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Just as the question states above. Can humans, in general, handle having superpowers and using them as they please?

Powers and levels vary, but fall under the "traditional" powersets we think of: Strength, Telepathy, Speed, Flight, Energy blasts, lasers, phasing through solid objects, etc. Nothing too complicated, useless, or bizzare.

Give you opininion on whether or not people in this world are mentally ready to gain superpowers in the current state of minds.

In other words, basically what I'm asking is, if you had to vote, would you choose for ALL human beings on this planet (regardless of race, gender, religion, alignment, etc.) to suddenly gain a superpowers right now or is that not such a good idea?

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Simple answer, no. Too many people would use said power for selfish gain only, causing harm to many others.

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"With great power, comes great responsibility". I don't think much of the general populace of the planet could handle extra powers.

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If we had superpowers, I'd be dead the first time I got in an argument with my sister.

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I want the super power to never need to sleep.

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Is the world ready? No way. Am I ready to have superpowers? Fuck yes!

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@bennyboy said:

I want the super power to never need to sleep.

i dont want that power..... i need that power.

on second thought nah i like the feel of a good rest. i would rather have telekinesis so i wouldn't have to get up to get something that's less than a foot out of reach.

EDIT: oh yea on topic..... nah i don't think people are ready.

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Who gives a shit about the world? I've been ready since I was 5.

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@living4theday258: ah but see, you could still sleep if you wanted to, but you don't need to.

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No, but I'd very much like to have super powers.

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@bennyboy said:

@living4theday258: ah but see, you could still sleep if you wanted to, but you don't need to.

Well, the satisfaction of sleep comes from getting it when you really need it. Honestly, I would much rather only need sleep once a week rather than once per day, but I can't say that I actually want to get rid of it altogether. Having no troubles for eight hours at a time is not a bad thing.

If we're going through the superpower drive-through, then get me flying with a side of Majin Buu-like healing powers as well as these sleep-once-a-week powers. I'll be a supremely happy camper then, especially with the insane number of extra hours my life would now have.

EDIT: Uh, to post something on topic, humanity as a whole is not and never will be ready for superpowers, even if they were real. I know superhero comics and stuff are almost always cartoonish in their violence, but there are plenty of people out there without any sense of morals, or with morals warped to the point of violence against others for not following their morals, that it would be dangerous for any sort of power to fall in their hands. Yes, that's a cartoonishly hilarious statement, but it's a damn good reason to say "no, humanity does not need super powers".

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Imagine Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with superpowers. Or a terrorist with superpowers. No. Far to risky. If we could eliminate all the crazies, the fanatics, the sociopaths, the psychopaths, the murderers, the people that have had thoughts of murder, the rapists, the pedophiles and on and on and on then maybe. But by then nobody would be around.

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We can't even handle guns

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Look at what happened in Bioshock. All those plasmids and gene tonics made everything worse!

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I am absolutely ready to enslave mankind.

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People are never ready for major changes in their lives before they happen.

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@pr1mus said:

I am absolutely ready to enslave mankind.

Not if they enslave you first.

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i honestly would end up going mad with power. i'd be that super villian who's convinced that he's doing everything to help mankind and help people, but im really super crazy. i'd be that guy :\

for whatever reason im convince that if i ever got super powers i'd get telekinesis

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Some people could and some people couldn't. If Gandhi had been able to fly at supersonic speed, he likely would have used that power to deliver food to all the starving children of the world, not hijack Air Force One.

It would corrupt most people though.

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Simple answer, no. Too many people would use said power for selfish gain only, causing harm to many others.

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No. Some could handle it well, but overall, it would lead to chaos.

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Everyone at once? Nooooooo. I believe only a few individuals would be able to control the power. So I guess the world is "ready," just not everyone.

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No way is humanity ready for such a thing, and we never will be.

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I don't think human beings in general are as intelligent or responsible as they need to be. We don't even seem responsible enough to handle wealth or weaponry properly, we're certainly not ready for everyone just having superpowers.

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I will say that given my own experiences with such powers, no, you guys are absolutely not ready to have them. I can't imagine any of you being able to handle such existential mindfucks.

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Only myself. Once my powers have had time to ferment I will use them to create a Utopian Earth. Once completed it will expand out to the universe at large. You are all welcome.

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@aznjon12 said:

We can't even handle guns

Some people can't even handle their own bodies.

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Hahaha fuck no, never.

People go on killing sprees with semi-auto rifles and do a lot of damage, we will never be able to stop that. Let alone someone doing it with superpowers lol.

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We can't handle having sticks, swords, firearms, etc. I'm not sure why anyone would believe this world is ready for even more power.

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No. But I am. Run of the mill supervillians would seem like saints compared to the person I would turn into.

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Absolutely not.

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You are guys are not realizing the potential here.

Super Villain tries to take over a city? EVERYONE IN IT HAS SUPER POWERS

Psychopath tries to go on killing spree? ALL HIS INTENDED VICTIMS HAVE SUPER POWERS

If anything this would make people less likely to do shit to people because you know every single person also has super powers.

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I'll be honest. If I had superpowers, I most likely wouldn't use them for good. Not saying I'd be a bad guy and kill people or anything, but I'd take advantage of having some form of super power.

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No way, we screw everything up without that crap. World would end.

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The world would essentially turn into One Piece with various groups controlling the world based on their abilities and their skill to use it.

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I think this is a superpower.

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No, because it will always be used for a selfish reason.

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This topic reminds me of the DC Universe online game. Given powers, would you use it for good or evil?

At this point, there are too many people who would probably use it for selfish means. Just look at the amount of scams going on to steal credit card information, swindle people, identity thefts, and downright mugging. With superpowers like invisibility (look at your PIN and steal your wallet), super strength (outright rob a bank), and flight (quicker getaways), people can do more damage.