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"Where's ma number one dime?"

This morning I bought some ice cream and orange juice at the grocery store. As I stood off to the side rearranging the bills in my wallet, I wondered how many other people were that meticulous. I tend to rearrange the money in my wallet so that all the bills of a specific denomination are grouped together. I place the larger bills toward the back of my wallet while the lower valued bills are set near the front. The “back” would be towards the outer part of the billfold while the “front would be the inside. Now, as anal as that might sound to some, I don’t bother making sure they all face the same direction. As long as I can see the number in the corner, I’m fine. Honestly, I think I am just terrified that I’ll hand someone a $10 believing it to be a $1.

“What’s in your wallet?”

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But I always know where I put what as holding out your wallet for any longer amount of time then needed is a bad thing around here.

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Value, with fivers and tenners in the front and blueys in the back. I also fold them in half so they don't bulge when I close it.

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B. I really couldn't be bothered with the business of making sure all my money is organised like that and the pay-off would be minimal.

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Facing the same way and in order by denomination...because I'm an adult.

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I generally have fewer than 10 bills in my wallet at a time. Organizing them like that doesn't seem beneficial or necessary to me. Any time saved having them in order would be lost putting them that way.

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I arrange them by size and color.

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Folded in half and facing the same direction :D

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What an odd topic.


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D. I've been doing it this way all my life. Not really sure why, but there you go.

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I don't carry cash on me.

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they are arranged in my wallet by their values and they all face the same way

i wish everyone would do that b.c hate it when people give me crinkled money

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I don't carry cash.

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Grouped together, facing the same way. 'Gotta make sure the presidents aren't kissing.

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I only carrry Dollar Bills.

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Arranged by both denomination and direction! Order is good!

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As an American I sort them in color

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I don't normally carry cash, but when I do I just kind of throw it in there. That's pretty much my philosophy with everything in life, I've discovered.

However, when Bank of America starts charging me $5 a month to use my debit card aside from at an ATM, I might just start carrying cash more often. Or just switch to another bank...

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I almost never have more than a twenty on me at a time =/

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I have them all facing the same way, in descending order. It's really weird, because usually I don't give a fuck about that sort of thing, but it drives me nuts when I have money in my pocket not sorted properly in my wallet.

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By monetary value. Doesn't really matter in what direction, though I've never really thought about it, maybe I do and just don't think about it when I do it.

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I usually don't carry more than maybe 3-5 bills and I've got a good memory of what I have. So just wad it all in there... 
Also I don't really want to be the guy slowing the group down to organize my freaking wallet? O_o

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@louiedog said:

I generally have fewer than 10 bills in my wallet at a time. Organizing them like that doesn't seem beneficial or necessary to me. Any time saved having them in order would be lost putting them that way.


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I never have money to organize it, but the few times I do I always keep it ordered by colour. When I need to go fishing for a bill I don't want to have to hunt around to find it. I go from smallest denomination facing the inside of the wallet back. So when I open my wallet and look in it's always blue, purple, green, red, brown.

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@Dany said:

As an American I sort them in color

You sir, are awesome.

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I rarely carry cash but when I do I just shove it in my pocket.

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I do exactly the same thing you do.

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I just put them in neatly and in order from smallest to largest. Because I am not a barbarian. Haha.

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Fun Fact: Blind people fold them all different ways to know which bill is which

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This made me rearrange my wallet and while doing so I found a coin minted in 2011.

Its so... perfect...

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Any old way. Notes here are colour coded so it's easy to tell what's what without having to have them ordered.

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Why? You planning on fucking robbing me?

It's organized by denominational value. It's also all face forward and straightened with no bent edges.

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C, and I keep the 1's on the outside of the folded wad, just in case.

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C. But I don't pay it too much attention. It's just simpler.

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For a while I had my bills split between twenties and everything-else.

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I make origami swans out of them and carry my currency in a bird cage.

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What do I look like, a savage?  D.

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@Gabriel said:

I only carrry Dollar Bills.

Are you also a stripper?

Oh and I chose D. because I can't stand searching through my wallet to find the most appropriate bill.

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I usually don't carry cash, but when I do I just stuff 'em in there in no discerning order.

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D, which I've been doing since I was a kid. However, I've stopped even carrying a wallet these days, opting instead for the cash clip. Wallets are just rather big and clunky and I don't like spending time fumbling with them.

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I never carry cash.

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I rarely actually carry cash but when I do, it's generally just shoved in there with no regard for what shape it's supposed to be in.

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I usually just make sure that it's all in my wallet, then when I need it if I buy something, I regret it, Becquerel it takes me too long to find some bills.

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I have to say that the poll thus far has surprised me.

I just throw it in there to be as fast as possible, people really don't like waiting for me to take any longer.

Besides it is colour-coded and I frankly barely carry any bills with me. You can pay with your bank pass just about everywhere.

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i arrange them by value, all 20's together, 10's, 5's, and so on. i sometimes put them all in the same direction.

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Voted D for OCD. It just makes it easier to manage and looks purdy.

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By denomination: Larger bills in back, smaller bills in front. Always have. It helps me get a general count of my money without looking through the whole thing. Also makes it quicker when I know exactly where the bill I need is.