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I do, but I don't know why. I used the disc in the mail service for years because it was a GREAT deal. Then I switch to just download when they split the services, but I use that service less. Not sure why I keep it up except that from time-to-time I do want to see a movie or a tv show.

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I couldn't find this as a topic so I just felt like asking the community.

I've been a subscriber for a while and I think of paying for Netflix like paying my cellphone bill. It's a luxury but at the same time just another bill in the internet age.

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Oh yeah for sure. Even when you don't use it, it's worth the nominal cost just to have that much content at your fingertips.

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I use it a lot. It doesn't have everything you want, but it has enough to be worth it. And a lot of shows are there in their entirety. I just watched all of Community in 4 days which was pretty awesome.

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Oh yeah. I actually just got done watching "The Last Days of WWII" documentary. 30 GODDAMN HOURS!

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I got rid of the disk service awhile ago but I readily use the streaming service. I still say that services like this are the best ways to watch horror and documentaries.

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I subscribed to Netflix for a couple of months after it arrived in Ireland, using a VPN to get access to all the American content. The difference in available content is ridiculous, to the degree that it's not remotely worth the price if you're settling only for the amount of content that's offered over here.

However even with access to everything you guys get, I felt like I'd exhausted everything I wanted to watch within a couple of months. Unsubscribed and didn't look back.

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Eh... I don't need it. I don't watch many movies or TV shows.

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Yes. Instant and 3 discs out at a time.

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Yes, it hasn't even been here a year yet in the UK but its just a part of my life now. For the amount that you pay its 100% worth it.

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Off and on. I go through bursts of interest with movies... I might watch twenty films in a month, then go dry for three months after, then binge again for a month or two. So I just cancel and resub as my interest dictates.

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Yes, even though Canadian Netflix sucks ass.

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I have online and 1 disc service. I use the online fairly often, maybe twice a week, and then do about a disk a month, which isn't strictly worth the extra fee, but when I *really* want to see a movie, the chances it'll be online are pretty low.

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I only use the streaming service, but I do not really take advantage of it. I've gone for months at a time without using it at all. This can be either because I do not have time for movies or tv shows, or other times the service does not have anything that I want. Other times, like now, I will watch things for hours at a time.

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Used to have the disc and streaming service before the split. Now I just have streaming.

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No because ISPs in Canada don't like you using your internet connection.

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Yes. Watched the Trek episode Where No Man Has Gone Before a few nights ago on a whim to prime for the new movie. Netflix is great for just random stuff like that.

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It's not available in my "country/region" yet, so.

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My sister does and I use it sometimes

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My mom does, which I have access to and have used on occasion. I really wish I could just sit down and blow through a bunch of shit I want to watch but I just don't have the time.

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Yes, Netflix and Unblock Us so I can actually watch something on it.

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Yes, just the BD/DVD through the mail version, though. I used to subscribe to the instant streaming, but they split the services and I rarely used it since my internet isn't the fastest. Besides, I just use the BD/DVD service to see recent movies 6 or 7 months after their theatrical release has ended or Asian flicks (action & comedy). I'm not interested in any of the TV shows they offer. I have two TV series in my DVD queue and neither are available via streaming. There's no point in me subscribing to that part of Netflix.

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yup, love it

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Yep, streaming, all the time. Love it. Great quality, looks no different than Blu Ray to me (when streaming HD). I also subscribe to Hulu Plus and occasionally use Crackle (when they have something Netflix doesn't). Otherwise I rent movies via Amazon or iTunes (or Vudu).

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Yes. Canadian Netflix, even! It's gotten much better...

@Pr1mus: If you can get TekSavvy in your area, you should look into it. My plan gives me 300gb/month, and is reasonably priced. For an extra $15 you can get unlimited bandwidth.

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I only do streaming.

Gotta get my Battlestar Galactica on.

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@Jimbo said:

Yes, Netflix and Unblock Us so I can actually watch something on it.

Hmmm might consider that. I have Canadian Netflix and it can suck sometimes.

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My answer is NO. The free trial was enough to convince me not to do it.

Netflix launched in Finland recently, and they treat me like absolute trash for daring not to connect it to Facebook. Every time I visit the Netflix page I get a popup telling me to connect to Facebook and if that wasn't enough, one of the movie rows is completely greyed out with a Facebook window on top. I don't want to connect to god damn Facebook, stop asking.

http://i.imgur.com/JLBMq.jpg Imagine that pop-up coming every time you load the home page after not visiting netflix for a few hours. That is the Netflix experience outside US if you don't want to spam your FB friends with every movie you watch. Here's the greyed out movie row too, just in case you didn't see the pop up or something: http://i.imgur.com/Bogw7.jpg

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Used to. Found Netflix in the UK pretty lacking.

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Not anymore.

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I did until about 6 months ago. I've been tempted to resub to get back to things I haven't finished.

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Yup. If it wasn't for Netflix I would have never watched such awesome shows as The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and The Twilight Zone. Plus they have the entire run of Drawn Together so whats not to love?

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I was about to cancel my subscription until I accidentally stumbled upon Battlestar Galactica. That shit is intense and i'm sorry to say that I have been doing nothing but watching that on my free time.

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Yea, just instant though. I use it enough to justify paying for it i think.

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I go back and forth. I watch maybe 1 or 2 movies a year, but enjoy starting a television series and getting deep into it over multiple seasons. So that leaves me re-subbing my Netflix maybe once every 3 months or so.

It's a great service, but just not something I need constantly.

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I would if it were available in Europe.

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I had a netflix account for almost a year and then canceled it when amazon prime instant video started taking off. Way better value imo. 39 bucks a year (if you have a .edu email address) gets you free shipping and unlimited streaming.

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I use the DVD only service because most of the movies I want are never on streaming, and I don't watch t.v., so a couple movies a week keeps me satisfied.

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Yeah - I haven't used it for months though. I watched all the cool shows like Breaking Bad/Firefly and movies I wanted to see and now I'm kind of stuck since they won't add shows like Game of Thrones or Dexter which I ended up watching elsewhere. Pretty much the only reason I'm still subscribed is to see Indie Game: The Movie but I never find time.

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yes, i use it. it's pretty good for when there is nothing on tv. i use it like i said when nothing is on. i use the instant stream on my ps3.

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Can't stop streaming.

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We used to. Then things got tough, money got spread thin, and we cancelled it (among other things). There's talk between the parents of getting it back soon, though.

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I will activate the streaming service for a month and watch the things that have built up and then cancel it. I'll wait several months until more things build up before I activate again. I've been doing that for a while now. No need to be paying for it every month.

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I don't subscribe right now but I do watch Prime instant video on Amazon. Not much content but it does have Sherlock and Dr. Who. I just finished watching my Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs (great show) and i'm thinking about joining Netflix again to watch the movie, but I can't check to see if its on streaming. Actually, can someone check for me if Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa in streaming in HD on Netflix?

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I just cancelled my subscription today actually. Their updates are way too slow.

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I do, but I wonder why. There is descent stuff on Netflix, but it seems like it and Amazon Instant Video have a similar selection and I am getting the Amazon stuff with my Prime subscription.

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I am not subsribed yet but I really want to start using the stream service. I am slowly getting more interested in movies so I think Netflix would be a must!