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Just thinking about this because I am home alone for a few days but whenever I head into the toilet I still lock it. Just wondering if anyone else does this, either due to habbit or what?

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I never lock it.

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If I'm home alone I don't even close the door fully!

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If I'm at home alone or with the biance, I never lock it. If I'm at family or friends, I sure do.

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No, I do close the door tho

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Yes, main reason my cat can open the bathroom door, so thats not fun when I'm on the toilet.

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@StarvingGamer said:

I never lock it.

I never close it...I kid I kid. IN all seriousness, If I'm alone then I don't even bother closing the door.

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lock the door? No; close it? Yes.

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Always. And I bring shotgun with me just in case I need to bust out of there in a hurry.

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Always lock, no ones wants to see you on the toilet. If they do you need to stay away from that person... Even when im home alone since its force of habit, plus it would be embarressing if someone came in the houe while I was in there and I couldent lock it.

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At least in the households that I've lived, if the door is closed and the light is on, it's in use. If you're still not sure, just knock. So I don't typically feel the need to lock the door at all, unless I'm in someone else's house or under special circumstances -- for example, the back bathroom is typically kept closed to keep cats out, so if I have to use that one (which is rarely) then I'll lock the door, just in case.

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Most of the time, yes, out of habit.

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Needs a sometimes option. Sometimes I do out of habit, other times I don't even close the door.

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I dont ever lock the toilet at home. I live alone so there is really no need for me ever to.

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Yes, but when I'm home alone in my mountain house, I forgo clothes entirely. Even closing the bathroom door is laughable.

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door wide open.

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Yup...living with three other people and the bathroom being near the front door, you never know when to expect someone home let's say!!

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@duggshammer said:

door wide open.

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I went with, "yes." It's kind of a habit thing and I just shut/lock the door without even thinking about it. I'm sure I have probably left it unlocked before, but the majority of the time would be locked.

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No... and I'm genuinely surprised to see that so many people do. I'll close the door over a little, but if I know I'm on my own, then whatever.

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you have some serious insecurity issues

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Yes, most of the time.

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I hold a shotgun to the door whenever I'm dropping a deuce.

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Always, because I fear being on the toilet and then that's the time when a dude with a gun comes busting in and I'm at my most 100% vulnerability. I'd like at least the protection of the door not being so easily accessible to give me at least a little time to react.  
I know, I'm paranoid. 

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I never lock the door. Hell, I barely close it.

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nope, I leave it wide open... come get some world!

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nope, tis an advantage of living on your own. I don't even close the door. Free and easy, baby!

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I don't even know where the bathroom in my castle is.

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I would but it has no lock D:

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Nope I never lock it.

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the woods dont have doors

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Sometimes, out of habit.