaced the batteries a few times to keep it going. Recently the leather has started to fall apart and I've had to glue the strap back together at the point where it wraps around the watch.

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Fucking GShocks, man. I got one as a present my sophomore year of high school. That was about 12 years ago.

It's solar, and it still works. The indiglo won't come on, but it still shows me what's up in the general vicinity of the time-space continuum.

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Does the Pebble count as a wristwatch in this context?

#41 Posted by Wuddel (2092 posts) -

I am in the "fancy round clock" (? the ones which look like a traditional watch but are not mechanic) camp, but my last one broke beyond repair and I now decided for a watch to be an outdated thing.

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I usually wear mine, don't really need it to tell the time but I like feel of it and looking at my wrist is a little more convenient than pulling my phone out.

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I think I was maybe 13 years old when I last wore a watch. Too uncomfortable. I always have my phone with me so there's no need.

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I wear a nike fuelband

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i have and ware a fake Bentley motors watch really nice works well one day i hope to get a real one

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This is probably going to sound super hipstery, but my reasoning is sound. I use a pocket watch rather than a wrist watch.

Now, hear me out. Its extremely rare for me to use a watch of any kind. I'll only use one if I'm going to be somewhere without my phone, without visible clocks and where I'll be otherwise unable to tell the time. It's very rare for me to be in this situation. And since I don't regularly use a watch, having one stuck onto my arm feels weird and uncomfortable. I'd much rather shove a timekeeping device in my pocket where I can forget about it until I need to know the time.

Also, my pocket watch was a birthday present from my grandfather, so it has sentimental value and it feels good to use it occasionally rather than let it gather dust all the time. I wouldn't have bought a pocket watch myself, but I have one so I'm going to use it.

#47 Posted by mosespippy (4183 posts) -

I have a brass pocket watch that hangs off a belt loop. I used to be able to tell time by the sun, but if you don't stay in practice then that skill fades away.

#48 Posted by Nev (548 posts) -

Sure, I own a watch... somewhere... I haven't worn any in several years, however. I have enough devices with time on them I just never have any need.

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I have a bunch of watches, love 'em. Lived in denial for the longest time, now I can't leave the house if I'm not wearing one.

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The digital watch is the prototypical gadget. The first gadget that you wore and had with you at all times.

When I was about 10 my grandfather gave me a watch. It was LED: you had to press a button for the numbers to light up in red, otherwise it was off. That was around 1982 and digital watches only got cooler from there. I was hooked. I will never not have a watch on my wrist.

The 80's really were the heyday for these gadgets. New features were added all the time. Lap counters. Calculators. Heartbeat. Thermometer. Compass. There seemed no limit to what could be added to your wrist. Honestly I've been pretty disappointed in the development of watches. I really expected Dick Tracy shit at this point.