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#1 Posted by Vinny (2029 posts) -

I think Heath is great, but I still can't get past Bale's totally affected Batman voice. I like him and all but the tough guy voice is a little rough.

#2 Posted by ethan (776 posts) -

The Joker was incredible.  I honestly think it's the best and most creative portrayal of a villain in an action movie.  Yeah I thought the voice of Batman was borderline silly.

#3 Posted by Lies (3867 posts) -

 Batman's "gruff" voice is a bit nonsensical, I mean, someone get that man a lozenge! But it's really a tiny detail in what otherwise was a finely constructed film.

Ledger did a great job, although it's a shame his performance has been overshadowed by his tragic death. But it was an incredible portrayal, and he really made the character come alive, whereas in all the previous stuff I've seen (not a big comics guy), he's always been a bit of a silly man who runs around plotting with laughing gas. When I was watching that movie, I was looking at the Joker, not Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

Now watch me make this pencil disappear...

#4 Posted by Soopy (46 posts) -

Batman movie was awesome. i need to see it again. you cannot only see that movie once.

#5 Posted by SamFo (1535 posts) -

The movie is brilliant, but it's not the greatest movie of all time as a lot of people seem to be saying. Heath was awesome, as was Eckhart. (I think I may be one of the only people in the world that actually likes Two-Face). Oh and you're totally right about Batman's voice, that really got annoying fast.

#6 Posted by Disclaim3r (116 posts) -

Yeah, I thought the movie in general was crazy good, but that "deep" voice he puts on is pretty ridiculous.  I suppose it makes sense, because at least it's more than what Superman does to conceal his identity.

Also, I totally agree with Lies.  Ledger's performance was great.

#7 Posted by Batman (1016 posts) -

No! It was amazing!  Ledger's performance was truly one to remember for years.

#8 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3720 posts) -

There are probably a few spoilers in my post, I've had a few and am just about to go to bed so if you haven't seen it yet don't read it.

First of all, that sonar shit was out of control ridiculous.  Such a cheap, brainless way of doing whatever you want within the script without needing any reasonable explanation.

Also, Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox or whatever the Hell his name is) knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. So, when they're both in the basement discussing the wicked important moral ramifications of turning every cell phone in the city into a  magical sonar device why was Bruce Wayne using his fucking ridiculous Batman voice? Why was he trying to disguise himself? Also I think the next one should have the Penguin in it as the major villain and Lucius Fox should fire up his magical sonar station, follow him around, and narrate his every move.

I understand it's all fancy and symolic, but couldn't they have just turned the batlight off at the end rather than gathering the townspeople around and breaking it with an axe? I would've said "stop being so silly, you retards."

Other than a few nitpicks it was very decent as superhero movies go, I had a good time.... I liked Begins just as much though.
Also, I'm throwing it in there - the original Batman is the single most overrated superhero of all time.
And Spiderman 3 was absolutely fucking horrible.

#9 Posted by Demilich (2598 posts) -

I completely forgot it came out this week, I've been dying to see it. Chris Nolan is reason enough to see it. Memento and The Prestige were great.

#10 Posted by Breezy (17 posts) -

I agree
the guy that played Batman didn't play him as well i hated his voice when he became Batman.. it should be replaced with a smooth Barry Mannilow voice
Joker was played spectacularly.. Heath is a legend

#11 Posted by Rianor (94 posts) -

Yeah the movie was pretty good, Heath was totally brilliant as the Joker, he stole the show bar none, and yes Bale's raspy voice when he's batman is so obviously fake and forced it's embarrasing.

#12 Posted by kornholio360 (280 posts) -

I've yet to see it.../cry

#13 Posted by SullyBMF (4 posts) -

The dark voice is actually one of the reasons why i liked the newer batmans. Back in the older batmans he would speak the same always, and yet no one ever thought hey bruce sure sounds like batman. 

Also I agree on the sonar crap, i said the same thing to me friend after the movie. I said same thing about the whole reconstructing a bullet with a computer and the finger print also showing up still. All far fetched, but it didnt take away from my enjoyment for the movie. I personally loved it. 
#14 Posted by Joker (675 posts) -

I thought this movie was good, and indeed the raspy voice was a little forced and stupid, but for crying out loud, I don't consider that movie a "superhero" movie. I consider it a crime drama, and a darn good one at that.

#15 Posted by cann3dheat (230 posts) -

Wrong. The Dark Knight is the best movie I have ever seen. I look forward to seeing it again in iMax.


#16 Posted by Jax (461 posts) -

Amazing movie, first off. Secondly, Batman needs to mask his voice. Bale is britis, and for him to be able to speak with an American accent so well is amazing as well as his ability to speak as batman.

#17 Posted by badgrafix (33 posts) -

I totally want to see it in I MAX too..

I think the whole Gruff voice factor has to do with the emphasis on him being scary to villains.

#18 Posted by The_Spartan (7 posts) -
Vinny said:
"I think Heath is great, but I still can't get past Bale's totally affected Batman voice. I like him and all but the tough guy voice is a little rough.

I was thinking the exact same thing.
#19 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3720 posts) -
Jax said:
"Amazing movie, first off. Secondly, Batman needs to mask his voice. Bale is britis, and for him to be able to speak with an American accent so well is amazing as well as his ability to speak as batman.

I like how you make it sound as though "Batman" is an accent.
Hey guys, I can do a pretty decent Batman.
Anyway, I like Bale as much as the next guy but I never understood the whole "Best actor ever" praise, he's a pretty middle of the line actor to me, kind of flat and clunky at times. Soulless I guess would be a way to put it.
And his American accent is so flat and plain.... not bad, just not remarkable. Like someone doing a really good "American" accent, not someone with it naturally who can put some shit on it when the time is right, just like DeCaprio doing a Mass accent in the Departed. Fine and everything, hardly spectacular. 
And the movie isn't everything it's cracked up to be. I'm not going to shit talk it or anything, I really dug it - it's a great superhero movie, one of my favorites..... but not one of the best among all movies.
#20 Posted by Kevin (369 posts) -

I love this movie. For once in my life, I felt menaced by the antagonist. When The Joker is on screen, the audience really does not know what's going to happen; he's completely insane.

#21 Posted by Begemot (108 posts) -

What people said. Fantastic job by Joker, batmans voice was too much :P

#22 Posted by Red (5995 posts) -

Why so serious?

Heath Ledger did fantastic, the Bat Rasp isn't that bad either, but, you have to admit, it is a great movie. 5/5, and if you don't like it, go and shoot a hook-Jack Thomp-pig.

#23 Posted by Seroth (722 posts) -

I though the movie was AWESOME...but yeah, I'm still not okay with Bale's Batman voice. They should just dub over his Batman voice with Kevin Conroy's. That guy has the ultimate Batman voice.

#24 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (735 posts) -

The movie was amazing, although for me it was more of the Joker movie, not a Batman movie LOL.
Bale's Batman voice didn't bother me too much, just sounded like he had a lisp in the scene with Maroni outside of the night club.

#25 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

it was good, joker was better then batman tho.

#26 Posted by Jonmad17 (2 posts) -

I consider Batman Begins to be one of the top 20 films of all time. And the Dark Knight surpassed it. An incredible film. Worthy of a best picture nomination, and it's been days since I've seen it, this is not just a first reaction.

#27 Posted by Wark (55 posts) -

Yeah, the movie was pretty damn good, but many of the high points were mainly the Joker's scenes.

I agree with some of the others that Bale's Batman voice bothered me at first -- I was going to bust out laughing when I remembered how deep it was when he spoke for the first time as Batman -- but I got used to it fast.

#28 Posted by lucas_kelly (769 posts) -

Yes, I do agree on some level. I liked Batman Begins a lot more, the Dark Knight was good but I don't it was as good as everyone is praising it to be.

#29 Posted by drew (126 posts) -

I figured that Batman's gruff voice was part of his disguise... at least, that's what I keep saying to convince myself Bale didn't overplay it.

#30 Posted by Derachi (96 posts) -

That movie threw me over a cliff when I tried to follow the plot.

#31 Posted by McPlated (133 posts) -

Granted I've only seen the trailers but I already have a list of complaints -
a) I have to pay to see it - or so I've been told
b) No bat-dancing
c) No bat-dance
d) No drifting in Tokyo - in fact I have been told from a reliable source that there is no drifting anywhere!
e) Batman does not do sweet kickflips off of the Joker's grill

I don't think I'll be seeing this film.

#32 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

The thing with Bale is that he spent a majority of his life in the US anyway. I mean, from Empire of the Sun onwards he was pretty much based in America so he really grew up around that accent - when I hear him in interviews he seems to tween more towards American English than British English.

Anyway, I haven't seen the movie, but I'm amazed at the score it has on iMDB.

#33 Posted by Vigilance (270 posts) -

I think that was the quintessential Batman film.

It has some quirks and it's not the best movie ever made. The shaky-cam during fight scenes continues to drive me up a wall.

Still, it's the best Batman movie yet.

#34 Posted by WhySoSerious (646 posts) -
Vinny said:
"I think Heath is great, but I still can't get past Bale's totally affected Batman voice. I like him and all but the tough guy voice is a little rough.
That's what my girlfriend said too and I agree with her, he was hard to understand sometimes because of the voice.  I understand why he did it and all, but it does make it hard to understand sometimes.
#35 Posted by Locke (330 posts) -

There's a reason he alters his voice, but that doesn't make it any more appealing.

#36 Posted by Nude_Dude (1076 posts) -

was decent....worth the money at least.

#37 Posted by piecat (384 posts) -
Derachi said:
"That movie threw me over a cliff when I tried to follow the plot.
I really didn't have a problem at all following the plot...

Anyways, I thought the movie was amazing overall. Bale's batman voice was a little too rough though. Regardless, it was quite better than Batman Begins, and I thought that was a fantastic movie.
#38 Posted by Funkyhamster (93 posts) -

Yeah I thought the Batman outfit included some voice-changer thing to protect his identity... anyways I loved it.

#39 Posted by Dutch (15 posts) -

No, I think it's the greatest movie ever.

#40 Posted by Jandurin (186 posts) -

It was great.  That Batman voice irritated me to no end, at first.  I just ignored it after awhile.

#41 Posted by Orange_Pork (603 posts) -

Loved every minute of this film. I just wanted to see more of mobster Fichtner in the beginning.

#42 Posted by Jandurin (186 posts) -


did Batman have no problem with falling like a hundred stories?

#43 Posted by BulletPulse (183 posts) -

I loved the Dark Knight.

#44 Edited by Weltal (2274 posts) -

I consider it well past "just ok" but that's me. Considering I didn't enjoy Batman Begins, mostly because I dislike Christian Bale as Batman but I loved The Dark Knight for Ledger and Aaron Eckhart who made the film absolutely fantastic. Even if I couldn't stop thinking of Eckhart as Nick Naylor.

#45 Posted by Bilawal (109 posts) -

FUCK! I reeeeally want to watch it, but I have to wait 2 weeks since I'ma watching it on IMAX, the 3-D cinema in the UK.  Soo tempted to just go now.

#46 Posted by Met2609 (555 posts) -

As I posted in one of the other threads, I really loved the movie: best movie I've seen this year. Anyway, I think Bale's bat-rasp is a tad silly, but it really didn't bother me because the movie totally sucked me in and Heath was mesmerizing.

#47 Posted by PhilESkyline (778 posts) -
Vinny said:
"I think Heath is great, but I still can't get past Bale's totally affected Batman voice. I like him and all but the tough guy voice is a little rough.
So you don't like it eh...come here I wanna show you magic trick haha!

His voice of trying to sound tough was a bit on the corny side. Once you get past that you really see the emotion and heart come out of Bale. But was the voice was an issue the more I heard it. He might have need a lozenge though. Late nights and no sleep work on the throat.
#48 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

It's my favorite movie of all time.

#49 Posted by Magnum (349 posts) -

While Heath Ledger was great with his portrayal of his tongue wagging psycho. No one can beat Jack as the Joker.

It was good. A little long, but good.
#50 Posted by outsidethewall (26 posts) -

I don't get the whole not-into-Batman voice thing.

To me, I think that Bale is just showing that Bruce Wayne is attempting to disguise his voice. Bale knows it's bad and fake, and that's his intention.

But to answer the topic question, I'd say I was sort of wanting more. Mainly more examination of the whole moral quandary that is Batman. Also, the plot just sort of went on and on... every action sequence seemed to be presented in a sort of climactic fashion. It left me thinking the movie was over long before it actually was. This, in turn, left me wanting the movie to end.

Batman Begins was better, I think.