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I recently bought the 2009 "The Beatles in Mono" box set. I have bought all my music on itunes over the years, but this was a special set I wanted to own. After owning it though, I realized that I just imported the disks 1 by 1 and then didn't bother with the CD's again. Now, I am sure that some people use the CD's in their car to listen to music and if I have a car with a CD player ( mine only has a tape deck ) then I may listen to CD's more. But my point is that I realized all the music I bought over the years is digital and was wondering if anyone else out there is buying CD's or, in the music world, has everyone pretty much went digital a long time ago and never looked back? ( At least outside the cases of special editions or so on )

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I buy CD's and albums as well as Digital Music. It depends on who or what it is. If I think think they're great, i'll probably buy the CD or album.

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I buy vinyls, and those usually come with digital downloads.

I never actually used the CDs I bought, I would rip and burn them to a disposable blank CD if I wanted to listen to them in my car.

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I only buy digital.

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I basically just get all my music digitally now, but I wouldn't really be that opposed to buying a CD if I was in a shop and saw something I liked.

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I buy CDs, though I've never been a diligent music collector.

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I'm sure people still buy CD's, otherwise stores wouldn't still be selling them. Some people like having physical copies of the stuff they purchase.

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I definitely prefer CDs, mostly 'cause I don't like iTunes at all and the price disparity isn't all that different when you're using Amazon.

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I love having some collectors sets and limited editions sets of bands I love. I am a huge Beatles fan and their "Mono Box Set" was a great investment to me. As the mono remasters are only available in the set and the care and attention to detail in the set was some special and worth owning for me. Other than these small exceptions, I just can't find it too beneficial for me to buy CD's when they are barely even used. Digital has become too convenient.

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I greatly prefer CDs to digital. There is something about having a physical copy that I just love...

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I buy vinyls and cds, i have a sweet Marantz set-up at home, listening to music is important enough to me that the lower res of mp3s is a negative, as is the hum of a computer in the background, plus i've had more than one drive go down on me before and lost a ton of tunes because of it, whereas i still have all the records i bought as a kid in the 80s, i use digitized FLACs on my pod, and i download mp3s to try new stuff out, but i never buy digital, if i like something i buy a hard copy and add it to the collection.

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I still buy CDs personally. I still enjoy having physical copies of my stuff.

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i still buy CD's. i just find them better.

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I don't buy very many songs anyway (usually if I do, they are one song that I happen to like by a specific artist or it's by a singer from Youtube and so digital distribution is usually the only avenue anyway). However, if there is an artist I know I like or I want the album of, I will usually get the physical copy so then I can share it with people (usually my sister).

I buy many more OSTs for videogames though. My usual reason for pre-ordering a collectors edition is to get the soundtrack. In these cases, I just get them in whatever state I can get them (again, I usually prefer to get a CD so that I don't feel bad sharing it with my sister but I don't usually mind). But in general, I still usually buy them from iTunes anyway (this way I can pick specific songs that I really like) as well as at least knowing that some of the money I am paying will at least go to the artist (or just someone who may see it and think "maybe we should get them to make more music for us") this usually comes into play when it is dealing with music from years back where I am unsure even a new CD on Amazon will give them any money (such as old FF music).

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The only time would be at a band's show or something

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Probably 95% of the music I buy is CDs. In fact I just bought two yesterday. Corrosion of Conformity's self titled CD and Nattfödd by Finntroll.

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Pretty much all vinyl and digital.

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I just bought a CD a few hours ago hehe. Usually, if I want to listen to a song, I can just use Youtube but when I do decide to buy music I like getting physical copies of it. Even if I DO just convert it and put it on my mp3 player. Kind of sucks that some OSTs come only in digital format. I'd like a CD for all of my favorite OSTs but it's understandable that sometimes they just can't release physical copies and that digital is just easier to sell.

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I buy CDs if I really like an album and I like actually owning a physical copy of anything

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I'll buy the CD if it's available. Sometimes even the vinyl album if they do that. I'm a sucker for cool CD cover art.

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CDs when I can. I listen to a lot of bands/musicians that tend to go the extra mile with their liner notes.

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Hm we've had a thread like that one or two months ago.

That said, I still buy CDs pretty much exclusively. I hate buying digital music. It feels cheap and totally not safe in terms of future access.

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CDs! But now I have over 350 of them and it's hard to keep them all in the same place...

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I pretty much only buy digital now. If their is a special edition of a band I like then I might buy the CD but it's rare.

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Between Rhapsody and Spotify... I don't pay for albums period. 10 dollars a month for almost any song I could think of is a steal.

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I haven't bought a music CD in years.

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I will freely admit to being a terrible person and having almost exclusively pirated music since like 2005.

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I'll only buy a CD if it's cheaper then the digital version when I'm looking at it.

I'll transfer it to my computer right away though, and probably never play the actual CD.

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I can't understand why anyone would want a physical CD or DVD or anything like that.

Less clutter the better

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I pirate most of my music, the music I do buy is almost all digital. I cannot see myself buying a cd at this point. Maybe my friend's band, that's it.

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Digital and Vinyl if I care enough about the album.

Last Vinyl I got was the Shatter soundtrack and it might just be the coolest vinyl I've seen.

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CDs to play in my car

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I don't buy music at all, it simply isn't worth paying money for, granted I do have a music streaming service which I pay for along with my Internet connection.

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I've maybe bought 5 cd's in the past 5 years (3 of them from the same artist). most of it i just get digitally although i am getting more disappointed in stuff that is less than 320kbps. Then again alot of the music i've been buying recently is foreign anyways so it costs too much to get the cd compared to the digital version.

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Spotify is the only thing I use. Great service.

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I don't understand how CD's still exist.

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Exclusively digital. If I can buy digital and directly from the artist (ala band camp), that is how I get my music.

If not...well, I use "other" means. I'm in the camp that fully supports digital music but refuses to use iTunes for anything.

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I wish more bands had a 'tip jar' or whatever, on their site or what have you. I'd like my 8-10 dollars for the album to go directly to them, not for 80% to go to business concerns.

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Vinyl > CD > Digital.

I don't use my CDs often, but it's very comforting to know that they'll always be there for me. Some of them are also very cool.

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all vinyl. all the time.

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Digital, all the way everyday I represent baby. I don't fuck with CDs no more.

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I buy CDs and Vinyls because I'm an avid music collector.....I like having a collection of physical music.

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I like owning physical copies of my music and games that I'm a big fan of, others I'll go digital.

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I usually still buy the CD's although I also only buy a select few albums a year anyways.

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I have never bought digital, I hope to never. I try and buy my CDs straight from the bands themselves whenever I can, so they actually get at least some money for it.

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Been doing digital for years; haven't looked back. It's the nature of the beast.

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I buy CDs from my favorite bands.

And I buy digitally if I only want 1-2 songs.

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CD's. Because of that dumbass "Only one PC per iPod" system iTunes uses, when one of my computers broke I lost all of my music except the 20 songs I bought through the store. And I have too many CD's to just rebuy them digitally.

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I buy CDs and vinyls still. I love it.

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I usually buy vinyl when I want to support an artist.