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I am 21 years old and I still enjoy waching cartoons. I've seen alot of them over the years, including all the seasons from The Grim Adventures of Billi and Mandy, pretty much any Scooby Doo cartoon and I am curently waching The New Looney Toons and Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated. Oh, and I've seen a ton of Ed,Edd and Eddy.

So I am curios if I am the only one or if there are any others that enjoy them too.

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Yes I still watch cartoons at age 24

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Of course. 
24 years old and Phineas & Ferb is awesome. 
Perry the Platypus rocks! 

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@ZeForgotten said:

Of course. 24 years old and Phineas & Ferb is awesome. Perry the Platypus rocks!

I remember those. Yes, Perry is awesome. And his nemesis (forgot his name).

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I'm 28 and I still watch cartoons. Why do you have to stop watching cartoons at a certain age?

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I used to when I was younger, but these days I only watch animated movies from Disney or Pixar, like Tangled or Kung Fu Panda. I also occasionally watch some anime if it's good, which means I stay away from most mainstream stuff and only pick the more mature-oriented movies like Sword of the Stranger, Jin-Roh or Perfect Blue. Those anime movies are often more intelligent than cartoons.

When I was younger though, I watched lots of Nickelodeon shows like Rocko's modern life, Hey Arnold, Ahhh! Monsters or Ren & Stimpy. When I was even younger, I watched the first anime shows available on TV, like Robin Hood or Cat's Eye.

Oh, nostalgia.

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Yes, I'll leave it at that, or else people will probably get all rilled up...


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Of course. Cartoons are awesome.

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I hope you know "Brony" is a 4chan joke gone wrong. It's fucking creepy how many adults watch that shit.

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Of course. I'll never get too old for Hey Arnold!, Darkwing Duck, and Fairly Odd Parents... There are more, but I especially I love those shows.

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No not really... unless you count anime... The new Avatar series was a bit disappointing...

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I watch more animated stuff then I do live action stuff and I'm 30, and i believe I will continue this way for my entire life.

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I sure do. 
just finished the first 2 seasons of Archer, and now I've decided to watch every episode of Hey Arnold!

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You are never too old to watch cartoons or animated stuff...

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Adventure Time is the best cartoon on right now, along with Legend of Korra.

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I watch anime, so sure.

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@mbr2 said:

I hope you know "Brony" is a 4chan joke gone wrong. It's fucking creepy how many adults watch that shit.

I do know that it got it's start on 4chan as an ironic thing, but as it turns out a lot of people actually like the show, and so there was a great divide between the mods on 4chan and the "Bronies" - so we left and are never returning to 4chan - the community around it have grown much larger than what a site like 4chan can handle.

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Regular show is awesome don't see a problem with watching good tv

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Adventure Time is the shit.

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I'm 20 and I love watching The Legend of Korra and Young Justice.

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Yes, I don't know why anyone would even think that they are the only adult who watches cartoons.

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Only 90s and early 2000s Cartoons most of them super heroes cartoons from DCU and Marvel.

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Yea, I'm into cartoons.

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As long as they keep making good cartoons, I'll keep watching them.

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Well I have younger siblings so it's inevitable. Also if you count anime, they yes, I do.

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Of course! It's like The Doctor said “There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes.”

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I'll occasionally catch an episode of Adventure Time. Other than that, not really anymore. I recently tried watching an episode of the Fairly Oddparents and that convinced me that that show was only good to me as a kid. Or it never was.

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No. I stopped a few years ago for good.

It's not even a "I'm too old and I would be embarrassed if people found out" sort of thing; I'm just too old and have zero interest. The only show I might consider eventually is Archer, but I'm still way behind on other series so I probably will never get around to watching it.

The Simpsons got old. South Park became extremely formulaic. Family Guy stopped being funny years ago. Adult Swim is hit but mostly miss, plus it's on too late and I don't feel like taping any of it. I stopped watching any show technically geared toward kids years ago once I started high school -- not even ironically.

I casually got into anime in the 90's like everyone else, but grew out of it once I went to college. I know it's wrong to generalize, but anyone I knew that was really into anime creeped me out to some capacity.

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24 and loving shows like Adventure Time and The Venture Bros. I still watch older cartoons that I remember fondly from childhood, and anime occasionally.

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Yup. My wife and I when we are bored and just want to watch something quick before bed we throw on an episode of Arthur off Amazon Prime. Being huge fans of Arthur when we were kids its kinda a nostalgic throwback that we enjoy even though the newer episodes are shit compared to the original ones, Arthur basically sounds like a girl.

I also watch Amazing World of Gumball when I get a chance, I don't know why but I really enjoy that show. And every now and again I'll watch the first 120ish episodes of Pokemon, the puns are just too much, its fantastic.

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Only really watch Adventure Time or Regular Show.

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Yes.I still have a soul.

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Some Family guy on occasion and I am 33 years old.

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Adventure time is really good,

Regular show is really good

Gravity Falls is really good

The Ricky Gervis Show is really good (but ending :()

Transformers Prime is really good

Korra was good, though a little bland, especially when compared with Avatar which was fantastic

I still go back and watch reruns of Daria

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@Nightriff: You just blew my mind. How is that show still going after 16 seasons. I used to love this show and the books as a kid.

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@NegativeCero: Yup and the episodes are terrible, why they decided to make Francine Jewish I have no idea (especially since they are poor...just saying)

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Adventure Time, The Regular Show, The Legend Of Korra, Archer, Futurama... I probably watch more cartoons than standard television. I'm 23 and I have a full time job, I usually have something playing in a little window at the bottom of my second monitor at work. It's either cartoons or Dota livestreams, because I don't need to pay attention to either too much and they won't distract me from my work.

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i liek dragon bal z

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29 and still watching the animated funnies. Right now I'm actually revisiting X Men Evolution. I had watched the entire run of the 90's show not to long ago and while it was cheesy and a bit soap opera-ish, it's still a fun watch.

As for recent stuff, Black Dynamite bitches!

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Yeah I still watch plenty, just watched season 1 of Bob's Burgers for the first time. I also enjoy some Archer, the older Simpsons and Futuramas, MLP, some miscellaneous anime, and Droopy the Dog.

Also, Detective Conan all day every day.

Case Closed.

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As a 28 year old I can say that cartoons are just as awesome today as they ever were.

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I turn 21 in a few months and yes, I still watch cartoons sometimes. Mostly anime, but I've been thinking of revisiting Batman Beyond recently.

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Sometimes cartoons gives the best content and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. I tend to dip my feet into "real" (for lack of a better word) shows less often than I do cartoons. I live life everyday and when I watch television it's usually an escape rather than a re-affirmation that life can sometimes be shitty. Not to mention, I really do not like the direction most television is going today with the base attributes of sex, dark, and violent visual styles and atmospheres.

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Hell yeah, I do. Animation is a fantastic art form.

Archer, South Park, Transformers Prime, a selection of anime, Young Justice, Spectacular Spiderman, the Bruce Timm DCAU stuff... all great shows.

I'll also occasionally watch an episode or two of the original Transformers or G.I.Joe for a nostalgia trip.

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sure! I just rewatched some teen titans episodes a while back

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I watch superhero cartoons like X-men Evolution and Teen Titans. I did stop watching the more comedy based shows as I grew older, though I expect I'd still find Spongebob funny if I caught an episode, and that new Looney Tunes show is surprisingly good.

@Video_Game_King said:

Yea, I'm into cartoons.

You're into cartoons? Whatever floats your boat man.

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@Hunter5024 said: .

You're into cartoons? Whatever floats your boat man.

First thing I thought of from your response:

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@Hunter5024 said:

@Video_Game_King said:

Yea, I'm into cartoons.

You're into cartoons? Whatever floats your boat man.

Huh? I don't get it. Are you implying, like, a sexual thing?

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I'm afraid that they have special camps set up for people like you.