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Do Archer and South Park count?

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The Black dynamite series on adult swim is fantastic. Its even better than the movie was.

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I sure do. Stuff like Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

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Just to see what the kids are into these days. There's something about animation in general that'll make me inclined to watch it, even if I do admit that it sucks.

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When I feel like it.

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YEOP. I like cartoons.

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Why is this not a poll?

I watch Archer. That's the only cartoon I watch regularly. I'll watch the occasional anime. Sometimes I'll wake up to the cartoon network, usually if I'm sick of waking up to ESPN. Shit like this:

is alright when you're groggy.

edit: oh right. I'm 26. Forgot to mention that.

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Yes. I am 31 and still enjoy a good toon.

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I'm 28 and just started watching Transformers: Prime, and I believe it is the single best piece of Transformers content ever made that wasn't a comic.

G1 still looks better, but whatevs.