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I was going to say only digitally, then I remembered a CD I bought from an artist in Central Park recently. So generally if I like some low key artist whose music would be hard to find otherwise.

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Often. I prefer physical CDs to digital media and I prefer albums to singles. Though I'll definitely buy something digitally if it's on sale on Amazon and it's not already an "I want to own this forever" type find.

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I've never bought a music CD...

I also don't listen to that much music, calm down RIAA

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@Paul_Is_Drunk: Same here. I mostly purchase CDs that are hard to find or the bands that I totally dig. I also buy video game and movie soundtracks.

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All the time. They're generally cheaper than digitally downloading the album, and I like to read through the little booklet that sometimes comes with them.

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Last time I purchased a music CD was Star Wars Episode I OST. I buy digital now on iTunes.

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"Absolutely, I enjoy collecting them"

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@CookieMonster said:

I like to read through the little booklet that sometimes comes with them.

Me too. That's one of the things I look forward to every time I buy a CD. It's fun to read the lyrics, look at the pictures, read a few blurbs from the band and also to sniff that awesome booklet. :P

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I used to burn cds off of my computer back in my high school days. But nowadays I just download them.

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Unless it comes with something else I buy (ex CE or SE games) I`ve been all digital for several years now.

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@Psykhophear said:

and also to sniff that awesome booklet. :P


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I like having game soundtracks in physical form but all other music I just buy digitally.

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@CookieMonster: I like the smell of new CD booklets, even books :D.

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If they're really really cheap. Otherwise I just use Spotify. I'd love to have a large collection of CDs, but I don't have room for it.

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Not CD's. I mainly buy vinyl and digital.

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@joshthebear said:

Not CD's. I mainly buy vinyl and digital.

That's cool. Last year I bought two Metallica vinyls and I love it.

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Yup and Vinyls too. 

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what is this.. cd..... you talk about?

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I would never buy anything that comes in a jewel case.

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I'm pretty sure I've never bought any sort of music in my life. I remember having a Spice girls CD when I was young, but I'm not sure if I borrowed or bought that lol.

#22 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1807 posts) -

CD Warehouse is a chain of pawn shops that sell some pretty awesome CDs. Sometimes, anyway.

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The way I normally do shit is I buy the digital version then if I'm really into the album I get the vinyl. I like it that way.

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I used to buy CDs with great frequency but now I might only buy a couple a year, if that. I never buy digital music though. It's either CD or listen to the stuff I like on Spotify or Youtube

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I very rarely buy music at all. I tend to just listen to free podcasts or, seeing as my work is pretty relaxed about that stuff, listen to music on last.fm or youtube

If I do buy anything it tends to be by D&B artists that I want to support, and when I do it's always digital.

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No I don't, I bought a lot of cds in high school but changed to digital while still purchasing cds of artists I really like, but I haven't done that in a few years now.

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Yes I do when I can. I hate buying music digitally. I haven't bought any in a while but there are a few bands I like to support and stuff.

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I would never dream of purchasing music digitally, unless it was rare and in HIGH quality... and even then I would most likely just download it (wink wink) and send a donation directly to the artist. Generally speaking though, physical only. I used to buy a couple albums every week but the last year I've had to be more frugal. Hopefully I can pick back up soon.

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I enjoy collecting them. I realize there's little to no return on investment if you want to sell them (every buyback program I've ever checked into offers around .50 to 2.00 per cd), but I still like having them.

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I buy music pretty much exclusively on physical media (except when not available). I like the superior audio quality and that it's "safe" on my shelf and not reliant on some service or hard drive or having login data present. Also, booklets!

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I buy CD's when they're Hip-Hop CD's and my brother will enjoy playing them in his car after I've ripped it. Or if it's a Five-Star album, then I will buy it.

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Vinyl and digital

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I buy music, mostly vinyls ever since I purchased my turntable a couple of years ago. I'll only buy CDs if it's an album that I'm really interested in and it's the only physical format available, such as the recent My Bloody Valentine reissues.

#34 Posted by IkariNoTekken (990 posts) -

Buy CD's and Vinyl, me. Only buy digital if its the only format available or if the price difference is huge between that and a physical copy.

Surprisingly I almost always find the CD to be the cheapest version, even with printing costs, case etc. Sometimes you'll get a digital copy for free when you purchase the release on CD or Vinyl, which is fucking brilliant and something more record labels should do.

Those Vinyl & CD bundles are great too, recently saw a brand new release in a bundle - 3x12" in a beautiful gate-fold cover along with the CD, all for just £20. Love it! Saves me a few bob as I do like to double dip sometimes.

#35 Posted by fox01313 (5073 posts) -

Yes though will go after mp3 versions sometimes but most of my music is often not popular enough to get mp3 formats on amazon so stuck with getting cds physically.

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It's been a long while since I got any music on a physical format, but if I was in a store and I saw a CD I liked the look of that was reasonably priced, I'd probably get it.

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Yes, but only the artists that I really want to support. Other than that it's Youtube and Spotify for me.

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No, music is one item where I agree that the clutter is unnecessary. I used to have hundreds of CDs, cassettes and record albums, but now I have one small drawer full. Everything else is on various hard drives. An Ipod is so much easier to keep than a box of CDs flipping all around the foot-space of my car.

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I love going into record shops and looking for sweet deals on used CDs. You don't get that on iTunes.

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I will only buy digital if that's my only option. I greatly prefer to own the physical disc, though. I have a pretty large and always-expanding CD collection that I take pride in. There's a special feeling and certain satisfaction you get when buying a CD that just isn't there when you download an album. I have a general disdain for digital distribution.

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Nope, last time I bought a CD was probably about 5 years ago. Now Spotify is where it's at.

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I stopped buying CDs like over 10 years ago, when I just ripped my whole collection and started pirating everything (I was a stupid kid) but then iTunes came to Canada in like 2005, so I started buying my music from there. Now I've gone even more backwards and have started buying vinyl copies of albums. Gets annoying though if I really like an album, I'll have bought it on iTunes on on vinyl.

#43 Posted by Cheesebob (1236 posts) -

All the time. For shit I like of course.

#44 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

Yeah, but not because I like collecting them! I'm kind of forced to if I want my Japanese music fix.

#45 Posted by Galiant (2193 posts) -

Why would you buy something from an artist or genre you don't like? Weird poll. No option for me.

I use a music streaming service. Last CD I bought was Radiohead's latest album. If there's music I can't find on my music streaming service, I buy it digitally. I used to buy stuff from iTunes, but I have since realized that they suck. A lot of the bands I like allow you to buy digital downloads of their music from their sites, so I do that instead.

Fuck iTunes.

#46 Posted by predator (352 posts) -

I buy vinyl.

#47 Posted by CheapPoison (731 posts) -

I would never buy my music digitally. Unless flaq or something like that is available. But then it start taking up a ton of bandwith.

#48 Posted by Kaiserreich (699 posts) -

I've bought maybe 5 CDs my whole life. I wasn't into music for a long time and by the time I was music was easily available digitally.

#49 Posted by Eviternal (193 posts) -

I do, but less frequently than I used to. Last album was Tom Waits' Bad As Me.

#50 Posted by AlexW00d (6275 posts) -

I have never bought any music digitally. I like to give the artists some of the money I pay for the CD, so I buy direct from them as often as I can.