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Poll: Do you use Adblock? (564 votes)

No - I've never used it 15%
No - I formerly used it but stopped at some point 7%
Yes - but I only use it to block "bad" ads with malware and such 4%
Yes - I block ads by default, but I make exceptions for sites I like 39%
Yes - block 'em all, let God sort 'em out 36%

This question has been asked before. Yes.

But in light of the recent strange announcement of Adblock running a crowd-funding campaign

to pay for... advertisements, promoting their ad-blocking program(??), I think now is the right time to see just how many duders 'round the Bomb use the program, and more importantly, how we/they use it.

You know, for science!

Here's their video, which you can tell is a crowd-funding video because it has music with chimes in it.

I can't wait to see what we can learn, Giant Bomb! Together!

*whimsical music*

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Turn off for

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Event hubs has started putting up a huge notice in the middle of the page saying "adblock detected, here's a link telling you why you shouldn't use it, or just make a donation to make ads go away" that won't go away preventing you from reading the page.

I don't go to event hubs anymore. I only ever used it once in a blue moon to check out fighting game tournament results anyway. I can find those just as easily elsewhere.

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Adblock is the best add-on out there! I have it installed on all my browsers (mainly Firefox and Chrome) on any computer I use.