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Poll: Does Benedict Cumberbatch look more like a cat or a lizard? (30 votes)

A Cat 20%
A Lizard 40%
He Looks Like A Calizard 40%
This will be your new Khan, folks. Stare into the eyes of hell.

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don't answer the question, this thread is a hologram projected by our lizard overlords and if you say lizard you will be atomized in your chair

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Personally, I think he looks more like "ridiculous".

@oldirtybearon said:


Is this a pun? If yes, thank you.

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Argonian or Khajiit?

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Also, I grant this poll the 'Poll of the Year Award.'

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Yeah i though it was common knowledge that this man is an otter.

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Also, I grant this poll the 'Poll of the Year Award.'

But yes.

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Correct Answer: someone I don't like.

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He's a good actor, even if he is a lizardcat.

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This is the best poll.

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@pr1mus: Look now, Benedict Cumberbatch is not cute. All otters are cute. Not all lizards and cats are cute. Therefore, Benedict Cumberbatch must be a cat or a lizard or a calizard.

It's just simple logic.