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The poll doesn’t matter as much, but I thought I’d make it a poll anyways. I have a question, I don’t eat it a lot of it, but just a few days ago I got two packages of six (I believe), and when I’m hungry, it’s one of the things I like to eat. Here’s the thing though, I take two of them (since I don’t believe there’s enough in an individual cup), warm some water up, put the water in both of them and wait for about three minutes, after that, I dump the water out of them, and put the noodles in a bowl to eat, so what I was wondering was, would you say that’s an OK thing to snack on, or is it too much?

I dump the water out because then it’s just dripping with excess sodium, and I’ve known this, but I think I should try to eat slower, because I usually eat pretty fast no matter what. I don’t really like the idea of becoming obese, but I love to eat tasty foods. I haven’t had any today, but I did yesterday, and I think the next thing I eat will be those. Who else likes cup noodles? Also, I know how to eat healthy, so I don't know exactly why I asked that question, but still. I don't know. I guess what I'm really wondering is, what's the best way to eat cup noodles while still having it taste good?

I guess to make sure I'm balancing it out with other stuff and not overdoing it.

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Absolutely! I would make some whenever I don't want to make something.

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I like to eat packaged instant noodles when I miss the taste. I try to make them fancy with veggies and sides and everything.

There are cup fried noodles, and you're supposed to dump the water with them. They are delicious.

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Yeah sometimes. Zero nutritional value though, if you have anything else you should probably eat that instead. I know a friend of my sister who ate nothing but it every day and had health problems because of all the sodium.

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I pretty much never eat cup noodles since I think it's pretty gross!

Whether or not it's an okay thing for you to snack on, I don't know.

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A mate of mine at only those for like two weeks and fainted because of malnutrition (he wasn't the brightest). I used to eat them a fair bit, but stopped because I reckon they were making me put on weight.

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If I'm eating soup at home, I tend to eat Campbell's. Not a college student anymore, and soup isn't hard to prepare.

I'll eat Cup Noodles, though, but rarely.

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If by cup noodles you mean real Ramen then yes, if by cup noodles you mean shitty instant soups then no.

I think I've tasted at least 50 Ramen brands in my life but none of them will ever top the spicy mushroom deliciousness that is Shin Ramyun. Go fucking buy it right now. Lock this thread, you don't need anything else. Just... enjoy.

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I hand make all of my meals, ramen included. I add in fresh steamed broccoli and cooked mushrooms to beef ramen. Delicious. I cook the noodles separately, strain them and let them sit while I boil water with about half of the flavoring packet. Pile the noodles, broccoli and mushrooms in the bowl, and slowly poor the beef base into the bowl. Delicious.

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I have these bitchin' kimchi noodles that I buy in packs of 12. They're pretty good. Then again, I like "spicy" food.

I put that in quotation marks because they changed the packaging to have "spicy" kimchi in it, because I assume somebody had it and was shitting fire for a week and sued them.

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You should consider adding meatballs and some veggies to your instant noodles - it'll make it taste better too. Also I don't think sodium contributes much to obesity. What it does do however is increase your blood pressure, which gives you heart problems and increases your chance of stroke.

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@Castermhief117: Yeah, that's true, it doesn't. I guess I just meant an overall unhealthy food.

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I sometimes eat Koka Ramen noodles, can only find beef, curry and chicken over here. Sometimes I dice up a chicken fillet and toss it in. or mix them.. Curry & Beef is a great combo.

They're not my main diet though, just something to fill the void if I haven't bought any food or can't be bothered cooking

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@Deusx: Just saw these and was impressed by reviews i saw, i actually ended up buying a 20 pack, seems right up my alley! thanks for the recommendation :P