#101 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (595 posts) -

I'll watch some movies, occasionally family guy, south park, and Reno 911; colbert report, daily show, futurama, and have been quite interested in Chowder and Misadventures of Flapjack on Cartoon Network. And I guess I would have to say VH1 since I saw that Who thing. But otherwise, not really a whole lot.

#102 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -

Eh, there's a few that I watch, but not much.

#103 Posted by roylink (135 posts) -

I don't have cable hooked up to my room. so I don't watch TV.

#104 Posted by Frostbyte (49 posts) -

I never seem to find the opportunity to watch TV since something more interesting always seems to come up.  That and whenever I have some time to kill, i surf all the channels and find nothing worth watching so I just go and do something else.

#105 Posted by Nobility (299 posts) -

Nothing to watch anymore and besides for sports, you can get everything through the internet.

#106 Posted by Wafe (61 posts) -

Only watch for sports

#107 Posted by TheTriforceFighter (3 posts) -

I only really watch Doctor Who (which has finished till next year), Top Gear and Ashes to Ashes (which isnt on again till next year). So I only like watch 1 programme really at the mo XD

#108 Posted by Bettenfutter (36 posts) -

I watch alot of documentaries on Quicksilverscreen.com.  Great site, full of films aswell.  Also watch baseball on MLB.com as can't get alot of baseball anywhere else over here across the pond.  TV is so last century!

#109 Posted by alecscradle (70 posts) -

TV has gotten so boring and repetitive lately, so no.

#110 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

i havent watched tv in over 3 months now

#111 Posted by JihadJoe (21 posts) -

I haven't had cable for like 4 years, so no I don't watch TV anymore.

#112 Posted by Kloreep (147 posts) -

Hardly watch it. It's sort of like solitaire: if I know I have something I have to do, it's one of the few things I can do to goof off without feeling guilty because I'm having fun.

Even if they had more good stuff on, I still much prefer things that fit themselves to my schedule rather than the other way around. I suppose I could look into streaming a show, but until Dollhouse comes out I don't think I'll be moved to do so.

#113 Posted by logson (538 posts) -

I pretty much just watch stuff on hulu.com.

#114 Posted by Hungry_bunny (423 posts) -

I watch all my favorite shows on my computer, can't stand commercials and I don't like being restricted to watching it on a certain time and day.

#115 Edited by s0ck (61 posts) -

i dont watch tv anymore and havent for 3 years i disagree with paying the yearly fee (tv licence)we have here in the uk(sky tv/cable is extra on top).I decided i would rather put the money towards my internet connection and xbox live,at least this way i get to choose the content i view.

#116 Posted by Oriental_Jams (3072 posts) -

I watch TV now and again. I prefer to read.

#117 Posted by Hans16 (47 posts) -

the only tv i really watch is the discovery channel. meh.

#118 Posted by L (1766 posts) -

I only ever use a television for watching movies pretty much nowadays.

#119 Posted by Brandler (79 posts) -

I only watch sports and the occasional Colbert Report or Daily Show. Everything else I watch through Netflix. I'm a season behind on everything but I get to watch stuff on my own schedule.

#120 Posted by Shigginator (145 posts) -

I haven't watched TV in over a year. Ever since my TV remote got broken, I've been stuck on A/V, which is good for gaming I suppose.

#121 Posted by keoskey (340 posts) -

my Tv only turned on to a video game ill check the news from time to time

#122 Posted by BulletPulse (182 posts) -

*raises hand*

#123 Posted by Jotun (601 posts) -

I mainly just stick to box-sets. They're usually uncensored and have no commercials.

#124 Posted by WizzyKid (275 posts) -

I'm hardly a movie fan, don't care for most soaps or dramas. The reasons I have a TV is news, Game shows... and thats about it. Everything else I have a computer for.

#125 Posted by Josef_Nastra (103 posts) -

I rarely watch tv anymore. It's usually gaming, net surfing or i'm out on my bike enjoying the fresh air. :)

#126 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (638 posts) -

No I don't

#127 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2208 posts) -

If I do its usually just some random kids show or cartoon right now or some old rerun on TVLand or MeTV.

And then during the school year I watch like my 4 shows a week, The Office, 24, Prison Break and like 1 other during the week and then thats it...