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#101 Posted by Grilledcheez (3947 posts) -

I voted university, but I guess after thinking about it, I actually say college a lot more (I go to an university).

#102 Posted by supercubedude (454 posts) -

C-y'all-idge, Tony Reali style.

#103 Posted by BulimicBalzac (93 posts) -

I've often felt that people who call their school a "University" are usually the worst type of stuck up snobby douche knuckles. That's right you self important "University" people, why don't you take a lesson from ole' ADOLF S.S.J Hitler's book and end your life.

So in short I say college.

#104 Posted by Pox22 (342 posts) -

I always thought saying "university" was a European thing.

Though I believe I recall "college" meaning "high school" in French, and "université" means "college." Or "university," I guess.

I suppose I can see the logic of differentiating between community colleges, trade schools, etc and universities...but here in the US it seems pretty arbitrary as to whether an institution of higher learning calls itself a college or university.

#105 Posted by Sanity (1906 posts) -


#106 Posted by darkdragonmage99 (740 posts) -

I say waste of money